BJ Villainess Chapter 114

Author: alyalia

* * *

‘Vincent Family,’ a dark organization where Damian reigned as the de facto second-in-command. He made a deal with Vincent, the head of the family.


“I’ll give you a chance to blend into noble society. Hire me instead.”


Even if they’re a top dark organization, they’re still commoners. If he wanted to expand his social circle, his status didn’t give him the opportunity to blend in among the closed-minded nobles.


Even if flies could talk, they couldn’t live with humans. That was the logic of the nobles. Therefore, Vincent, who was desperate for connections to enter the noble society, was very pleased with his proposal.


Hahaha! Damian, you’re like a gift from God to me. This is how you brought me into contact with Madam Squire.”


It’s not a gift from God, but from the devil. Maybe it was a gift from me…


Anyway, for that reason, I became a new member of the Vincent family and stood in front of Damian.


Damian looked at his aide with an eye demanding an explanation. Despite questioning what he was doing, his aide just held out a piece of paper he was carrying without wavering.


“Here is Theresa’s resume. Please check it out.”


Damian snorted at the mention of the resume. “It seems like even dark organizations are accepting resumes these days.”


“Of course. Our family is a business, right?”


His aide had quite a gentle personality. Perhaps that’s why he accepted Damian’s personality, which was much tougher than in the original world.


Damian checked the resume and stopped looking at one point. “22 years old?”


His cold gaze leisurely looked me up and down. “You’re younger than I thought.”


Does he get presbyopia…?


I wonder how long it has been. I stared at Damian with grumpy eyes. He was a little thinner and had a much sharper vibe than Damian I knew in real life. Maybe it was because he didn’t wear his prescription glasses to hide his slitted eyes. Hmm. He looks older than me.



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[He looked like an idol when he was wearing a school uniform, but now he looks decadent. Yummy~]


Damian looked away and asked his aide, clearly showing he didn’t want to deal with me directly. “Why did Vincent send that woman to me?”


“Lord Damian and I will pretend to be a noble couple and go together to Kingdom Rusangte to sell weapons. I can speak that kingdom language.”


For your information, the Rusangte kingdom language was purchased at a store for 1 million coins. I had no choice but to buy it even though it was a rip-off; otherwise, I couldn’t proceed with this route.


“Why Rusangte Kingdom?”


“It’s said that a civil war broke out. Nobles are importing goods from abroad due to the lack of a smooth supply of weapons, so this is a good opportunity for us.”


“You told me not to overdo it, but you want me to go to the Kingdom Rusangte with torn skin?”


Then, his aide placed a luxury ferry ticket to the Kingdom Rusangte on the table. “You’re going on a trip as well.”


I rolled my eyes and looked at Damian’s face. I think he’s pissed. Just by common sense, who would travel to such a place in the midst of a civil war?


Damian said, handing my resume back to his aide with an expression that seemed to ease his anger. “If that’s the case, I can go alone. I know how to speak the Kingdom Rusangte language.”


That’s troublesome.


His aide refused at once as if he had read my mind. “It is said that the noble society of Rusangte Kingdom is more closed than our empire, so social activities for unmarried men are very disadvantageous. Especially when it comes to business.”


Damian kicked his tongue. “I get it. Get out.”


“The departure time is a week later.” The aide left the hospital room after saying so.


Damian asked in a cold tone as I stood there rather than following his aide. “Why don’t you go out there?”


[Would you like to leave the hospital room?]

Leaving out right away.

Try to persuade.

If you select ‘Leaving out right away,’ time will skip to one week later.


I didn’t go out.


“That… If we’re going to act like a married couple, shouldn’t we know something about each other?”


“I don’t want to know anything about that.”


“I have a lot…”


“So?” Damian didn’t even look at me, showing annoyance.


Hmm. If you speak so openly and rudely, I have nothing to say… Let’s pretend to retreat for now and then fight one more time. I thought like that as I approached the door at a slow pace.


Bang! Damian, who approached without any sign and already stood close to my back, struck the door with his fist as if to break it so that I couldn’t open it.


“T-that scared me.” I nearly had a heart attack.


I turned my head tremblingly. “Do you have anything to say to me…?”


Damian stared at me with his bright eyes, chewed each syllable, and spat it out at me. “I’m sure you have something to say, Madam.”




