BJ Villainess Chapter 14

Author: LyraDhani

In the meantime, the carriage ran smoothly to its destination and entered the splendid downtown area.


“That’s Saint Trio Hotel!”


The Saint Trio Hotel was a large building that encompassed department stores and theaters.


The auction would take place at the hotel’s largest party hall.


“We’ve arrived, Miss.”


The front area of the hotel was lined with carriages with various seals.


My exclusive carriage really stood out.


Through the open window, I could hear the whispers of the nobles who were smoking outside.


“Hmph, that’s a pretty fancy carriage. Did the royal family come?”


“That’s not true. Looking at the seal, it is the Duke of Squire.”




When the carriage door opened, a hotel attendant waiting outside brought out a velvet-covered footrest.


With my hand clad in a black pearl satin glove, I grabbed the hand of the escort knight who had approached me, and lightly stepped on the footrest, then landed on the ground.


When I finally lifted my head, I could see countless gazes flying and piercing me like a rain of arrows.


Certainly, Theresa had an overwhelming look when she kept her mouth shut.


The employee respectfully kissed the back of my hand with a  leisured face even though he knew that the other person was a jerk.


“I’ve been waiting for you, Princess Teresa Squire. This way, please.”




I moved as quietly as I could with a haughty expression.


In fact, my heart was pounding at the explosive attention that I received for the first time in my life.


I wanted to hide in a place where people couldn’t see me.


“I heard that she was coming today, but I didn’t know it was real.”


“How can that dress sparkle so beautifully? Even the afterimages remain, just like fairies!”


The nobles were busy talking about Theresa without mentioning the subject.


“It’s really amazing how she wears a dragon to get attention every time, whether it’s a dress or a carriage.”


“I know, a dress like that would cost a castle. Who can afford such an extravagant woman?”


I stopped and looked at the owners of intrusive talks.




They turned their heads with a grimace.


They were extras that I didn’t even remember making.


‘How dare you attack a villainess who has dozens of death routes despite being an extra?’


The escort knight asked politely.


“Should I grab their hair and drag them?”




He was really the villainess’ escort knight.


He said crazy words so casually.


‘The maids are all fine.’




[The Constellation ‘Pro Helper’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[If you carelessly look at those things, your reputation will fall further. I have seen it.]


I didn’t intend to use direct violence, but I also didn’t intend to let it go.


The life of being a ticking time bomb that everyone hated wasn’t bad.


I spoke to the maids.


“Find out who their families are and tell them that I will remove their names from the list of nobles if I run into them in the future.”


It was the villainess’s mercy not to forgive and not to kill.


The maids had an expression of admiration.


“You are so sweet and generous, Lady. I’ll do as you say.”


The hotel staff, who was guiding us, blinked with a doubtful look on his face wondering whether I was serious or not.


I openly looked at the staff with haughty eyes.


“Why don’t you show me to the VIP room?”


“…Excuse me. This way.”




[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[100% refreshing]


I soon arrived in the waiting room, which was only available to VIPs among the numerous nobles attending the auction.


“I’ll be waiting outside. If anyone needs to be dealt with, please call me, Lady.”




The escort knight couldn’t go inside, so I went into the waiting room only with the maids.


It was called the waiting room, but this place was no different from a closed banquet hall.


‘That’s why I spent a lot of money to become a VIP at the Saint Trio Hotel.’


This was definitely a class among the upper classes.


These were the people who actually spent money to buy this space.


‘Certainly, money and power are good. I’ve been to all these places.’


The vivid color of the lights felt through my five senses, the elegantly flowing chamber music, and the scent of flowers tickling the tip of my nose.


It was a place where you could feel the dignity tailored to the tastes of the nobles.


“I can’t even dream of this unless it’s from a decent family!”


“I’ve only heard that there’s a small banquet hall like this, but it’s so cool.”


The maids were also enraptured by the high society culture that they would not have experienced if it had not been for me.


I spoke to the maids who had suffered all day long.


“We don’t really need an attendant here, so everyone enjoys it. Just make sure you don’t get too drunk.”


The maids seemed very happy ad smiled brightly as if they would burst out flowers.


“Then we’ll be nearby, so call us anytime, Lady.”


I roughly nodded and moved away.


‘I’m so hungry.’


