BJ Villainess Chapter 120

Author: alyalia

Damian recalled the man’s name as if he were recounting what he had known.


Clyde Willow, heir to the Willow Duchy. He was an ideal match for Theresa, unlike him.


Damian quietly returned to the dormitory. Rode Constantine took out a teacup in his dormitory and poured a fragrant brewed tea.


“Have you made up your mind now?”


Damian laughed dejectedly. He could not even be friends with Theresa. He knew it in his head, but he couldn’t accept it at all.


“Yes, Lord.”


It was when Rode Constantine opened his mouth to give him a new order.


“We’ve arrived, Damian.”


Damian suddenly opened his eyes from ‘his reality’ as if a needle had stabbed him.


“What’s the matter? Did you have a nightmare?”


He stared at the veiled face with blank eyes.


Theresa was covering half of her face because of his insistence. Nevertheless, her high nose bridge that was slightly exposed, plump lips, and slender jawlines made it possible to guess that she was a great beauty.


Damian was held in Theresa’s arms as if he was acting like a child. “Yes. It was a very scary dream.”


As he said this, she patted him on the back. She also made this lovely gesture to Clyde Willow.


Damian had an eerie look in his eyes, but his expression changed the moment Theresa looked at him.


Be as innocent and kind as possible.


Theresa had a personality that was overly withdrawn when it came to the weak. He had already guessed that she had a soft personality when she came to see him as a child, having broken his own arm without knowing that she had been tricked. Sometimes, she’s bold, sometimes pessimistic, and sometimes strangely naïve. So she was a lovely woman.


“Let’s go home. It’s a sunny place, so you’ll feel good.”


She was holding his hand and leading him outside, hoping to somehow relieve the dark feeling that was still hanging over him. Damian was guided obediently.


Right. A dream is just a dream.


This is reality. The real reality where He and Madam exist.


Damian entered the townhouse with madam. This place was as beautiful as the picture. It didn’t seem like a bad place for two people to spend their honeymoon. However, he felt strange. It was as if he had seen this townhouse before.


Valhalla noble dormitory.

  It was the same as there.




Damian suddenly felt a severe disconnect from even his own existence in this space. Moreover, Theresa was acting familiarly, like someone who knew this place well.


She said, pointing up. “Upstairs is the main bedroom. How about you use that? I’ll be using the room downstairs.”


How did she know that right away?


His stomach was choking uncontrollably. His head felt like it was going to explode. As Damian tried to make sure Theresa wasn’t a mirage, he stumbled and hit the wall as he walked.


Theresa came running to him with a surprised look on her face. “What’s wrong! Are you sick?”


Don’t worry. It’s because I’m a little tired, so I’ll be fine if I rest. That’s what he was planning to say, but what he actually said out of his mouth was different.


“Am I fake?”


Theresa’s expression hardened.


That was the answer.


* * *

When Damian realized he was a fake, the biggest factor was déjà vu. But now, there was no element of déjà vu anywhere.


[The Constellations are surprised by the sudden situation.]

[The Constellations are paying attention to how BJ will resolve this situation.]


I knew Damian had had his fourth dream. I was dozing off in the carriage earlier when the system window suddenly popped up.


[The stage 4 unsealed memory conditions have been achieved.]


I didn’t feel good. The fourth dream would show the day his mother died.


But that dream has no element that makes him aware of reality.


Something intense he saw in his dream and something in the present must match perfectly.


Could it be this townhouse? No. It’s almost the same as Valhalla dormitory, but this can’t be a strong memory.


This progression didn’t exist in the game. So, I needed time to calmly organize and analyze the situation. Let’s check the status first.



Age: 21

Hope for the future: Marry Theresa

Status: Anxious and confused

Unsealed Memory Progress: ★★★★☆


“Where are you looking at?”


A cold voice made me raise my eyes.


Damian was in silence. Outwardly, he seemed as cold and composed as ever. Still, in reality, I knew better than anyone that he had a fiery, turbulent, and sticky inner self.


Damian had realized that he was fake. Under normal circumstances, he would have gone crazy for a long time and ruined everything.


His future hope is still marriage. I decided to calmly resolve the situation one by one.


“Servants will come soon and start to organize the luggage. Let’s go upstairs to the bedroom and talk.”


