BJ Villainess Chapter 15

Author: LyraDhani

My body moved gracefully on its own.


“I’m sorry for the late greeting. I didn’t expect to see you today, but it’s an honor to greet you like this, Mrs. Shati.”


My eyes shifted one after another from the old lady in the light green dress to the left.


“It’s been a long time, Mrs. Hamiel. Mrs. Veneta. Mrs. Sevine.”


So far, it had been the basic etiquette.


The skill [Intermediate etiquette] I learned allowed me to naturally use a generous attitude of a dignified lady and a high-class aristocrat.


“I don’t know how to express this joy because you welcomed me kindly even though I haven’t been able to come and go because of a lot of things.”


“Oh my goodness…!”


I checked Mrs. Shati’s expression with a calm smile.


Mrs. Shatti’s face, which rarely smiled, softened.


“Your atmosphere has changed a little, Miss Theresa. I hope we can greet each other from now on.”


At Mrs. Shati’s words, I bowed slightly and expressed my honor.




[Quest: Greeting according to etiquette is done]


▸Reward: Rising social reputation


‘I passed.’


Perhaps she had a bad opinion of me because of her preconceived notion about Theresa, so she gave me a generous score because I reacted differently from her expectations.




[The Constellation ‘Sungjeokchung’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[Wow she’s using the money right here; At times like this, other BJs would have saved money and eaten a lot of sweet potatoes]


Sponsorship money was precious, so it was just BJ’s position, but from the point of view of the Constellations watching, it was inevitable that they would be annoyed if a cool play didn’t happen.




[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[It only took 2 seconds for the fraud to buy the item and greet Mrs. Shati ㄷㄷ]




[The Constellation ‘Rofan-Addicted Young Lady’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[It wasn’t bad, Young Lady.]


Hearing the sound alarm Ring! Ring! continued, I guessed the Constellations were satisfied.


It was then.


[Achieving 100,000 coins in the shortest period of time!]


[New Constellations are entering.]


[New Constellations are entering.]








‘Oh, an achievement for the shortest period of time has popped up again.’


However, when that notification window popped up, a notification that new constellations had entered also popped up. Why?




[The Constellation ‘I hate romance’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[What the hell is this broadcast, the shortest notice again? I’m curious, so I come here;]


‘Aha. I think notifications related to records appear on other constellations, just like notifications on successful item enhancement in MMORPGs.’


It seemed to be a system in which the Constellations visited the broadcast after hey got curious about the notification.


‘Can I achieve the 1 million coins donation in the shortest amount of time?’


I didn’t know if it was possible.


‘I wonder when I’ll be able to collect 1  million coins.’


Ozworld said all BJs he had brought could buy the wish ticket, but I had no idea how it was possible.


Does the number of constellations that watch broadcasts increase as the channel rating goes up?


‘It’s a bit noisy right now, but I think the sponsor window will be more annoying in the future.’


While I was lost in thought for a moment, the ladies continued to admire me.


Even my stillness seemed to be seen as humility.


“You are indeed the daughter of the Squire family. These days, young people tend to skip this kind of etiquette.”


“There are more and more places for social activities, but manners are becoming more and more simplified, right? I am skeptical.”


“An archaic etiquette with many complicated procedures is the best way to prove one’s identity.”


As a capitalist who put practicality as the highest value, it was a conversation that was very difficult to understand 


I responded with a calm expression, indicating that I roughly agreed.


‘I never thought I am a boomer.’


Then Mrs. Veneta asked with a subtle smile.


“It was your birthday not too long ago, right?”


“That’s right.”


Mrs. Veneta’s smile softened at my modest reply.


She seemed to think, ‘This crazy pony seems to have gotten a little more human as she got older’.


“The Duke’s daughter’s childhood is still vivid in my eyes, but when did she become such a beautiful young lady? The flower of society may change this year.”


[The Constellation ‘Rofan-Addicted Young Lady’ is interested in the flower of society.]


The flower of society.


It was a prerequisite for the Empress Route.


‘That’s why you definitely need the teachings of Mrs. Shatti, the master of etiquette.’


The flower of society wasn’t just made up of attractiveness.


