BJ Villainess Chapter 144

Author: alyalia

I left the management office and approached Ilya, who was looking at the pegasuses. Although strict on angels and humans, he was very lenient on animals. Even when the pegasuses played pranks, he accepted them all with his characteristic expressionless face. He even used incredible strength to easily stop a pegasus from running wild and almost colliding with another pegasus.


“Calm down.” And he only gave that much advice.



[The Constellation ‘The Professor is Controlling Me’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Cold to everyone but warm to his woman.]


As soon as I got closer, the pegasuses quickly changed who they were playing with. The problem was that the pegasus were so excited that they played pranks on me as roughly as they did with Ilya.




Uaargh! Wait a minute!”


Suppose my frail body was hit by pegasus’s flapping wings. In that case, I might have suffered a terrible accident with my spine being torn apart. That’s why I quickly summoned my mana and tried to avoid it.




When Ilya warned in a distinctive blunt voice, the pegasuses stopped in their tracks. Purr. The pegasuses seemed to have calmed down a bit from their excitement and started acting cute as if saying they were sorry to me.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.”


It’s okay. I just hoped they would stop licking my face.


Ilya suddenly held out a handkerchief as I tried to wipe my damp cheeks with the back of my hand. The unexpected kindness made me laugh without realizing it. It was because I remembered the memory of my hand being covered in honey while he was trying to wipe it off with a handkerchief at the charity party. Maybe that’s why I asked in a teasing tone without realizing it.


“Archangel, do you also carry something like a handkerchief?”


This was the manners of the nobility, not the manners of the archangel. In particular, Ilya did not have the personality to lend it to others, even if he had a handkerchief.


Ilya replied. “It was in my pocket.”


“You speak like it’s someone else’s.”


“Because it’s not my thing.”


Was Ilya this good at joking? I burst into laughter and was handed a handkerchief.


“What do you me—”


And the moment I saw the handkerchief, I stopped laughing. It’s my handkerchief. To be exact, it was a handkerchief given to Ilya at the temple charity party. In other words, it meant it was an item that Archangel Ilya couldn’t have.


Ilya saw my expression and asked curiously. “Why are you looking like that?”


“…It’s nothing.”


As I have already overcome life-and-death situations several times, which are difficult to experience even once, my intuition has become sharper as the days go by. Furthermore, once in a while, my intuition close to precognition was displayed to the extent that even I couldn’t understand it. I have the ability to read a crisis with just the smallest clue. And now was the time.


Personal information.


Ilya in the dream wasn’t an illusion. Since the person wasn’t judged to be a real person, the personal information shouldn’t have been displayed.


[Ilya Bernstein]

Age: 30

Height: 194 cm

Birthday: January 31st

Likes: Silence, books, research

Dislikes: Noise, ignorance, angels

Likeability: ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍


However, the personal information appeared. It wasn’t even information about Archangel Ilya, but personal information from when he was the professor.




“?” Ilya looked down at me with a look of what nonsense I was talking about.


Seeing that he’s puzzled by the word ‘professor,’ it seems like he has no memories of reality. Is it possible that it’s simply an error where the personal information window opens incorrectly?


It’s not like it’s impossible. However, if there was such an error, I think Ozworld would have popped up a window saying that a system error was being repaired. That means that Ozworld is also aware of the current situation.


What if Ilya, like me, is possessed in a dream with a real body?




The possibility couldn’t be ignored. No, my intuition went straight in that direction.


One thing is certain. Ozworld is letting this situation be. Even if [Professor Ilya] and [Archangel Ilya] were combined due to an error, it seemed unlikely that Ozworld would take action. My mind became complicated.



“You’re shaking.”


When I raised my head at the sudden word, I could see Ilya pointing at my hand. Just as he said, I had been shaking my hand since some time ago.


“Is there a problem?”


There is a very serious problem. Ilya had to die to wake up from the dream. However, if he were in the same situation as me, I wouldn’t be able to kill him. Because he in real life will die too.


“Me? No.”  I smiled stiffly.


Food consumed in dreams does not actually provide nutrients to the body. Even if I drank water, my body wasn’t hydrated. The real-time given to me is approximately 3 days.


The good news was that time in dreams passed much more slowly than in reality. As set in the game, one month in this dream was about one hour in reality. That doesn’t mean I have time to relax.


Ilya said as I bit my lips with anxiety. “If you want to hide the problem, it would be better to correct your behavior first.”




He only pointed out that far and did not ask what the problem was.


I wiggled my hand and realized that I still had a handkerchief with embroidery that had been presented to him. “I’ll return your handkerchief.”


