BJ Villainess Chapter 135

Author: alyalia

Clybe always found Clyde’s handsomeness in a new and thrilling way. However, they hadn’t seen Clyde often lately, so it was natural that they were delirious at the sight of his destructive handsomeness that they hadn’t seen in a long time. The ladies pounded their chests and complained of frustration at my lukewarm response.


“Oh my! It’s not something you can pass up like this. Lady Theresa, check it out yourself! It’s really a big deal!”



[The Constellation ‘Explanation Bug’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Clybe’s big deal: Clyde is so sexy.]


I was reluctant to accept that offer.


“I don’t really need to confirm that Clyde looks sexy today…”




At that time, I noticed Lumio watching me with gloomy eyes.


“…You know, I’ll check it out. Anyway, that’s the most important thing.”



[The Constellation ‘You Don’t Do Like Theresa Did’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Changing in ‘attitude’.]


“So where is Clyde?”


“It seemed like he was heading towards the library on the first floor. Please hurry up.”


Of course, I thought we would all rush together, so I tried to take a step but stopped. “You’re not going to come with me?”


Then, the young ladies shook their heads with a fearful expression. “Lord Clyde looks too violent right now… My heart still hasn’t recovered from being hit by his looks.”


Ah. Violent meant that his face was violent.


“I don’t have the courage to face that scene yet. What if I show him the indecent act of fainting in front of him?”


“I’m scared! He’s so handsome that I’m scared!”


I’m more scared of you guys.


“…I see. Do as you please.”


I could see Lumio chewing her pen while looking at me from a little distance, so I quickly walked away. Anyway, it’s the library on the first floor. He doesn’t go there because there are many people who use that place. But what’s going on?


When I arrived at the library on the first floor, I saw a lot of students today. But they didn’t seem like they came here to read books or study. They were wandering around as if looking for something. Still, when they spotted me, they came rushing like hyenas, seeing a rotting corpse.


“Senior, does Clybe’s open admission to additional members?”


“I want to join too!”


“Please open the admission! Please let us respect the student council president!”


“If I join there, will I be able to see Lord Clyde personally?”


I stepped back in shock. What are these crazy eyes? Could it be that they’re all the kids who came after Clyde? It occurred to me that things seemed to be turning out strangely, but first, I put my finger on my lips and warned them.


“Quiet, this is a library.”




Students were embarrassed when the silencing spell was applied and covered their mouths.


“Has everyone calmed down?”


The students nodded with a puzzled look at my question. Certainly, I could feel that the expression on their faces, which had seemed engulfed in madness just a moment ago, had calmed down.


“The admission period for Clybe has ended. Social clubs that don’t have enough members accept additional members, but that’s not the case with Clybe.”




The students left the library with great regret.


“I don’t know what all this fuss is about.”


I didn’t even know where the person who created this strange mess had gone.


Should I just read a book? I’ll see Clyde during my major lecture. When I entered the private reading room that I always use, someone suddenly hugged me from behind and whispered.


“Where have you been? I kept looking for you.”


A voice that sounded creepy and sticky, which was unfamiliar. Even though the voice was clearly a voice I knew, I didn’t think of the fact that it was Clyde’s voice. This was because my heart was beating so fast that I felt dizzy in an instant, and my legs lost strength.


“I miss you.”


The arms that were tightly hugging me felt like a prison I couldn’t escape from. His arms tightened around my waist like a giant snake, and the soft cheek rubbing gave me a chilling sensation. It was so sweet that you could become addicted to it.


“…You, what the!”


I did my best to get out of his arms. Even so, all I could do was stand with my back to the wall, about two steps away from him.



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[He has become like a bully…]


Clyde’s appearance was so spectacular that even the constellations were surprised.


He laughed in a low voice as if he was surprised by my behavior of rejecting him. “You say you love me, but you’re so stubborn, Theresa. That hurt me.”


For someone who said he was hurt, he looked like he was happily contemplating whether to grill or boil a rat in the corner.


On the other hand, my insides burned black with anxiety. That was Clyde, but not the Clyde I knew.


Personal information.


