BJ Villainess Chapter 109

Author: alyalia

“Everyone hurry up. It’s time for madam to arrive soon.”


“Yes, Teacher.”


The boys, including Damian, answered as if singing, straightening their dull-rat-colored clothes and combing their hair. Damian was annoyed that a noble, be it a madam or any other person, would come here and show off. Because cleaning was annoying every time.




The director pointed to Damian at the warehouse. “You go over there.”


“Yes, Director.”


Damian obediently entered the warehouse. This place wasn’t cleaned, so other than it being a little dirty, it wasn’t bad because he could be alone.


Teachers’ voices were heard from outside.


“It’s a shame. No one looks as decent as Damian.”


“Then what to do? He’s already been returned three times. It gives me goosebumps.”


The nobles were taken away by his lovely appearance. They adopted him, but they always gave him up, calling him a ‘creepy child.’


He didn’t understand. Adults like children who smile well, so even though he didn’t want to smile, he had to.


“Do you laugh at this situation?”


The first time, he was dismissed for laughing at his adoptive father, who had fallen down the stairs ridiculously and was injured. After that, well, it was for a similar reason.


After three rounds of being returned, rumors began to circulate that it was an orphanage with a strange child, and Damian became the biggest problem. People around Damian treated him like a monster.


“Don’t you know what sadness is?”


He knew. However, in his opinion, this situation wasn’t very sad. Why should he be sad when his adoptive father was drunk and tried to harass him but failed and rolled down the stairs? It was a happy thing. Because the plan was successful.


The second adopted house had a son who was five years older than him. However, he kept messing with his food and bothering him, so Damian only led him to experience a few minor near-death crises. In the end, the house caught fire, and his whereabouts were suspected, so he was returned.


“The people who dismissed me without any evidence are bad.”


They thought Damian brought misfortune. Although it wasn’t wrong to say that he directly put people in a miserable state.


Anyway, nobles are annoying for him. The madam who decided to visit today was the director’s favorite noble. Because she sponsored the most money. He even heard that madam was kind to children and interested in the welfare of the poor, setting an example for others.


Damian knew what kind of person was like that. A hypocrite. The madam that was visiting today was a hypocrite.


“She’ll just send the money. Why does she come all the way here and bother people?”


Damian was really tired. He had to worry about his school grades and secretly study magic.  


Magic is a fascinating and powerful force, but the empire strictly forbids the use of it by anyone who isn’t licensed as an imperial wizard, saying it’s an evil power. But Damian had no intention of working as the empire’s dog. Because it obviously would be annoying and boring.


Anyway, he was learning magic by himself. Still, he was a little angry because he was wasting time cleaning every time a noble visited. What if he made sure that madam never came to this orphanage again? Then, I, too, will be able to study comfortably.




Damian sat on the crate, stamped his feet, let his imagination run wild, and then laughed. He had a good idea.


* * *

Rattle! The condition of the road on which the carriage was traveling was getting worse, and the rattling was getting worse.


I explained more about the dungeon to the constellations. The goal of this dungeon was simple and clear. Share a kiss of true love with Damian, who has grown up safely until the age of 22, and return the sealed memories.


There was no need to explain further that the constellation ‘Romance Pass’ had gone crazy at this point.



[The Constellation ‘Hate Romance Dramas’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[How is it determined that it’s a kiss of true love?]


“There is a separate status window used only in this Dungeon. You’ll see it soon.”


Then, the carriage stopped in front of the orphanage. As soon as the door opened and I stepped on the ground, escorted by Allen, the director approached me.


“Welcome, Madam. I’ve been waiting.”


He reached out to me as if he were going to escort me from now on. Looking at his eyes, it looked like he was conscious of the fact that I’m a widow and that I have a huge amount of wealth.



[The Constellation ‘Constellations’ Patience’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]




[The Constellation ‘Born From Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Why does he open his eyes like that? Does he want to become blind?]


The director is a hateful character.


If I don’t like the current director, I can fire him and replace him with another good person. Doing so will change the flower of the story.


