BJ Villainess Chapter 134

Author: alyalia

He was once again struck by the thought that his grandson was surprisingly handsome, as his appearance, which was otherwise handsome, was decorated in a flashy manner, but he also felt very displeased. Aside from being handsome, he looked too vulgar and uncultured for the heir of the dukedom to wear.


If Clyde was sane, he wouldn’t have done that. No, he wondered if his grandson had such tastes in the first place, and he was so embarrassed.


The chairman scolded with a stern expression. “Why did you look like that out of nowhere?”


The demon giggled and walked over to his grandfather’s side. “Good morning, Grandpa.”


At that time, white lightning struck around the chairman. Kwang, crackle!! A shield was created as soon as the lightning struck, blocking the demon’s approach. The chairman’s expression turned pale.


“You’re not Clyde.”


The demon shook his head as if he felt sorry. “It’s been so long since I saw you that you barely remember me, Grandpa. It’s me, Clyde.”


The chairman was furious. “Shut up, you dirty demon! Get the hell out of my grandson’s body right now!”


“Why are you so upset and not welcoming your grandson, whom you haven’t seen in a long time? I feel dirty.”


The chairman unleashed a thunderbolt when the demon’s eyes turned ominous red. It was the Willow family’s arcane magic, the ‘Divine Punishment.’ The thunderbolt, which became more powerful the more evil the opponent was, struck down like a dragon descending towards the demon.


However, the demon approached like an arrow fired right in front of the chairman’s nose at incredible speed and joked terribly. “I almost got hurt.”


Tak. He then placed his finger on the forehead of the chairman, whose eyes were so wide. “Don’t overdo yourself and sleep. Forever.”




Thud! The chairman fell into a prison of sleep without even being able to finish his sentence.


Step, step. At that time, Gordon approached from the other side. He looked at the chairman lying on the floor, then at his nephew, who was making a fuss, and then bowed his head politely. “I’ll take my father to his room.”


It was as if he recognized the demon and obeyed him.


“Yes. Good work.” The demon chuckled.


Indeed, his grandfather was stupid and pitiful. He didn’t know that his second son had joined hands with the demon.


The demon went to the school, feeling refreshed.


“That girl, she always seems to come early.”


The demon walked from the 4th floor to the lobby at a light pace, pondered whether to go to the dormitory, but then gave up. He didn’t need to rush, and somehow, he didn’t like his behavior that seemed to be impatient. So, his choice was to enjoy his freedom and look around.


He saw the new Theresa’s restaurant and café and the funny-looking statue. After visiting the library and the training center, the lobby was already bustling with students.


“Good morning!”




“I didn’t study for the test at all, so I’m doomed.”


“Where should we have lunch today?”


They were bright and innocent, without any sense of crisis. Then, someone greeted the demon.


“He…llo, Senior…?”


When he looked down, he found a girl who looked like a squirrel looking at him with a half-scared eye.


Was her name Reini?




Reini’s expression became even more bizarre when he smiled and greeted her.


“Yes… Uh, but today…”




“You look very cool…?”


“Thank you.”


“…Thank you?”


The demon laughed and walked away, leaving Reini alone. His eyes shifted as he moved, and his head bobbed like waves. Everyone showed various reactions, such as admiration, surprise, or both.






Then, the demon encountered an unexpected person. Dark navy-blue hair and golden eyes, with round glasses. It was Damian. He wasn’t interested in man, even more if it was Damian, so he tried to ignore him and pass by.


“Have you had a change of heart?”


But Damian spoke cheekily.


“A little?” The demon rolled his eyes and grinned.


Damian lifted one of his eyebrows. Even though Clyde was good at making rotten smiles, he never had this kind of strange eye smile, so he somehow seemed like a different person. Anyway, either way, it was equally disgusting.


“Okay, try your best.”


Damian smiled brightly, then passed Clyde, and suddenly remembered something. Theresa would hate someone like this.




Has Theresa ever told me this?


While he was still, the demon ignored Damian and moved to another place. Because there was a sound like a fight in his ears. It was his natural instinct to be attracted to negative energy.


“You insolent b*tches.”


Tadadak! The guys, who were wearing dark navy shirts instead of white shirts like everyone else, threw bundles of documents at the ladies who were much shorter than them.


