BJ Villainess Chapter 11

Author: LyraDhani

“Oh, yeah. How was the dormitory?”


“I’ve been assigned the best room. I’ve also moved my luggage in advance, so you can check it out on the first day of the class.”


15 days before the beginning of the semester is a tutorial period for users who play <God’s Play>.


At this time, they can choose between the dormitory and home.


If you choose to go to school, your bond with your family will deepen, and you can receive active support in future plays.


Of course, it’s limited to Libby.


‘Theresa would be safer leaving the house.’


If I chose the dormitory route, I could quickly grow my character skills.


More importantly, I had to face the male protagonists frequently.


The Play of God has a total of four male protagonists.


The president of the student council and heir to the head of the state’s family, [Clyde Willow].


The vice president of the student council and a commoner, [Damian West].


A genius wizard and professor of magic school Valhalla, [Ilya Bernstein].


The emperor, [Euges Rodrigo].


Since there are three male leads in the school, you might think that choosing the dormitory is advantageous.


‘But there’s a clear loophole.’


That would drastically reduce the routes of meeting Emperor Euges.


Why is this a problem?


In <God’s Play>, there are ‘True Ending’ and ‘Bad Ending’ for all male characters, respectively.


There is one minimum condition to see the true ending.


‘Remove all male lead’s bad ending elements.’


Otherwise, it will lead to a bad ending, such as being destroyed or assassinated, no matter which male lead you are connected with.


‘I made four male leads, so I’ll have to try taking on all of them.’


The setting I put with that intention had become a dangerous variable and I didn’t know how it would work for me now.


When the male lead’s favorability reaches the worst, a bed ending appears.


However, Theresa is the enemy’s daughter who must be killed.


Unlike Libby, she doesn’t have the peculiarity of being raised outside of her family until she became an adult.


Can I avoid the bad ending until I get out of this world?


‘Theresa is so famous that she can’t even take refuge to another country.’




My sigh caused the maid to wince.


She glanced anxiously at Theresa’s pale purple dress, which was one of her most modest clothes, and spat out words like a rapid-fire cannon.


“Are you not happy with this dress? I will change it to another dress right away.”


“No, I was thinking about something else for a second. I like the dress.”


The maid did not seem to believe my words, but she quietly nodded.


Like a person who moved slowly on purpose to avoid provoking a ferocious bear…


After I finished grooming my hair, I sat down at the desk that looked new tucked away in the corner of the room.


‘It doesn’t just look new, it’s really new. There’s no way Theresa would use her desk.’


I took out my ink, pen, and paper on the smooth, scratch-free walnut desk.


‘I should start by making a list of carnivores that cling to the Squire family and rob our barns.’


I planned to deal with the villains that would definitely interfere with the play.


‘I’ll give this list to them when I leave the house.’


If I gave this list before that, I could be questioned as to how I knew about it, or if I had any lingering feelings about the successor position.


It was all something I didn’t want.


While I was writing the list enthusiastically, someone knocked on the door.


‘Who is it? There’s no one who would come at this hour.’


“Come on in.”


When I hid the list and answered while taking out a magic book, the servants rushed into the room.


They were sweating hard on this cold day.


“My Lady, I need to replace all the furniture, so would it be all right if I leave the door open for a while?”


“What’s wrong with the furniture?”


“The Lord said it doesn’t fit Lady’s dignity and ordered me to replace it with a new one.”


‘What kind of bullshit is this? There is no dignity in Theresa.’


“Hn, yes.”


I was assigned a dormitory so I didn’t have to come back to this house


It felt like a waste to fill this abandoned corner room with new furniture that wouldn’t be used at all after I left.


‘It doesn’t matter because it’s not my money. This furniture, whoever needs it will use it.’


…I thought so and moved on, but it did not end there.


The next day Miranda came to me with a smile.


“Lady, the private carriage has just arrived, would you like to see it?”


“Whose carriage are you talking about?”


“Of course, it’s the carriage for Lady Theresa!”


“Hn? But I’ve never bought anything like that?”


“The Lord gave it to you as a birthday present. Let’s go see it. Everyone’s going crazy.”


I’ve never put a setting like Theresa owning a carriage, what are you talking about?