Unlike this director, the good director’s management skills were poor, so the orphanage went bankrupt, and all the children were sent to a beggar’s den. In that case, Damian naturally entered the underworld. He took the dark path of becoming a solid member of the underworld. That meant that the difficulty of clearing the dungeon became very difficult. Of course, if a player wanted to see a shady and dark story, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to choose that option.


Why would you do something like that in real life?


I refused the escort and followed the director to the parlor. As I got off the carriage, I saw children sticking their heads out through the windows, but now the entire hallway was empty. It occurred to me that this was done deliberately to prevent children from wandering around.


Maybe he was trying to impress me, but this made me feel uncomfortable…


All the characters in the dungeon are all fictional. The only real people were those dragged in from reality outside to the dungeon. Still, I didn’t feel good.


I can’t even see Damian.


Is it natural? By now, he must be hiding in the warehouse under order from the director.


Creek. “Please come in, Madam.”


In the parlor, various documents prepared in advance by the director were placed on the table. Instead of deciding how much to sponsor the orphanage, I checked the list of orphan students who would be sent to an orphanage in another city.


“Damian, an orphan student, has excellent grades, so why are you sending him to a rural orphanage?”


The director’s smile became stiff. “Ah, yes. Because he doesn’t get along well with other kids. He has a history of being returned, so it will be difficult for him to continue living in this city.”


Damian was annoying and a pain in the ass, so he meant to throw him away in the rural area.


I opened my mouth after pretending to ponder. “I’ll personally sponsor Damian.”


“Ah… Are you talking about personal sponsorship?”


“Yes. I want to provide him with the convenience he needs in his daily life and support him so that he can pursue the various studies he wants.”



[Damian information updated!]


Age: 10

Hope for the future: Becoming a member of a dark organization

Status: Grumpy

Unsealed Memory Progress: ☆☆☆☆☆


In order to be judged as ‘Kiss of True Love,’ Damian’s memory unsealing progress had to reach 5 stars, and his hope for the future had to be marriage.


When I decided to personally sponsor Damian, the director was at a loss. He would feel bad because he couldn’t wait to get rid of Damian to the countryside. At this time, if I made him realize that it would be beneficial for him to have Damian, he would quickly change his attitude.


“I want to see this child grow up properly. For that to happen, the orphanage should also have sufficient funds.”


I handed over the check I had prepared.


“I’m going to sponsor him regularly from now on.”


The director’s expression became ever brighter. “I’m impressed by your noble will. You’re truly right, Madam.”


However, there was a condition.


“I don’t want Damian to know that I’m the one who is sponsoring him. My name, where I live, everything.”


“It’s not difficult, but…may I ask why?”


[Would you like to tell the reason?]

“This is because there are people who will show unnecessary curiosity towards Damian just because he’s a child who is personally sponsored by me.”

Be silent.


I didn’t answer it.


If I tell the reason, the director will sell information about Damian to other nobles. If that happened, Damian’s route into darkness would be activated.


The director, scared by the fierce silence, hurriedly bowed his head with a pale face. “It was a presumptuous question. I’m sorry.”


“I’ll be going now.”


When the matter was over, Allen and I left the building. Then, all of a sudden, my feet fell down as if I had stepped on a swamp. Sssssst! Additionally, the dirt crawled up my legs like a snake.


It has begun.


I opened my mouth with a sigh. “Enough joking.”


Then the ground returned to normal, and the dirt that had climbed up my legs fell down.



[The Constellation ‘Damian, My Golden Child’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Damian (forehead flick).]


 The Constellations also realized that this vicious prank was Damian’s work.


Despite the strange phenomenon just now, Allen steadily did his job. He opened the carriage door, reached out to me, and asked, “Shall we leave right away?”


[Would you like to get on the carriage?]


Wait for Damian to come out.


I got into the carriage before Damian showed up. “Let’s go.”

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  1. Fufufu so she didnt choose to be engaged with damian from the start. I think she will make damian curious and then they will start to get knowing each other