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Elsez looked at Rashiel in front of her with bewildered eyes.

There was a clear intent to kill in his eyes.

‘He’s suspecting that I was a follower sent by the Crown Prince.’

The coachman had said that Rashiel had turned his back on the Empire three years ago, so it was not unreasonable to doubt a suspicious person like that.

‘If I tell Rashiel that I am Ruel…’

Elsez opened her mouth to explain her situation to Rashiel.

By the way… 


No words came out.

As if an invisible force was blocking my voice.

‘What is this…!’

Rashiel’s expression turned cold as he looked at Elsez, who was bewildered by the unexpected situation.

“I don’t think you will speak.”

Rashiel’s arm, which was holding down Elsez’s arm, grew stronger.

Elsez frowned at the tenderness pressing on her and looked at Rashiel.

‘X did it.’

Elsez regretted her actions for coming to Rashiel recklessly.

‘I didn’t expect the situation to come out of words!’

At this rate, Rashiel could really kill me.

Elsez, who had been thinking about that far, hurriedly opened her mouth.


Fortunately, this time it came out without a hitch.

‘If I try to tell him that I’m Ruel, will he stop talking?’

Elsez tried to mention Ruel once more, but no voice came out.

No matter what she said, in Rashiel’s eyes, she’s the crown prince’s follower; it would be heard as an excuse.

‘Damn, I can’t die at Rashiel’s hands like this….’

There are a lot of things I want to ask when we meet, but why did this happen?

In the face of a damn fate, Elsez’s eyes were painfully contorted as she faced Rashiel.

It was then that Rashiel’s expression subtly loosened when he saw Leti.


Leti, who had been stuck upside down in my pants pocket, jumped up.

At the same time, for an instant, Rashiel’s attention was scattered to the talking rabbit doll.

Elsez twisted her body, not letting go of that momentary gap.

Even though she knew that such a shallow act wouldn’t work for Rashiel, who had been training for many years, she had no choice but to try any method because it was an emergency.


As expected, Rashiel saw Elsez trying to escape, but there was one thing she didn’t know.

To Elsez, she has the superpower to throw  a strong adult man.


The impact of Rashiel’s body smashed into the wood cracked and pieces of wood fell.



Not only Rashiel who was attacked, but Elsez who attacked him, too, couldn’t believe the superpower that came out of her, so she stared blankly at her hand.

She was a taekwondo practitioner who wanted to become a police officer in her previous life, but it was almost impossible to push an adult man away with pure physical strength rather than skill.

Moreover, especially if the opponent is the hero Rashiel.

‘Ruel’s position was a support hero… With this power, is Elsez’s position a close-range dealer?’

Considering that Lezantia boasted great destructive power even in physical attacks in the past, it was not unreasonable to become a melee dealer who inherited that power.

At that moment, while Elsez was bewildered by her own power, Leti’s voice rang in her ear.

“Are you stupid, human? Hurry up!”

There was no time to think about the next, other possibilities.

The moment she had already attacked Rashiel, the possibility of giving him another excuse was completely gone.

So in other words…

‘Now, if you get caught by Rashiel, I can’t even say it out or beat him.’

Elsez, who quickly grasped the situation, turned around and ran away.

Rashiel got up one step late and was about to chase after her, but he found her rocket at her feet and stopped.

He chose the rocket without any hesitation between chasing the follower or picking up the pouch.

And when I followed Elsez a beat later, only the night breeze of the forest remained empty and hovered around him.


Rashiel looked around once more with a frown on his fine brow and opened the pouch he was holding in his hand.

Inside was a neatly cut handful of light brown hair that had been cut short.

He looked at it with eyes full of longing, and closed the poch. And he grabbed it tightly.

As if never to let go again.





Elseez, who had safely escaped to the village near the forest, breathed a sigh of relief.

If she had escaped, of course she would have been caught by Rashiel, but thanks to Leti’s advice, she was able to escape safely.

‘Human, use the teleport!’

Teleport magic has the advantage of being easy to move as it is a common magic spell for all positions, but immediately after using it, the mana inside the body is disturbed, making it vulnerable to defense.

In addition, the more proficient in magic calculation and magic implementation, the longer distances can be moved at once, so short-range positions that are not proficient in magic were not used well.

Because it was more effective for them to increase their movement speed by strengthening their bodies than using teleportation.

However, in an escape situation, it could be quite useful to prevent the opponent from knowing the direction of her escape.

As Leti said, Elsez used teleport magic several times to avoid Rashiel’s pursuit.

Elsez sigh and licked her lips as she recalled the confrontation with Rashiel a while ago.

‘… It was too careless.’

