BJ Villainess Chapter 101

Author: alyalia

* * *

It was the following day. I rose from my bed with books scattered everywhere and took a gulp of the lemon water Eloise offered me.


“Lady slept late again yesterday, right?”


This was the beginning of the nagging.


“No. I went to bed early.”


“Lying is bad, Lady.”




Eloise looked upset and started picking up pieces of paper that were a failure when I tried to create a new magic circuit.


“It’s okay. You don’t need to pick those things one by one.”




I wriggled my hands. “Gather up.”


Shararak! Then, not only the paper but also the scattered books were neatly organized on the table. The speed was faster than when I used the same before entering the dungeon.


“Oh. It’s convenient.”


“Right? What I’m researching these days is cleaning magic that allows you to simply shower with your clothes on.”


“Is that possible?”


“It’s a little difficult.”


“It’s incredible. But no noble cleans their room or washes themselves with magic, Lady.”




Eloise continued to nag me, saying, “No matter how genius Lady is, you must not do what your maid is supposed to do.”


I said I wanted some toast with butter and jam to silence her.


“Why does Lady want to eat something for some reason! I’ll prepare it quickly!”


It reminded me of the foxfire toast I once ate at the Pantheon, and I knew that Eloise really loved it when I told her what I wanted to eat.


“Am I the type of person who doesn’t say what I want to eat?”



[The Constellation ‘Finding Mukbang BJ’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]




[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[It’s a period ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.]


I scratched my eyebrows. “Hey, I’m not a mukbang BJ. I’m a romance BJ.”



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]



…Never mind.


I started getting ready for school awkwardly.






. ――――.”


At that time,  I heard a noise coming from downstairs.


Who is it at this hour? It was very annoying to go downstairs to look, but my curiosity came first. I went down the aesthetic stairs.


“Who’s here?”


“Lady, look at this. Master sent you a gift!”


On the round table in the dining room on the first floor, there was a large bouquet of magical flowers that was difficult to hold in one’s arms and small. Plus, a gorgeous cake topped with a real diamond tiara.


“Where on earth did the rumor that master is cold-blooded come from? He’s so romantic!”


Certainly, the bouquet of magic flowers was so pretty that people gasped as soon as they saw it.


“Making a bouquet of magic flowers in this size would cost gems!”


There was a small card in the bouquet.


[Good job. I’m proud of you.

-Your Father, R.]


“It looks like he heard my midterm results.”


Ahem. I sent him the news with a magic spell yesterday.”


You don’t have to take care of things like this.


I felt embarrassed for no reason, which made me fiddle with the flowers. Still, at a glance, I saw a luxurious box that exuded an unusual energy. I opened the box.




When I opened the box, a familiar necklace caught my eye.


“…Rosario of love?”


The necklace was exhibited at the Saint-Trio Hotel auction house on the last day of February!



[The Constellation ‘Materialism’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Real Father.]


There was also a small card inside the box.


[It’s still hard to believe I bought something like this at Saint-Trio auction house. It’s a necklace that everyone seems to want, so I bought it. You take it.

-Your Father, R.]


“So pretty! It will suit Lady well. Go ahead and try it! If you hide this necklace under your school uniform like a thread bracelet, it won’t be against school rules, right?”


Valhalla prohibited the wearing of excessive jewelry to reduce discomfort among students. The thread bracelet Libby gave me could hardly be considered excessive jewelry. Still, it was hidden by the sleeves of my school uniform and wasn’t visible from the outside. However, Rosario of love was a different story.


With an absurd face, I said, “How can I wear this under the school uniform?”


A gorgeous necklace made entirely of precious stones, with a chain and rosary pendant, was never an accessory to be worn in everyday life.


In the game, you can just equip it in the item slot and be done with it, ignoring the laws of physics. However, right now, this is reality. Furthermore, although the school uniforms are still quite thick, we will change to thin summer uniforms once the festival ends.


“That’s too bad.”


I picked up the necklace box and said. “I’ll keep this separately.”


Although I couldn’t wear it, I could carry it around in my inventory. Isn’t the sincerity that matters?


