BJ Villainess Chapter 106

Author: alyalia

In fact, it wasn’t what the tree’s role she wanted to do from the beginning. Having worked as an actor in a wandering trope, Libby wanted to play a role with speaking lines, but she was rejected by the club’s president.


“I know what Lady Libby means. But the plays of nobles are different from those of commoners.”


Then she gave her the role of a tree and said,


“How about taking on a small role until you get used to the noble play? I think that would be good for Lady Libby.”


Libby became a tree regardless of her will, but it was fine. She thought that shaking the twigs at the right time was also a very important role.


“The play will begin soon! Everyone, get ready!”


* * *

The play ended safely, and the curtains came down.


Cecilia, who played the main character in the third play, suddenly burst into anger. “Why are fewer people seeing the third play, which is now the prime time, than the first one?!”


It was natural because the main character of the first play was Damian, who had the strongest ticket power. But instead of telling the truth, everyone comforted the heartbroken Cecilia by saying there would be a lot of audience tomorrow.


Cecilia played the female lead in both the second and third plays. I’m sure she said she’d split the roles fairly. Libby tried to get past the angry Cecilia and go back to the dressing room.


“Wait a minute, Lady Libby? I have something to tell you.” But Cecilia called Libby.


The students glanced at the two and quickly returned to the dressing room. Only Libby and Cecilia remain on stage.


“What’s going on?”


Cecilia said, “Everyone is having a hard time saying it, so I’ll say it. Lady Libby, please leave the third play tomorrow.”


Excluding the first play, where Damian was the male lead, the third stage had a large audience.


“I have a friend who can act as the fairy of the lake, and I need that role. You can definitely do it because you’re only giving up one play, right?”


You drop out of the tree and suddenly bring in the role of fairy of the lake? It was a little ridiculous, but Cecilia was the actual president of the arts and culture club.


Libby felt repulsion, but she didn’t want to cause trouble. She didn’t yet know how to deal with nobles and didn’t like confrontation with anyone, so she nodded obediently. “…Okay.”


“Thank god. Anyway, I thought you would accept it because you had a role that didn’t matter whether there was a tree or not. Thank you.” Cecilia entered the dressing room with a thin smile.




Libby stood helplessly on the solo stage. Then she suddenly raised her head. “I have to go see older sister.”


Then she felt amazingly better. The first place she visited was Clybe.


“Lady Theresa went to the student council! She has to take care of student council work in the afternoon.”


So she turned around and went to the student council, but Theresa wasn’t there, and Damian came out instead and said this. “Theresa is not here because she has decided to take care of student council work tomorrow. She’s probably gone back to her dorm. Would you like to go there?”


“Thank you for letting me know, Senior.”


I was always curious about older sister’s dorm, but it actually worked out well.


But there was a problem. Libby murmured, looking puzzled at the forest path she had already entered deep. “Umm, where am I?”


Libby was bad with directions. Then, she found a dormitory in a remote place and headed there. A man who didn’t seem to be a student was petting the magical animals around him. Libby stared at the scene with blank eyes.


The man sensed someone and turned his head. “Who are you?”


“H-hello. Is this Theresa’s dormitory?”


“No. This is Lord Clyde’s dormitory, and he’s away now.”


“Ah…” Libby became sullen. “I’m sorry. I came to the wrong dormitory.”


“It’s okay.”


Libby was just about to return and somehow became curious about the opponent’s name. “Can I ask your name?”


“You can call me Zakari.”


She felt a strangely familiar and good energy from Zakari. Ah. Right. It’s similar to the energy I feel inside me every once in a while.


Then Zakari approached. “If you don’t know the way, should I take you to Lady Theresa’s dormitory?”


Libby’s face lit up at his words. “Yes!”


Libby was able to reach the Theresa dormitory safely with Zakari’s help.


“Then I’ll be going.”


“Thank you, Zakari.”


Zakari left, and Libby knocked on the dorm door and waited. Knock, knock. It was Eloise who opened the door and appeared.


“Oh my, Lady!”


“Hello, Eloise. Is older sister inside?”


“Of course. Come in.”


At that time, Theresa’s voice was heard. “Is Libby here?”


Libby tried to smile happily the moment she saw her older sister. But strangely, a smile didn’t come out. Before she knew it, her vision became blurry.


She was in a very good mood just now. It was because she felt excited to see her older sister. The unknown sadness that had been piled up deep in her heart burst and poured out.


Huaaang!” Libby burst into tears like a child.


* * *

After checking on Libby, who was exhausted from crying, I left the bedroom and went down to the first floor.


“Have you contacted home?”


“Yes. I told them that Lady Libby would sleep here today and go straight to school. I omitted to mention that she cried.”


“Good job.”


That’s why Libby seemed different today. Something had finally happened.


“Did you find out what’s going on?”


“It seems that Princess Kapento has taken control of the club atmosphere, isolating Lady Libby.”


[The Constellations are very displeased with the character Cecilia.]


“As expected…”


I had already expected it when Libby cried.


Isabel didn’t come upon herself and bully anyone. Instead, she was a character who existed as a complete bystander.



[Quest: Punish Cecilia.]

Reward: +3,000,000 coins; increase in Euges’s likeability

Failure: Libby drops out; decrease in Euges’s likeability


Hmm. Euges doesn’t like Cecilia, who is mentioned as the candidate for empress, so it affects his likeability.  


I was lost in thought. Even if I went to Cecilia and fought against her, there’s no evidence that she harassed Libby, so Libby and my reputation will only suffer. That’s why I have to come up with a good way…


“Eloise, I’ll go see the professor.”


“Yes? At this hour?”


It’s 7 p.m. It wasn’t the right time to visit the professor, but I needed help.


I visited Ilya’s office, wearing a plain dress that didn’t stand out. Knock, knock.


“Professor, this is Theresa. I came here because I wanted to ask you something.”


Then Ilya, who appeared to be about to leave work, opened the door. “What’s going on at this hour?”


“There’s a magic formula that I must complete in one day. Can you help me?”


Ilya stared at my earnest expression for a moment and stepped back. “Come in.”


* * *

It was the second day of the festival. Theresa had breakfast with her with a blank expression as if she had been out all night and then went out again. Libby was lounging around her dorm, thinking she must be very busy.


“Who would notice that the tree role is gone?”


She didn’t want to go to school. No, more precisely, she hated the social club events.


“I should’ve joined Clybe.”


Either that or join a club with friends.


Libby finished getting ready for school with a sad look on her face. After all, she couldn’t miss the play since she had a role to play.


“Am I weird?”


Libby, who has been wandering around aimlessly, never had any friends of her own age. So, it seemed like her situation had gotten to this point because of her shortcomings. Because everyone else is doing well except her.


Libby entered the dressing room with an expressionless face. But today, I only have to get up to the second play.


The play soon began. The first play attracted a huge crowd thanks to Damian’s performance. And then the second play began.


“There are more people today!”


Perhaps because Cecilia had expressed her anger yesterday at the lack of audience in the theater, the theater was filled with people she had brought in from all over.


Libby stood blankly in the corner of the stage and looked at the main characters’ performances. To be honest, Cecilia’s acting skills were terrible. It’s natural because she’s not a professional actor, but I think it’s a big deal to get your lines wrong.


Libby was memorizing the entire script, so she knew Cecilia was missing a line every two words.


This is boring. When she thought like that,


“This forest is so dark and scary… Quack!”


A duck’s quack rang out.


Quack! Quack!” shouted Cecilia, clutching her neck with an embarrassed face. 

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