All I ate today was a few biscuits and a glass of juice.


Even if it was a VIP waiting room full of nobles, it would be rare to find a person with a higher status than Theresa.


So, no one could talk to Theresa recklessly unless they were close friends, but there were immature kids everywhere.


Among the nobles who recognized Theresa, I could see men with cunning impressions smiling at me.


‘Mm, I don’t want to get involved.’


I deliberately pretended not to see and focused on putting the food on the plate.


I wanted to eat without being disturbed by strange people.




At that time, I slightly bumped my shoulder into someone who was holding food next to me.


“Tsk, why are you not looking ahead… Whoops!”


The opponent fell into shock and even dropped the plate in his hand on the floor.


I quickly stepped back.


‘He almost splashed it on my dress.’


The other person trembled like an aspen tree and stuttered excessively.


“The-The-The-Theresa! I-I am s-sorry!”


Anyone seeing this would misunderstand that I had harmed him. For example, like causing hair loss on his head.


I somehow knew who this man was.


“Lord Fabio?”




‘It’s really him.’


No matter how squeamish he was, he looked at least 10 years older than Theresa, but I was stunned.


I opened my mouth bitterly.


“Your apology is accepted, so you can go now. It’s uncomfortable being together.”


“Thank you. I will never forget this kindness until I die!”


Then he went out of the VIP waiting room.


The male nobles who had approached me cleared their throats and went back to their seats.


Not only that, but I also felt that the other nobles around me were gradually moving further away from me.


Beyond the time bomb, I was almost like a plague now…


‘It’s nice to have a wide space.’


I was able to eat leisurely without being disturbed by anyone.


“Oh, Lady Teresa? I see you’re here!”


When I was having my third bowl of strawberry sherbet for dessert, someone greeted me.


When I turned around, there were three noble old ladies approaching me.


“How have you been? You’re perfectly beautiful again today.”


‘Uh… Who is this?’


Even if I was the game developer, I had no choice but to know unless they were characters created by the team.


“Fortunately, Theresa is a fool, so according to the setting, she doesn’t know the faces of people below her. Wouldn’t it be okay to skip over them in moderation?’


But my thoughts were turned upside down by one character.


“I see a lot of familiar faces. Would you mind if I join?”


“Oh, Mrs. Shati. Of course.”


I looked at the old lady, who looked very fastidious and stubborn.


‘Mrs. Shati.’


Mrs. Shati was the mistress of a marquis, but her mother was from the royal family, so she was of noble lineage.


She was also a highly influential etiquette teacher in the social world, and Mrs. Shati’s teachings could elevate a lady’s dignity to a true lady.


In other words, she was a person who was going to become Libby’s etiquette teacher.


‘The process is not easy because of Theresa’s notoriety. There are quests you have to complete to please Mrs. Shati.’


If I made a worse impression here, she probably wouldn’t want to serve as an etiquette teacher.


Then Mrs. Shati greeted me first.


“Long time no see, Lady Theresa. Nice to meet you.”




[Quest: Greeting according to etiquette]


Mrs. Shati →⁇→⁇→⁇


▸Reward: Rising social reputation


▸Failure: Decline in social reputation


※If the social reputation is below a certain level, you cannot have an audience with the Emperor.


‘…What’s with the sudden puzzle game?’


The fact that I had to greet Mrs. Shati, who had the highest status here, could be inferred from the context alone without the explanation in the quest window.


The problem was the other three.


I didn’t know all of their names and titles.


The moment I thought, ‘Give me a hint!’




[There is a product at the store.]


The store alarm popped up for the first time.


The alarm came in at impeccable timing, so I thought there had to be something.







▹Wish ticket [1,000,000 coins]


: Grant any wish once.


▹ Character identification [5,000 coins]


: You can check the information of anyone who has introduced their full name. (Including Theresa’s point of view from before the possession)


▹Intermediate etiquette [9,900 coins]


: Depending on the situation, appropriate etiquette will be used.



This is it!


‘Come to think of it, how much money do I have?’


[Sponsorship: 98,900 coins]


It was still a small amount, but it didn’t feel burdensome because the store items were not expensive.


‘Purchase [Character identification], [intermediate etiquette].’


[You have learned a new skill.]


[You have acquired a new skill]

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