BJ Villainess Chapter 148

Author: alyalia

* * *

[“I want to kiss you.”]


Ozworld quietly started at the broadcast screen, which was progressing without any noise. He was busy with various things recently, so he was belatedly checking the details late.


The broadcast was transmitted in an exceptionally beautiful way. It felt like Ozworld Company removed the sponsorship notifications, giving it the feel of watching a romance movie. No, it even conveyed a sense of a more sublime love. How disgusting.


“Mr. Ozworld! Is this okay?”


As a worker wearing a safety helmet approached with a blueprint, Ozworld lowered the screen. He was currently out in a quiet vacant lot.


“Yes, I’d like it here.”


The worker nodded and put the blueprint down on the floor. “Then I’ll start designing right away. It will take about a week.”


“Please take care of that.”


Ozworld stepped onto the green lawn and looked around slowly where the mansion would be built. He quite liked the location of the mansion next to the river.


“What last name should I use here?”


The answer to his question came out of thin air.


“Master uses a different last name every time, so there’s nothing left. I wish you could just use what you used before.”


“I can’t do that, Kike.”


Kike, who was called by name, appeared as if jumping down. Unlike when he met Theresa, he had grown significantly and had the appearance of an adult man.


Kike said with a slight frown as if he wasn’t particularly happy about being inside of <God’s Play>. “I thought you were done with this bad hobby.”


Ozworld shrugged. “Both Kike and Benito wanted to see Theresa, right?”


“I’ve never said that. I just said it would be nice to have toasts together.”


“That’s it.”


Ozworld smirked and stared at the building over the river. “We’ll be able to have toasts together soon.”


That place was Valhalla, the magic school.


* * *

I got to spend the beginning and end of the day with Ilya. Well, it was only the second day. Ilya probably didn’t notice, but I didn’t fall asleep. I mean, I couldn’t fall asleep at all. It was a similar feeling as when it’s almost impossible to fall asleep again during a lucid dream.


The game omits unnecessary things between scenes. However, in reality, this wasn’t possible, so I developed unexpected mental fatigue. I think it’ll be hard to last a month like this.


As I rubbed my eyelids and put the book down, Ilya, dressed in his uniform for work, approached me. It was time to do skinship. He hugged me from behind and checked the book I was reading.


“It’s not a very difficult book, but you’re having trouble concentrating.”


That’s your standard.


Instead of wasting my energy needlessly by refuting, I leaned comfortably into his arms.



[The Constellation ‘Future Ilya’s in-law’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[This natural skinship… What is this if it’s not a couple?]


The day Ilya suddenly woke up as if he had a nightmare, we realized a fact. When we had a skinship, our magic reacted. Just like we exchange buffs with each other through the marriage system in the game, our skinship, which boasts an imprint matching rate of a whopping 999%, increased each other’s physical and mental conditions. This was the effect that could be achieved when being imprinted.


I didn’t even imprint him, but that effect is happening. I guessed that the fact that something like this was happening was the same context as this world reacting favorably to me.


Anyway, being around him like this eased my mental fatigue. I’m scared that if it keeps going like this, I’ll become too dependent on it.


I raised my head and asked while making eye contact with him. “What if doing this becomes a habit?”


Ilya gave me an insignificant answer, sweeping my hair. “It doesn’t matter.”


“Oh my. Then what are you going to do if I chase you to the conference room?”


“Would you like to follow me?”


“I beg your pardon?”


“There happens to be an elders meeting today.”


“You’re not serious, are you?”


“I mean it.”


Are you going to take me to a meeting of elders where only archangels can attend? That was crazy. In the first place, those words were something Ilya would say, as he strictly followed the principles than anyone else. Well, I don’t know if it was Ilya who had become the fallen angel.


Is he broken? I looked at Ilya with a worried face and clasped his cheeks. “Are you sick?”



[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[To just bluntly ask if he’s sick ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.]



[The Constellation ‘The Ugly Side of 22 Years Old Theresa’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Rudesa mode on.]


Rudesa? Don’t tell me it’s a combination of rude and Theresa.


