BJ Villainess Chapter 142

Author: alyalia

Ozworld lied. The broadcast is said to be based on the content provided by <God’s Play>. It wasn’t wrong. He just hid the fact that it could be manipulated as needed. Ah, of course this was an act that other channel managers couldn’t even dream of. This was because a huge amount of coins had to be paid in return.


Ozworld had a lot of coins. He had so many that there was no need to borrow the coins to create a worldview like <God’s Play>, which has many things to implement into reality. It was even possible to create several more such worlds.


Ordinary channel managers would have to borrow more than 90% to open a channel like <God’s Play> that costs so many coins. The difference in wealth was overwhelming. It was an indivisible gap created by cumulative success and years. Because of that, he was able to be omnipotent and never once doubted his choices.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


A notification window popped up as Ozworld returned to the control room.


[Character ‘Ilya’ synchronization completed.]


[The same death condition as ‘Theresa Squire’ is granted.]


[Additional coins are required due to the high level of the character.]


[The date for ‘Archangel Ilya’ is overwritten with the data for character ‘Ilya’.]


[Additional coins are required due to the high level of character.]


Hmm.” A slightly considering voice that seemed a bit intimidating.


Ozworld felt uncomfortable even after paying all the extra coins needed. He has been rolling in money. However, it’s not good to use too much at once.


Coins are used as currency in Pantheon, but they’re not like minerals or scarps of paper used by humans. It was energy. Therefore, if too many coins were invested in one dimension, unexpected things could happen.


But I don’t think there’s a specific reason why I feel this way.




Ozworld suddenly realized.


“It was impulsive.”


When he wondered why he felt uncomfortable, it turned out that putting Ilya’s body in his dream was an impulse decision. The purpose of this action wasn’t very clear.


Since Theresa could only wake up from the dream by killing Ilya, he convinced himself to use that point to create a stimulating situation. But why did he do that?


Ozworld looked at Theresa on the screen, laughing a little at the pegasuses’ snort. “Did I miss her crying face?”


He also impulsively summoned the door to the ‘abyss’. A golden door covered in blood stains and soot. He then grabbed the doorknob with a carved lion’s head, gently opened it, and went inside.


Swoosh. A wind blew that went well with the silence. Step, step. Ozworld stopped in place without even taking a few steps.


The day was clear. Yet, strangely enough, the world seemed blurry. Ozworld’s gaze fell from the top of the castle. Then, the view of the ruined city filled his eyes.  His abyss was still destroyed.


* * *

It was in the middle of the heavenly senate. Among the elders surrounding him on all sides, Ilya suddenly felt a strange sensation, as if his body was being flipped over from his heels to the top of his head.


…What is this?


Difficulty breathing and tinnitus. In a short period of time, various abnormal symptoms appeared and then disappeared completely without a trace. He felt like he was possessed by something.


One of the elder angels sitting at the round table asked. “Why are you being like that? Is there something wrong?”


Ilya looked up and looked at his opponent. It was really weird. Why does he feel like he hasn’t seen that face in a long time? Why does he get angry?


Regardless of his emotions, Ilya opened his mouth with an expressionless face like a wax doll. “It’s nothing. Keep talking.”


He had been overworking himself every day recently as the situation in the heavenly world was rapidly deteriorating. He couldn’t believe he lost his concentration during an important meeting, even though it was within his control. Ilya felt a surge of self-loathing caused by his perfectionism. He waited for the elder to speak, thinking that he should check his condition as soon as the meeting was over.


The elders didn’t notice at all that a strange change was taking place inside Ilya, which was like a dead sea that only moved quietly along the waterway without a single wave. They all had similar dry and arrogant expressions.


“That’s literally it. This means it’s no longer difficult to maintain heaven as an independent dimension simply by managing it well.”


The number of underdeveloped areas in the sky was increasing at a rapid pace. In addition, the proportion of low-level angels among angels born from the celestial tree has increased. The dimensional crack was expanding too rapidly. Due to Ilya’s response, the heavenly world seemed to be enjoying peace as usual, but it was in a serious crisis.


“This is a time for special measures are needed.”


Ilya became a little curious as to whether such a special measure that he couldn’t even think of on his own could have come from the head of an elder. “What is it?”


The elder, unaware of his very rude thoughts, opened his mouth. “By sacrificing an angel with powerful life energy to make a dimensional distance.”


He wondered why he couldn’t think of it, but it was because it was too primitive.


“As you well know, we can’t survive with magic stones anymore.”


It was a primitive but effective method. It was also a method that had already been implemented several times in the past, even before Ilya was born. However, as he gained full authority over the operation of the heavenly world, there was no need to use that method.