[Clyde Willow]

Age: 22

Height: 188 cm

Birthday: January 31st

Likes: Love

Dislikes: Humans, Clyde Willow

Likeability: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🤍


[The Constellations that supported the ‘Clyde’ route are shocked.]


As expected…


This was the personal information of the demon Clyde. Even his likeability rating is 4 black hearts. He was in the murderous intention stage.


This is why Theresa couldn’t proceed with <God’s Play>. It would take white magic to turn the demon back into human Clyde, but I didn’t have that power. So what should I do?


What do you mean what should I do? Of course I have to run away. There was no reason to hang in here. In a situation you can’t handle, it’s best to avoid it quickly. But running away was a long way off for now. Because the demon was standing in front of the door.


I spoke to him. “I have to go to the classroom. Can you move?”


“Why are you avoiding me?”


“Why? It’s because you suddenly hugged me.”


“That’s weird.”


The demon tilted his head and approached me.


“You like me. No, you love me.”


The demon, who came right in front of me, blamed me with a cold eye. “I’ve been waiting to meet you, so why are you rejecting me? It makes me upset.”




At that moment, my eyes began to spin. I was dizzy with the eerie sensation of sticky, sweet energy pouring into me at a lethal dose.


He caught me as I was weakly slumping down, held me deeply in his arms, placed his chin on the top of my head, and took a deep breath and let it out. “Ha.


The demon murmured in a voice that melted his sorrows as if he was finally going to live.


“I thought I was going to die because I wanted to hug you like this.”


I could feel love in his voice. Just listening quietly made my ears tingle and my heart warm.


“You smell so good that I want to chew you.”


It made me want to think that he was not going to hurt me, that he really loved me.


The demon giggled, pretending to bite the back of my neck with his fangs like a lover teasing.



[The Constellation ‘ Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Clyde’s in-law, come to your senses! No, don’t do it! Get yourself together! No, don’t do it!]


Startle! The sponsorship from the constellation brought back my dazed mind.


“W-what the. Go away!”


Before I knew it, I was snuggling into Clyde’s arms in affectionate motion and hugging his back tightly.  It’s that damn demon’s pheromone.


“You want me to let go?”


As I struggled and pushed away, the demon frowned.


“Don’t you love me?”


“I said I wouldn’t love you anymore. And you’re not even my type.”


“Lie. Then, what about the social club?”


“It was a mistake.”




As the demon repeated my words, he twitched one corner of his mouth and smiled with an expression as if his pride had been hurt.


“…Well, okay. Because that wasn’t really me. I can make you happier now, Theresa.”


Sweet pheromones poured out again, and I felt dizzy.


“Get… away…!” I tried to force myself to come to my senses, but my struggling gesture became increasingly weak. The pheromone made me want to give in and be comfortable.


The demon’s pheromone wasn’t something to overcome with mental strength. That was the same as saying that you couldn’t overcome the virus with mental strength.


The pheromone that I experienced firsthand was more powerful than I imagined. Even though I knew that I would die if I got caught up in the dream demon’s pace like this, I kept wanting to do what he wanted. I wanted to hug him and kiss him on the cheek.


The demon chuckled and sat me down on the desk, pressing his body close to me as if he were going to kiss me. But he just stared at me without even touching my lips. Then, he carefully swept his fingers from my forehead to the bridge of my nose as if tickling me with a feather. He then touched my lips, cupped my cheek, and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. It was a movement that seemed to confirm my existence.


“As expected, you’re prettier to see in person.”


The demon smiled like a naughty boy and fiddled with my earlobe. At that time, his handsome face turned red.


“Do you love me?”


Thump. Thump.  Thump. Thump. My mind became dull as if I felt drowsy.




“I knew it.”


The moment the demon lowered his head to kiss me. Flap, flap, flap, flap—! Like the day I was mistakenly transported to the Ozworld’s past, the black butterflies burst out from the shadows and enveloped me. In an instant, my vision became pitch black.




I felt a hand trying to grab me, but by the time I opened my eyes, the place had already changed. I fell down somewhere.


Where am I? Before I realized that the place I had been moved to looked somehow familiar, I was startled by a hand holding me and raised my head.


“You’re doing a quite bold thing at school.”


The place where the black butterflies moved me happened to be on Ilya’s lap. At that moment, my eyes began to spin. 

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