BJ Villainess Chapter 154

Author: alyalia

A worker’s life that didn’t even exist before.


There was no ambiguity about my position in the secretary’s office. To say it nicely, I’m the all-rounder, but to say it badly, I’m in charge of odd jobs. Damn it.


How is this any different from making a game? Even back then, I took the most work because I had experience doing various things, such as background design and scenario production. But in the game I made, I was treated the same way. I wondered if it was fate.


“I want to rest, please…”


Yosep laughed at my murmur. “Once we finish this project, you’ll be able to rest.”


“I heard the same things a week ago.”


Haha, is that so?”



[The Constellation ‘Question Mark Killer’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[But is it okay to keep touching other angels like this? Clyde told you not to be in contact with them…]


Clyde did say that, but it wasn’t an official setting. And since I don’t have wings, I couldn’t move from island to island without the help of other angels.


I asked to be provided a pegasus, but all I received was an answer that it was impossible in principle to give such special treatment to a low-level angel.


While I was lost in my thoughts, we arrived at the undeveloped island in District E. After looking around to see if this was a suitable place for a new residence, we decided to rest for a while.


Yosep spread his handkerchief and prepared a place for me to sit. “Sit here.”


Like other angels, he was cold and blunt towards me from our first meeting. However, his attitude has become softer these days, and he smiles and acts in a friendly manner.


“Thank you.”


Then Yosep opened his mouth. “Theresa, is there anyone you’re seeing?”




“Then do you want to go out with me?”




“I thought I showed a lot of interest in you. I guess you didn’t know.”


I had no idea.


Yosep shrugged his shoulders as if it wasn’t a big deal. “I guessed it to some extent. You didn’t seem to know what they meant when you turned down Wilson’s invitation to dinner and Peter’s invitation to his house.”




“Didn’t you know that the other departments were trying to attract your attention by continuously requesting support from you?”


“That’s… Not at all.”


I thought they were annoyed as they kept making me do things. And because eating something in a dream was meaningless to me, I refused their invitation for a meal. I definitely felt strange being invited to their house, so I declined it.


While I was making a perplexed expression, Yosep continued. “Thanks to you, I first realized that I’m an angel who can act like this. This is the first time I’ve ever laughed like this.”


“I see…”



[The Constellation ‘Haha Boss’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Haha Boss’s cause of death: death from being happy.]


It seemed like I should have asked them to exclude me from working and going to and from the island. But it’s questionable whether the request of a mere low-level angel will be accepted.


It would be nice if I could at least use teleportation magic. I couldn’t even try it because it was a difficult magic beyond my level.


When I groaned, Yosep smiled apologetically. “Did I put you in trouble?”


“Yes… a little…”



[The Constellation ‘Born From Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[My child can’t talk in a round way…]


Did I speak too honestly?


Yosep opened his eyes wide and burst into laughter. “I’ve never seen an angel like you before.”


“I see…”


Fortunately, Yosep said, “Think about it and give me the answer later,” and took me back to the central headquarters to work as usual.


I suddenly looked at the test room on my way to another department. Numerous female angels lined up today as well.


The Senate will never offer Clyde as a sacrifice, even if he wishes to sacrifice himself until the island falls. Because if Clyde dies, Ilya will withdraw his decision to have a child on his own. That’s why they’ll hold out as long as they can until Ilya and his imprint partner appear. That’s going to happen until the first island falls.


Am I going to continue working as an angel in this secretary’s office like this?


“I will save my salary and buy a house at this rate.”


But how long will my mind remain intact? I was getting tired fast. My daily life was repetitive, and I couldn’t sleep, so long nights bothered me. The fatigue I felt in the dream weighed down my body much more strongly than in reality. It felt like the gravity had become several times stronger.


I think things will get better if I get in contact with Ilya.


“…Let’s just get to work.”


* * *

Tired days went by. My request to be excluded from the task of excavating a new island was rejected, and my other tasks were increasing. That alone was already killing me, but after Yosep’s confession, the male angels approached me in a way that made me feel burdened as if there was some competition between them.


“Theresa, would you like to have dinner together today?”


“I’m full.”


“Do you have time tomorrow?”


“I decided to go and feed pegasi.”


Why are you talking to me when I’m so tired?


Ugh… I’m tired.”


At this rate, I’m going to die before I can even save Ilya’s life. Right. I have to live to live in this world. Let’s take a rest for now. I ran out of the secretary’s office and into the quiet hallway, where I stood with my head against the wall as if I were dead.