The elders weren’t in a position to care about what others thought. Even Ilya, the most respected angel, spoke highly of them and was in a position where he had to bow his head. Still, before he was saying that, he had to look at Ilya’s complexion.


It wasn’t that angels didn’t have emotions. They each had their own individuality. However, society was excessively controlling each person’s freedom. Also, being cold, indifferent, and rational was considered the highest value, and those that weren’t treated as inferior. Considering such social trends, Ilya was an angel who perfectly met the requirements.


The elder believed in his reason and opened his mouth. “If it’s just the decent angel, we would have sacrificed many of them. But if it’s Clyde, we just need to sacrifice one.”


“What did you just say?”


Kuguugugu— A low, solemn sound shook the conference hall. The faces of the elders changed.


“Are you planning to use your skills now?”


Although they were talking in a seemingly cold tone, everyone was very nervous. If Ilaya really used his skills, half of them would disappear.




Ilya was well aware of the fact. Nothing has happened yet. Therefore, using force as if to vent one’s anger was irrational. He trampled on his fluctuating inner side with a feeling close to boredom. His killing intent barely sank below the surface. However, he didn’t know when it would explode.


“Let’s stop today’s meeting.”


The elders looked perplexed at Ilya’s sudden decision to stop the meeting without concluding a critical matter that was urgent.


“Are you someone who brings your emotions to work for the greater good?”


“I’m so disappointed.”


“The heavenly world is in a crisis. Unless it’s an angel in Clyde’s  par, we  can’t predict the outcome even if we sacrifice all the top-ranking angels!”


“Today’s meeting.” Ilya looked at the elders calmly and continued speaking. “Let’s stop here.”


Everyone was overcome by the momentum and fell silent.


“I will investigate this issue again and proceed after preparing another plan.”




“I’ll do it in two days.”


Ilya left the conference room. As soon as he found Delios, who had arrived at the conference hall just in time, he gave the order. “Locate Clyde’s position.”


“I understand.”


His mood plummeted. He had never felt this slow in recovering his mood before, but today, it was strangely out of control. I guess it’s because they mentioned Clyde. That alone didn’t make any sense.


“Call Marin to my office.”


Marin is Ilya’s doctor.


Delios answered with a slightly stiff expression. “I understand. Then, are you planning to go to the Tower of Light?”


Ilya was about to say yes but stopped. Is it because his senses have become strangely sensitive? He felt something inside the pocket of his clothes. He searched his inside pocket curiously and pulled out something that felt soft in his palm. What is this…?


It was a handkerchief embroidered with flowers and butterflies. Delios looked surprised at the handkerchief he had witnessed. Anyone could tell that it wasn’t Ilya’s thing. It was clear that it was given by a female angel. So it was even weirder. Isn’t Lord Ilya not interested in the opposite sex at all…?


Ilya stared at the handkerchief and put it back in his pocket. At that time, that woman suddenly came to his mind. “Is that woman in the secretary’s office?”


That woman? Delios didn’t understand what Ilya meant for a moment, but then he asked in doubt as he had something on his mind. “Are you by any chance referring to that low-level angel?”


“That’s right.”


Why is he looking at the movements of that low-level angel? Ah, as expected, Lord Ilya also doesn’t like the fact that a low-level angel is at headquarters, right?


It was a reasonable guess if the person who moved Theresa wasn’t Ilya.


Delios reported calmly without knowing the inside story of the incident. “She’s not in the secretary’s office at the moment. She finished her work earlier than I thought, so I sent her to another location as work support.”


“Work support? I never ordered anything like that.” Ilya looked at Delios with his eyes, demanding an explanation.


Delios was perplexed by the unexpected conversation. “The only thing a low-level angel can do is clean up. She seems like a good match for pegasus, so it would be better for her to work on the ranch.”


He became angry again when he remembered that low-level angel acting arrogantly at the ranch. However, Delios calmed his expression and continued speaking. “If you have any orders, please tell me. I will convey it.”


He didn’t instruct anything. There was nothing for Theresa to do other than exist in the secretary’s office.


“Go to the Tower of Light, Delios.”


“Yes? Lord Ilya, are you not going?”


Ilya nodded as he spread his wings. “I’m going to go check on her.” Then he left in a flash.


Delios raised his hand vaguely as if to dissuade him, then lowered it and muttered with a bewildered expression. “Why is Lord Ilya acting like that…?”


He’s never done something like that before. 


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  1. Oh no… Does Theresa need to kill the real Ilya? Author is being so cruel! That’s even worse than Damian’s dungeon!

  2. Oh nooo, Ozzzzzzz. What did you do? I love and hate you at the same time 😞