Common sense, how many people would believe that a strange woman admitted that she was his colleague who died in front of her three years ago?

‘It would be nice if he didn’t kill me by insulting the dead.’

It was her complete mistake to go to him without any measures, thinking that he would trust her.

Unfortunately or fortunately, she couldn’t even mention that she was Ruel.

‘Why can’t I speak?’

I tried to mention ‘Ruel’ once again, just in case, but like a while ago, no words came out.

Elsez, who had struggled to open her lips several times, gave up and bit her lip.

At that moment, Leti, who was hanging from Elsez’s waist, shouted in triumph.

“Human, I saved your life, so give me a plate of cookies.”

Elsez asked, ignoring Leti who was holding a cotton bat.

“You haven’t recovered your strength yet, have you?”

At Elsez’s sharp question, Leti’s body trembled and asked again with a surprised voice.

“Ugh. How did you know that?”

Elseez responded calmly, as if it was natural.

“Because Rashiel suspected me of being followed by the Crown Prince. Without a reason.”

When I was possessed by Ruel, I felt a tremendous power when I got near the demon.

An overwhelming, terrifyingly twisted power.

If Rashiel had fought against Lezantia directly, there was no way he could not have noticed the power.

The fact that he suspected her as the Crown Prince’s followers means that Leti’s demonic power has not been fully restored. so much that he doesn’t even notice.

Leti looked at Elsez in wonder and admired it.

“Hoo. You’re pretty smart, human.”

“Well, take this.”

Elsez shrugged her shoulders as she met Leti’s twinkling doll eyes.

Then she thought of her own supernatural power that pushed Rashiel away and fell into thoughts.

‘By the way, it hasn’t fully recovered, but it’s such a formidable force. If it is fully recovered, will it be possible to conquer the real world?’

Of course, I don’t want to, and I won’t let that happen.

“Leti. So when will this power be fully restored?”

The time when the power of the demon is fully restored.

When that time comes, the heroes will sense the power of the demon and come to destroy them.

So, it was necessary to know roughly when the ‘deadline’ was. This will make it easier to plan for the future.

But Leti’s reply back was ludicrous.

“I don’t know either.”

“Why, you don’t know? It’s your strength?”

“I just don’t know. If you just sit still, you will recover on its own, right?”

“…  This damn rabbit doesn’t help.”

Elsez mutters with a look of disappointment.

“What? Did you forget thet I saved you earlier? An ungrateful human!”

Leti, furious at Elsez’s words, ran over from her shoulders.

Elsez ignored whether the ball of cotton hit her or not, and deduced what could be inferred from the previous situation.

‘If Leti’s power hasn’t fully recovered, it’s not Leti’s fault that I can’t talk about Ruel.’

If it’s a power that Rashiel doesn’t notice, then the demon’s power has been greatly weakened.

Even if it is not known to ordinary heroes, it would be difficult to face Rashiel, the master of the tower, with such imperfect power.

So, from Leti’s point of view, it was more profitable to let her reveal that she was Ruel, rather than block Rashiel as an enemy.

I attack until my strength is fully restored.

‘Is this a problem with the game system then?

According to the setting of the game, she is not Ruel, but a resurrected body of a demon.

In other words, if it turns out that she was Ruel in the past, the flow of the game may be disrupted.

In the circumstances so far, it seemed highly likely that it was because of the system that I couldn’t talk about Ruel.

‘Wait, then, if the kids find out that I have the power of a demon, I’m going to the underworld…?’

Even three years ago, the four heroes had the highest stats and max level skills, and they were really well-developed characters.

Now that they grew up… That would be a huge munchkin.

If it was Ruel in the past, I would have been happy with the growth of the four of them, but now the situation has changed.

‘What’s the point of getting strong? You’re going to kill me with that power!’

Elsez lamented over her unfair fate and laid out her plans for the future.

‘I’ll have to find a way until my strength is fully restored. Until then, keep the four heroes as far away as possible.’

Now that I can’t tell that I’m Ruel, meeting them would only be dangerous.

‘Since I turned Rashiel into an enemy, it was difficult to find materials in the tower, and the rest… Is it a temple?’

The magicians of the Magic Tower basically study all things, so they only see monsters as research subjects, but the temple itself was an institution that existed to fight against demons.

To find a way to separate the information about the demon and the power of the demon, a temple with aggressive information might be more suitable than a magic tower.

In addition, the temple was open to all people, so it was easy to access.

‘But in the temple….’

As soon as I thought of the temple, I thought of a person to avoid, but for now, there was nothing I could do.

“Human! Are you listening to me?”

Elsez mutters, ignoring Leti’s words, who were still fluttering in anger.

“Once you go, you have no choice but to avoid it as much as possible.”

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