Damian sneered. “How do you know that? Ah. Because this is a dungeon? You know everything. Even me.”




“I don’t even know that.”


He took a step back with a shaky motion.


“…I thought I was special to you.” It was a voice that conveyed a sense of extreme loss.


“You’re special.”


“Who? Me? Or ‘that’ Damian? If not, then… Clyde?”


I was genuinely surprised. Because none of Damian’s dreams featured Clyde. That meant his dream had changed. That’s why he realized it. This was truly a big variable.


What should I do? When a slight panic sets in.



[The Constellation ‘Lawful Alignment’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Be yourself.]


In the end, in every chaotic situation, what I chose was honesty, which represented me the most. The constellation reminded me of that.


“I’ll be honest with you.”


Damian looked still at my face as the confusion cleared. I held out my hand to him.


“Give me a chance.”


Damian, who was staring at my hand staying in the air for a long time, chewed his lips and held it. We went into the bedroom on the second floor.


“As you guessed, this is a demon dungeon. During the school festival, trouble arose, and a man summoned a demon and opened a dungeon.”


I even explained that his memories are an illusion created by the demon dungeon and that the conditions will be met for Damian to return to his original form 3 months later, on January 31st.


“So, it means that when ‘that’ Damian’s memories come back, the person I was until now will disappear. Without a trace.”




When the pessimistic Damian had barely prepared his mind to think I had no choice but to kill him, he reacted unexpectedly.


“I will do it.”




“You said if I kissed you when I turned 22, my memories would return. Only then can you survive and return to that world.”


Damian approached me, knelt on one knee, and kissed the back of my hand. “I was originally going to propose to you.”


His hands, holding my hands, were shaking. “…I want to kill him.”


Damian hated that ‘Damian’.


“That b*stard doesn’t love you as much as I do, so why am I fake? It’s crazy…”


He buried his face in my lap. His despair seemed to be visible.


“I’m sorry…”


I hugged Damian with a trembling hand. All of this happened because I existed.


I’m sorry. Other than those words, nothing else came to my mind.


Damian slowly raised his head. “I have a favor to ask, Madam.”




“Please kiss me.”


[Will you do him a favor?]

Grant him a favor

Refuse it

If you select ‘Grant him a favor,’ time will skip to January 31st.


“If I do that, the devil will change my time. My memory will stop here and resume on January 31st. Would that be okay?”


Unlike me, Damian’s memory, who is still a dungeon resident, continues until January 31. He would be with ‘me,’ made up of past data. I didn’t know if that could be considered the real me.


“It’s okay. I’d rather be like that.” Damian smiled wryly and carefully cupped my cheeks.


“See you again on January 31st.”


I hugged his neck. The moment our lips met, the scene changed.


I opened my eyes in a bedroom bathed in white sunlight. The world outside the window was completely covered in pure white. It was winter, the season Damian was born.


Someone hugged me from behind at that time, kissed my shoulder, and asked sweetly. “Did you sleep well?’


When I turned my head, I saw Damian, whose hair had grown longer in just a short period of time, giving off a more mature look.


“Uh… Did you sleep well too?’

Damian smiled and kissed my forehead and cheek as if he were dying of joy and loved so much that he was going crazy.  Then, like a puppy waiting for me to open my eyes, he snuggled into my arms and rubbed his cheek.


I stiffened awkwardly and checked his condition.



Age: 22

Hope for the future: Marry Theresa

Status: Feeling precariously happy

Unsealed Memory Progress: ★★★★★


“Was it cold when you slept? You keep digging into my arms. Maybe I should have turned on the heating a bit more.”


“Did I do that?”


“Yes. Madam did.”


Damian got up from the bed, added more wood to the fireplace, and kindled the embers using a portable brazier he had placed near the bed. Then he brought me a thick coat, lifted me up, and personally put the coat on.


For your information, Damian was only wearing bottoms, so his smooth upper body was completely exposed.  His muscles, which were delicately carved into pieces, repeatedly tightened and relaxed as they moved, creating a scenery even more spectacular than the outside covered with snow.


He suddenly chuckled, turned his head at an angle, and asked me. “Why? Do you want to touch it again?”



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[We urgently need a video of what happened during the time skip.]


My data, what have you been doing? 

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