While Eloise carefully lifted the tiara on the cake and put it away, I packed my school bag and went out.


The start of the morning was good. While happily walking to school and reading a magic book about elemental magic, I noticed a familiar figure behind me.


“Oh, Damian.” It wasn’t a loud voice, but I called him out enough to hear. However, Damian left in the direction of the stadium, not the main building, along with his friends who had already arrived.


“Didn’t he hear…?”


I headed to Valhalla and continued reading the magic book. From then on, we ran into each other by chance.


“Hi, Damian.”




Each time, Damian simply responded to my greeting and passed by.


What? Why is he avoiding me?


At first, I thought it was just an illusion. So, when I ran into Damian on the way to the newly opened restaurant with Reini, I suggested this.


“Do you want to have lunch together?”


“What should I do? I have friends I promised to first. Let’s eat together later.”


Well, it could be because Damian has a lot of friends.




“Sorry, I’m a little busy right now. Let’s talk later.”


But isn’t it a bit too much to cut off the conversation before I can even call his name?


Damian personal information.


[Recovery operation due to system failure (67%)]


The system was still broken.


I frowned. “It seems like his likeability has reached zero.”


In <God’s Play>, there was a specific action that the male protagonists did for each likeability.


[Likeability: 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍] Damian still treats the player with a friendly expression and tone of voice. Still, he shows the characteristic of not chatting for a long time or sitting together.



[The Constellation ‘Insider Judgment’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[What insiders do when an outsider friend pretends to know them.]



[The Constellation ‘Bet Your Life on Theresa’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[My kid is popular now?!]


Suddenly, I became a child who was anxious to become friends with popular people.


“Ugh. What is the reason?”


Although there was a long period of time without face-to-face contact, the gap was enough only for one red heart to be cut out. So, if it was true that his likeability went down to zero, it meant that something was wrong.


However, I never encountered Damian upon returning from the dungeon until the first day of school. I didn’t even have time to do anything that would lower his likeability, so I couldn’t figure out why he was avoiding me.


Haaaaa, let me at least know the reason, please.”


While I was struggling, Reini came over and tilted her head. “What’s wrong, Senior?”


“I was taking an in-depth look at human relationships.”


“Do you mean you want to eat plum sherbet? Let’s go to Theresa Cafe quickly.”


I let out a groan of pain. “Can you please stop calling it like that?”


“Why? Everyone calls the newly opened restaurant and cafe both Theresa.”


I may have the ownership, but I’m just the landlord here, okay? And it’s not like I wanted all these shops either!


“I don’t think the fact that I own it  will really help the brand image…”


Reini pointed to the cafe with an expression that asked what I was talking about. “Senior, can’t you see the cafe is exploding?”


“…It’s the opening rush.”


I had my own seat at the cafe. Thanks to that, we sat on the terrace without having to wait and ordered plum sorbet and iced coffee. The cafe started selling iced coffee starting today at my insistence.


Reini stared at the iced coffee as if looking at something strange. But soon, we enjoyed the sunshine and breeze and took advantage of the terrace seating. Then Reini asked.


“It’s a festival soon. What is Senior planning to do at your club?”


“We decided to get together today and decide.”


May is a month of festivals. It was originally an important scene that introduced players to the dungeon for the first time, but now… Since Delve Dungeon opened early, it seemed like the festival could be enjoyed smoothly and leisurely.


“Senior must be busy with student council and social club. That senior too.”


When I looked at the place Reini pointed to, I saw Damian smiling, surrounded by people. Among them was Libby.


Ah. He said they were in the same social club.


Libby spotted me and waved her hand with a happy expression on her face. As I was waving my hand, I suddenly felt someone’s gaze and turned my head to find Damian, who was already looking somewhere else.


I can’t tell if you’re ignoring me or paying attention. That made me feel strangely uneasy.


At that time, Reini, who had finished eating her plum sorbet, lifted her head, and her eyes lit up as if she had remembered something. “Right! Do you know that there’s a statue of Senior along the back street here?”




I spewed my coffee into the flower bed.

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