“What shame have you approached me with now that you have abandoned your poor orphan like baggage and disappeared?”


I got caught. However, I kept my poker face as best I could. Nevertheless, my inside was in chaos.


What the? How did he know I was the madam? I’m sure I’ve never shown my face before. It was a situation that made no sense unless Damian had been hiding and peeking at my bare face. We just stayed together in the same house for just over a week.


Damn it. This is why he’s an assassin! He has no presence, so I, as an ordinary person, am at a disadvantage when dealing with him!


I grumbled, but there was no use of it. Even if he had seen my face, it was six years ago. I shamelessly said it. “What do you mean? It’s my first time meeting Lord Damian.”



[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Anyway, if you said it’s our first meeting, then be it~ Don’t argue. Your words are all correct~]


Damian smiled crookedly. “Oh, that’s how you’re going to come out?”


Of course, Damian wasn’t fooled at all.


“But, at 22, you’re too young to be Madam Squire.”


He took off my gloves as if he had discovered the scene where I had clumsily hidden evidence. A ruby ring flaunting its presence flashed on the empty, bare hand. Damian asked, fiddling with the ring. “But why is the ring I know in your hand?”


None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for that b*stard Ozworld.


“…It must be a coincidence, right?”


Damian asked the next question without pretending to listen. “Do you have a husband?”


“No. And I’m single.”

“A single woman wearing a wedding ring?”


Damian persistently fiddled with the ring. It was a little scary because I felt like the ring would be crushed along with my finger because of how much force was applied.


He murmured. “That lie is fine.”


I’m not lying. I’m serious.


Creek! Suddenly, Damian opened the door. “I will gradually find out what your plan is.”


Then, before kicking me out, he stuffed a ferry ticket into my pocket and continued in a low-key voice as a warning. “There will be plenty of time anyway.”


* * *

What is the first thing you have to do to get to know each other? That was just a meeting. But today, the fifth day after our previous meeting, I haven’t been able to see even a single strand of Damian’s hair.


[Theresa is not allowed to enter.]


It was because of that absurd warning.



[The Constellation ‘Son-in-law Damian’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Love quarrels are fun!]


I was almost jealous of the positive mindset of the constellations that interpreted this as a love quarrel. Even though I was banned from entering, I stood there in front of the hospital room.



[The Constellation ‘Rofan-Addicted Young Lady’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[It seems like there are a lot of bad circumstances. Can you really clear the dungeon?]




I don’t know.


“It was already ruined after a 6-year time skip.”


At that time, I was convinced that I could turn things around, but in reality, I just messed up.


“The road to Kingdom Rusangte appears to be my way to heaven… A super luxury ferry trip before I die. Ha. Haha. This is pretty crazy, no, it’s like a bucket list, and it’s nice…”



[The Constellation ‘Professional Instructor’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Oh my gosh, this kid has lost her sanity…]


Siiigh.” A heavy sigh was drawn from my mouth. The situation went from bad to worse. A system error, a time skip for 6 years, and even having my identity discovered by Damian. I couldn’t think of a way to make up for it. Who made this crappy game? Uh?


“This is all because of Ozworld! He hopes everything I do will fail.”



[The Constellation ‘Performance Obsession’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Gasp, you’re in big trouble ㄷㄷ; How many Oz fans are here?]


 Big trouble has already happened. As I was on the verge of death, I could see nothing.


Ugh, it’s cold.”


Cold, hungry, and sleepy. It was a miserable situation. I was very sad that my magic achievement couldn’t yet solve this physiological phenomenon. But I patiently waited for Damian to come out. Even if it meant dying, I wanted to say one word that I was sorry.


As a developer, I couldn’t have known how much the madam’s presence meant to Damian in this dungeon. But he was a man who could shine more. He wasn’t a character who would be in a dark organization without dreams or hope. Damian deserved very, very much love from the right people.




My eyelids fluttered shut. It was so boring to just sit in one place and do nothing.




Soon, a heavy sleep swallowed me.


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  1. The difficulty of the dungeon definitely got harder but I wonder how anybody beside Theresa/ or a player of the game would be able to overcome this dungeon. Maybe only people from the „game world“ that knew his past? It’s too hard …

  2. Será que ela vai entrar em masmorras com todos os mls? Pois já foi o Clyde e agora o Damian