[The Constellation ‘Haha Bus’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[Found it. My sanctuary.]


In a dazed state, I went to see the carriage with Miranda.


The relatives gathered together like onlookers who came to see a huge supercar, I could hear their voices of admiration.


The elegantly shaped, calm olive-colored carriage exuded an overwhelming presence.


“Oh… Hn?”


The design was so familiar that I was instantly stunned.


I also vividly remembered the color code of this carriage.


“Why is this here?”


Isn’t this the carriage that Libby will get for her birthday?


Donovan approached me as I looked at the carriage with a puzzled face.


“You’re here already, Lady. Others will come down soon. Do you like the carriage?”


Of course, I liked it.


A lot of effort was put into the design of this carriage to make the main character stand out.


“Is this my own carriage?”


“That’s right. The Lord told me to get it as a birthday present for the Lady.”


“But I also got a blank check? That’s too much.”


Donovan’s expression became strange at my words, and he spoke in a somewhat more polite manner.


“Both the blank check and the carriage are perfect birthday gifts for the Lady. Please accept it with pleasure. The Lord doesn’t think it’s too much at all.”


‘No, I think you’re overdoing it.’


[The Constellations smile happily.]


[The Constellation ‘Materialism’ sends cheers and applause.]


Not knowing what to do with the carriage I had already received, I reluctantly nodded my head.


Then, I saw the Duke, Libby, and Giuseppe approaching this way, talking freely.


Raul arrived and when he found me looking at the carriage, he asked with a blunt expression.


“How are you feeling?”


I looked at Raul with an expression of not understanding anything.


“Didn’t you collapse?”


‘Why are you asking this?’


It was two days ago that I collapsed.


“Ah… I didn’t collapse, I was just dizzy for a while. I am fine now.”


So, not only Raul, the others seemed to sense the implication that they didn’t have to pay attention.


Everyone looked puzzled.


Raul coughed briefly and glanced at the carriage and asked.


“Do you like the carriage?”


The fortunate thing about this possession was that basic etiquette came out reflexively.


I spoke with courtesy.


“Yes, thank you, Father. I’ll use it well.”


I didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Raul looked at me with a mixed face when I said thank you.


‘Why are you making that face? Just like someone who feels guilty.’


All I did while possessing this body was to anger Raul just like Theresa.


‘Actually, Raul kept getting frustrated and angry.’


Do you feel so sorry for forgetting my birthday? But it’s Theresa’s birthday.


It was natural to forget.


If he suddenly wanted to be a father who looked after his children equally, it was understandable to some extent 


‘Ah. Is that it?’


The game didn’t deal with the Squire family’s inner circumstances.


So this could be the aftermath of the setting created by automatically filling in the blanks for the story.


‘Now that Raul is a real person. I thought he was too simple.’


Raul seemed to want a harmonious family, so I should keep the rhythm.


I spoke to Giuseppe, who was flinching because he couldn’t say that he wanted to see the carriage more closely.


“You can come closer and take a look.”


Giuseppe had a slightly deflated look on his face, but eventually, he couldn’t help but look at the carriage.


Indeed, it was like a reaction of boys at the age when they were crazy about cars.


“Hmm, this is the first time I’ve seen this format.”


Giuseppe tried his best to look sullen but he opened the carriage door with glittering eyes.


“Compared to the exterior, the interior materials are a bit disappointing. Compared to 21-year-old carriages, the interior design is too simple.”


I taught a trick to Giuseppe who knew one fact but didn’t know the other two.


“So the inside is spacious. Originally, the simpler the shape, the more advanced technology is required. The inside is made of materials that are resistant to both moisture and heat, so it looks simple on the outside, but the price is very expensive. By reducing unnecessary weight, wheel wear is reduced, so its security is high.”


When I finished speaking, everyone was staring at me strangely.


In particular, Giuseppe’s expression was the most impressive.


“How do you know that?”


As much as it was a gift that the beloved princess, Libby, received on her first birthday when she returned to the Duke’s residence, it was also a carriage that my team and I had sharpened with our souls.




[The constellation ‘I’m sorry’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[Science again…]


This has nothing to do with science. Maybe…

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