Silver butterfly brooch… It’s Clybe.


The members of Clybe criticized the other party with very angry expressions.


“What is this? You’re behaving unlike a gentleman. Still, aren’t you ashamed of your family?”


“Won’t you shut up? I asked you to come because of the chairman, but you submitted documents like this?”


The demon’s gaze shifted back to the group of navy shirts. Looking closely, there were collateral nobles of the Willow family. After thinking about it for a while, he came up with information because their faces were so insignificant.


At that time, a lady who seems to be the oldest member of Clybe stepped forward. “What gives you the right to so boldly break the rules that even Lord Clyde follows?”


“That’s right! What if you all wear different uniforms? Wouldn’t it create a sense of disharmony among the students?”


“What are they saying?”


The collateral branches of the Willow family giggled and laughed at the ladies.


“This is a Valhalla tradition. It’s a noble tradition that distinguishes the blood relatives of the Willow family and ensures that they’re treated as they deserve.”


“You’re irritating me.”


“If you continue to be rude, we won’t stay silent either.”


“What are you going to do if we don’t stay still? No way, are you going to call Theresa too?”


“How dare you call our president like that! Do you really want to die?”


The demon walked slowly toward them and watched them fight for trivial reasons. Before long, one of the club members spotted Clyde and pursed her lips.


“C…! Huuh?”


Everyone’s eyes shifted to the strange reaction and focused on the demon. The demon shook his hand.


“Go on, Go on.”




“Don’t worry about me. Just keep going.”


The Willow collateral nobles were momentarily stunned by the dazzling appearance of the real predator but soon came to their senses. They smiled wickedly at the change in Clyde, who had compulsively maintained his stuffy and old-fashioned appearance. It was because there was a justification.


“Older Brother! It looks like you didn’t go to the dungeon today.”


The demon asked back as if he had heard something funny. “Older brother?”


That was the wrong title. Willow’s collateral nobles had to call Clyde ‘Senior’ or ‘Student council president.’ Or maybe call him ‘little Duke’.


“Yes, Older Brother. Why are you doing this?”


However, they called him ‘Older Brother’ like a direct blood relative.


“It’s all because of that half.”


“What do you me—”


Pow! The demon hit the head of the guy who called him older brother against the wall. Thud. In an instant, one of them lay down on the floor.


“…Are you crazy, Older Brother?! What have you done now?”


“What are you going to do if the chairman finds out?”


“So, who are you calling older brother now?”


Pow! Crack! The demon was very upset and displeased that humans were crawling up to him. So he crushed the heads of the guys that bothered him and asked. “Does anyone else want to bother me too?”


The rest of the collateral blood relatives were in contemplation and moved to the wall.


The demon, who saw the blood seeping from the lady’s cheek where her skin was scratched by a piece of paper thrown by the collateral relative moments ago, grinned and asked. “Are you okay?”




“You have to be careful.”


The demon left with just those words.


The Clybe ladies were silent for a while and then shouted at the same time.


“…Lady Theresaaaaa!”


They rushed to the other side to inform Theresa of this serious situation.


* * *

“Lady Theresa. Lady Theresaaaa! We’re in a big trouble!”


I yawned with blurry eyes and was startled when I saw Clybe running towards me like a pack of dogs. Why are they like this in the morning?


“What’s wrong with you?”


I was already mentally attacked and disturbed by Ilya the day before, so I was going to school without sleeping well.


“Lord Clyde has become strange!”


Aren’t these kids tired? The ladies didn’t know what else to see, so they started making a fuss and talking about Clyde.


“Huh? You have a scar on your cheek.”


When I took out my handkerchief and told her to heal the wound first, the lady shook her head.


“That’s not the point! Have you seen Lord Clyde yet?”


“Uh, I just arrived at school. What’s wrong with him?”


The young ladies looked at each other with bewildered eyes and spoke gibberish.


“That’s… He has become very sexy!”


Did I hear it right?




“No, that’s not it. He has become a completely bad man!”


“But he has a bad personality by nature, right?”


“It’s not like that, but he really became a bad guy? He looks like he could easily kill someone, but he’s also strangely sweet!”


I nodded. “I see. That must have been nice.”


The insanity of Clybe has begun again. It wasn’t surprising anymore. 

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