They had to show above-average abilities in many fields, such as culture, magic, dance, and smooth interpersonal relationships.


The flower of society was decided by the Emperor personally putting on a flower crown at the summer ball in August.


I smiled calmly.


“Well. I intend to focus on my studies for the rest of the semester.”


Then, I tucked my hair behind my ears and made the thread bracelet visible.


“Oh, that’s a cute bracelet.”


As expected, the ladies responded to the bracelet.


It was an accessory that was inappropriate for a duke’s young lady to wear, so it stood out.


“It’s a bracelet that my younger sister made for me for my birthday. It’s not the right accessory for a place like this, but it’s my favorite these days.”


At my words, the ladies’ eyes flashed like predatory birds that found their prey.


In fact, they must have flocked to me to hear about Libby, so when the subject came up, the atmosphere changed.


“I’ve heard that the Squire family has found the second child they lost.”


They didn’t hastily offer congratulations.


It was because they thought Theresa, who was greedy and selfish, wouldn’t be happy to have a sister to share her stuff with.


Mrs. Sevine said in a confidential tone.


“It must be strange to have a younger sister who suddenly appeared, but you seem to get along well with her?”


I thought of Libby, bright, warm, and flawless.


Libby who I had seen with my own eyes had a more special atmosphere that couldn’t be captured with graphics.


My heart ached every time I made eye contact with her.


“Because if anyone sees her, they will have no choice but to love her”


Libby was simply my ideal.


As soon as I realized that I had been staring blankly, I raised my head in surprise.


But the four ladies weren’t paying attention to me.


Each seemed lost in their own thoughts.


Mrs. Shati was the first to speak.


“Listening to Lady’s story reminds me of my sister who I had forgotten. After we got married, we naturally lost contact. She followed her husband to the South.”


Mrs. Hamiel said with a look of great sympathy.


“It’s already been more than 20 years since my sister also married an aristocrat from another country and left the Empire. When I was young, I hated her because we fought over desserts every time…”


Mrs. Hamiel couldn’t speak anymore and kept her mouth shut.


From her slightly red eyes, I could clearly feel that she was missing her sister very much.


Mrs. Sevine brought up her childhood memories of being childish.


“I remember crying out of sadness when I inherited my sister’s dress. I really wanted a new dress, too.”


Mrs. Veneta said, shaking her head.


“My sister always threw me chocolate, saying, ‘Are you still upset?’ after she did something wrong. Like an idiot, I fell for the snack that Sister gave away.”


“Oh, my sister was the same!”


The madams laughed as they brought up their childhood stories one by one.


“I used to fight and hate her so much, but I don’t know why I miss that time so much.”


I just blinked quietly.


I didn’t have cute memories of sisterhood like them, so I was a little confused about how to sympathize.


The madams burst out laughing as if they were fully aware of my situation.


“Sisters fight every day over childish things, even when they are older. You may have a chance to experience it in the future.”


“I fought until I got married. I hope you ladies get along well.”


I didn’t think that would happen with Libby, but I nodded for now.


“I will.”


The madams looked at me more affectionately with a pleased smile.


It seemed that they felt some kind of intimacy stemming from the sense of kinship for having sisters.


Mrs. Hamiel held my hand, still slightly red in tears.


“Today, thanks to Lady, I remembered a time I had forgotten. Thank you.”


I was embarrassed.


I was just trying to spread rumors that Libby was different from the rest of the nobles by showing her thread bracelet.


But the old ladies were reflecting on the memories of their sisters from me.


This wasn’t what I wanted.


“No, I don’t-“


“The auction will begin shortly. Please follow the staff’s guidance and move to the designated seat.”


Just in time, the hotel staff came into the waiting room and we stopped talking.


This talk wasn’t very important, so I kept my mouth shut, and the madams smiled softly at me.


“See you next time.”


I, too, saluted with courtesy.




[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[I like stuff like this….]




[The Constellation ‘I hate romance’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]


[I like stuff like this, too…]

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  1. Hahahah, everyone likes the heartwarming moments. Softly reminiscing old memories… ‘I hate romance’ is so cute 🥰