Ilya received a handkerchief, put it in his clothes pocket, and suddenly opened his arms as if to hug me.




What’s wrong with him? It was a time when I was embarrassed by the sudden call for a skinship.


“I already said that we’re going back to the headquarters.”




Since I had no wings, I had to be carried by Ilya. You can explain it in words. I was embarrassed and mistaken. Still, thanks to the embarrassing misunderstanding, the serious feeling that was weighing on me until now was somewhat reduced.


I raised my heels high and put my arms around his neck. Otherwise, I couldn’t hug him properly because of our height difference. But Ilya didn’t move even though I was hugging him for a long time. I wondered what was going on because I couldn’t see his face because of the hugging position.


“Lord Archangel?”


Well, it’s hard to maintain this position. Only then did Ilya quickly pick me up when I called him.


What was it?  I wanted to know why he was standing still, so I glanced at his face, but he was as expressionless as usual.



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[It was a godsend that you lost your wings.]


When we arrived at the central headquarters, a stunned gaze was cast on us. Their eyes were questioning, ‘Why did Lord Ilya bring a low-level angel?’ Ilya didn’t pay any attention to those gazes and entered the building while holding me.


“I can walk…”


It’s just that my wings are burned, not that I don’t have legs. So why are you moving while holding me?


“It’s inefficient to match my pace with your short legs.”




You’re speaking so carelessly without even recognizing your potential lifesaver.


Ilya stood in the central hallway of the headquarters, then flew over and stood on the top floor. The place headed was his own office. After opening the door and entering the office, Ilya put me on the floor.


Creek. The door was closed. After covering his wings, Ilya sat on the sofa and invited me to sit beside him. “Sit here.”


“Ah, yes.”


Only then did I have a fundamental question about this situation. Why am I here?


Ilya had no reason to take care of me, a low-level angel. Even if there was a business, it was definitely an unusual situation to enter his office, where access itself was treated as a huge privilege.


“Why did you bring me here?”


“There is no place anywhere in the central headquarters where you can work at your level. But I ordered you here. Aren’t you curious about the reason?”


Come to think of it, I saw a golden pillar soaring into the sky when I was on the ice land. There seemed to be a connection between that and Ilya.


Ilya continued. “Because you’re an eyesore.”




“Your sincerity and free-spiritedness are annoying.”


I was at a loss for words and just blinked my eyes with a blank look. Ilya lowered his head as if he had been convinced by his own words he had spoken.


“Wait, maybe it’s not that it bothers you, but that you feel something else?”




It’s a little embarrassing to say it myself, but I told him directly about this. “Don’t you think I look pretty?”


“I think so.”


I was embarrassed even more because he affirmed it so easily.


“…I’ll change the question. Do you think I’m particularly special compared to other angels?”


“To a certain extent.”


As expected, he’s being influenced by the likeability! I got a little excited and asked more questions. “Then do you want to hug me when you see me? Or even want to kiss me?”


Ilya frowned. “Do you mean I feel lustful when I see you?”



[The Constellation ‘Future Ilya’s in-law’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]





What’s this angel talking about!


“It’s not about lust. It’s about feeling affection! That’s what happens when you love someone.”


I was dumbfounded by his firm words. “Angels have feelings too. Why can’t you feel them?”


Ilya sighed softly as if he was treating me like a fool. “I guess you don’t know much because you’re a young angel who has just been born. Angels are originally a race with little developed emotions.”


“That doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love.”


“Certainly you need an education.”




Why is education coming out here?


“Are you going to educate me on how to use a pickaxe more efficiently?”


It was so absurd that I spoke sarcastically without realizing it, but Ilya answered calmly. “That level of education would be appropriate for you, but I would like to give you a more high-level education.”


“…Yes? What kind of education is it?”


As soon as I asked, a book fell on my lap. “<Quality improvement and application of mana for low-level angels>? Do I just need to read this?”


Reading a book was not a difficult task. In addition, the title was interesting. Getting out of the Aoji Coal Mine and reading only a book. It’s absolutely sweet.


It was when I smiled happily, thinking that to myself. Thud! Thud! Thudududududut! The book, which was thought to have ended in one book, was summoned to the point they covered my lower body.


“When you finish reading, you will take a test.”



[Quest:  Building basic skills to become a great angel I.]

Reward: Proceed to the next task

Failure: Retest




By any chance, was this place the school lab, not a heavenly world? 


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  1. Amo como a história me faz gostar de todos os propostos protagonistas masculinos, apesar de que eu amo verdadeiramente Clyde~~

  2. So that’s why he takes job as a professor in real life 😂