Ilya stared at my face, then suddenly turned his head, kissed my palm, and stood up while holding me.



W-what? What just happened?



[The Constellation ‘The Professor is Controlling Me’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]




[The Constellation ‘Dopamine Addiction’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now! Imprint him right now!]


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


The constellations expressed their excitement through the sponsorship.


Ilya casually took me to the central headquarters.


You aren’t even going to explain? Are you just going to move on like this? It was absurd, but I didn’t want to fall if I didn’t hang properly, so I hugged his neck. I thought I saw Ilya’s mouth draw an arc at that moment.


When I arrived at the central headquarters in a dazed state due to the constellations’ sponsorship, Delios came out to meet us.


“You’re here, Lord Ilya.”


When Delios heard that I had decided to stay in Ilya’s bedroom, he smiled insidiously, saying, “From now on, I will go straight to the central headquarters to work.” He seemed to think that Ilya and I would soon be imprinted.


We moved to the office, receiving yet another stinging gaze. Delios muttered with a face that showed that he wanted to hit the backs of the angels who were giving us stinging gazes. “If it weren’t for Lord Ilya’s command, I would have immediately announced the matching rate. How dare they not recognize this precious talent and look disloyal?”


I think this angel is getting a little weirder as the days go by. Strangely, he reminds me of Mimosa.


Anyway, Ilya took me into the office. Looking at the books neatly placed on the sofa table, I suddenly felt sick. Ilya gave me another task without knowing my condition.


“Read all the books, design a magic formula that meets the conditions, and bring it to me.”



[Quest: Building basic skills to become a great angel VI.]

 Reward: Proceed to the next task

Failure: Retest!


I was receiving more rigorous magic training than in Valhalla. Thanks to this, I was able to create a simple magic formula design in an instant, but I wasn’t happy at all.


Does it make sense to take tests more than three times a day?! Reading the magic book was interesting, but taking the test was a different story. I hate tests. I desperately wanted to do something other than study.


I think cleaning would be better. However, Ilya’s office was maintained in such perfect condition that there was no room for tampering, even when checked with the <Clean Space> skill. It was unfortunate.


When I made a gloomy face, Ilya titled his head. “Why are you doing that?”


“…It’s nothing.”


Unable to bear it any longer, Delios spoke up. “She must be tired from studying. It’s rare, but there are angels who get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.”


Ilya asked me. “Is what Delios said true?”


I was embarrassed to say that I was tired of studying and didn’t want to do it, but I was so fed up, so I answered honestly. “Yes.”


Ilya reflected my opinion, saying it was a little strange. “After this test, let’s stop studying for a while.”


It looks like he doesn’t have any thoughts of not taking a break before… Still, why would I refuse not to take a break for a moment? I nodded my head in a heartbeat.


When I thought I could rest once I finished this, I gained motivation that I had never had before and could concentrate well. Designing magic is quite fun.


Swish, swish, swish. “It’s done!”


I designed and submitted the magic formula that synthesizes the three existing magic that Ilya gave me as an assignment to create a magic formula with different attributes. Ilya checked the magic formula I had designed and said, “That’s a fresh idea.”


Hehe. It was a time when I was flattered by the praise of being creative.


“No one would research such useless magic.”


After listening to the end, it wasn’t a compliment.


As I pouted my lips, Ilya put down the magic formula and motioned for me to come closer. When I approached him curiously, he patted my head.


“But you’ve become good at connecting circuits. Good job.”



[Quest: Building basic skills to become a great angel VI completed.]

Reward: Proceed to the next task


In conclusion, it was a good thing.


While I was smiling smugly, Delios intervened with a sullen face. “It’s time to go to the meeting of elders.”


Ilya told me before leaving for the meeting room alone. “While you’re not studying, carry out your original task according to Delios’s instructions.”


“Original task?”


What was that? Pickaxing? I hate that more than exams…


Delios rolled his eyes. “Supporter. Being a supporter.”


“Ah, right.”


I’m a supporter now, right? I forgot about it. 


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