Although I didn’t hide very hard, Yosep soon discovered my location.


“Are you sick?”


I waved my hand at Yosep, who approached me without notice. “I’m just a little tired.”


“Do you want me to take you to the break room?”


“I’m okay.”


“You don’t look okay. Are you uncomfortable because of my confession?”


“No, well…”


It was correct.


Should I just answer the confession I received back then?


“Hey, Yosep.”


As I parted my lips to reject the confession, Yosep smiled bitterly. It seemed like he already knew what I was going to say even before I said it directly.


“I’ll take you to the break room first. I’m worried because your complexion doesn’t look good.”


While I was hesitating, Yosep came up to me and tried to hold me. However, his attempt ended in failure due to the voice suddenly breaking in.


“What are you doing there during work hours?”


I don’t know when he arrived, but Ilya was standing a few steps away, looking at us with shaded eyes.


“Greetings, Lord Ilya.”


Yosep and I hurried to greet him.


Ilya spoke again in a sharper tone than necessary as if to dismiss the greeting. “I asked what you were doing during work hours.”


I was a little surprised because this was behavior that was completely opposite of Ilya. Yosep, perhaps feeling the same way, seemed embarrassed and quickly reported it. “I apologize. I was about to take Theresa to the break room because she wasn’t feeling well.”


“What’s your name?”


It was a question that wasn’t important at all, but Yosep answered. “It’s Yosep.”


“High Angel Yosep. Go back to your original position and do your duty.”


It was made up of moderate sentences, but to put it simply, it meant to get the hell out of here.


Yosep stared at the ground with stiff eyes for a moment, then glanced at me. “…I understand.”


Ilya and I were the only ones left here when Yosep left from the firm command. He looked at me with persistent eyes. His expression, eager to uncover something, was unusually tinged with anxiety. In the end, I spoke to him first.


“Do you have any orders?”




He didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at me with a thirsty gaze and swept his neck.


I watched him patiently. Cold sweat broke out on my forehead. My head was spinning. It felt like my other ego kept whispering to me as if tempting me.


Hug Ilya. Take his breath. If not, there might be a risk of death.


It’s driving me crazy. My patience quickly ran out. I felt impatient because I knew very well how ecstatic it felt to be held by Ilya.


Then he questioned me. “Are you going to imprint yourself with the angel just now?”


“No, I don’t.”


Anyway, in heaven, angels were not able to imprint themselves arbitrarily because they were of the same mind and had a good matching rate. After reporting to the central headquarters that you will imprint them, permission must be given before you can call each other as companions.


At this time, if their levels were different, there would be a high probability of rejection. High levels are for high levels. And low levels are for low levels.  Except in special cases, imprinting outside the same level wasn’t permitted.


“Yosep is a high-level angel, and I’m a low-level angel, so even if I apply for imprinting, it will be rejected.”


“Do you intend to date?”


Date and imprinting were different things. Even in the heavenly world, there was no oppression there. This was also because angels rarely fell in love with each other and became lovers in the first place.


“No. But why are you asking this?”


Ilya slowly lowered his lips and let out a voice mixed with a deep sigh. “…I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”


I know. He was influenced by likeability. Or by matching rates. Just as I’m craving for him now, Ilya is also instinctively drawn to me.


I opened my mouth in anticipation that Ilya would grant my request. “I’m sorry, but please hug me.”




“I feel like I’m going to die, so please…”


Ilya strode up and hugged me.




My hair stood stiff.


I think I’m going to live.


My legs have lost all strength. Fortunately, thanks to Ilya holding me, I was able to avoid the ugly act of collapsing. I hugged him desperately because I wanted to live. However, my mind, which I thought would recover clearly, flicked like a light that was half switched off. A haziness resembling hung over me like a fog. The world was becoming dull. It felt like the pain and fatigue were becoming paralyzing and would plunge me into eternal rest.


I rubbed my cheeks and acted like a baby. Resting my forehead on his straight jaw, his thick neck, and shoulders, I absorbed his mana. Even then, it felt insufficient, as if I wanted to push everything into my mouth and swallow it.


Ilya’s voice could be clearly heard in my ears, which had grown numb. “Raise your head.” It was a fierce command tone.


Forcing my heavy eyes open and lifting my head, I came to face his dark green eyes. Something hot engulfed my lips. At the same time, mana soaked my entire body. Nothing could be more enchanting than this.


I closed my eyelids and had a somewhat strange thought. I think I can fall asleep like this.


Complete unconsciousness took control of me. 


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