BJ Villainess Chapter 156

Author: alyalia

Ilya uttered unconventional words to Delios, who returned after carrying out the previous instructions. “From now on, take a test and hire mid-level angels or higher who aren’t affiliated with headquarters.”


It was a time when the rate of new angel births was significantly decreasing. Although angels have a very long lifespan, very few high-level angels are born, so the headquarters always suffers from a manpower shortage. Nevertheless, Ilya was determined to pick and choose those angels.


Until now, there have been no problems with operating that way. But it needed to change. If he works like he’s now, he won’t have enough time to be with Theresa.


Delios was very pleased with Ilya’s decision to handle too many tasks. “I will implement it immediately.”


“Cancel all the rest of today’s schedule. I’m going to leave work now.”


Ilya didn’t wait for his answer and hurriedly moved to the island where Theresa was hidden.


Is she still in a state of semi-consciousness? So far, the observation showed that Theresa was suffering from a strange symptom of being unable to fall asleep. Then, making contact with him seemed to restore her depleted mental strength. Why did such a problem arise?


In fact, Theresa’s uniqueness didn’t end there. Her ridiculous matching rate and strange constitution prevented her from using black or white magic. What was certain was that she wasn’t just a low-level angel.


Ilya arrived on the abandoned island and pulled the doorknob of the mansion. Creek.




His expression hardened the moment the door opened. Theresa had disappeared.


* * *

Chirp, chirp! Tweet!  It was early in the morning before the sun had even warmed up. I was immersed in pitch-black unconsciousness when, like a scene from a horror movie, I suddenly opened my eyes wide.

Blink!  As soon as I opened my eyes, a sponsorship window appeared.



[The Constellation ‘Coward’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Oh gosh, I’m surprised;;]


“…Why do I feel so refreshed?”


For quite some time, my consciousness was blurred, as if my body had gone into sleep mode to recover my mind. But now, my head felt strangely clear and refreshed. My whole body, which had been stiff from fatigue, was filled with energy. I was in very good condition as if I had had a good night’s sleep.


But I can’t even fall asleep. Is that possible?


There were more parts I didn’t understand.


“And where is this place?”


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar place that I presumed wasn’t the central headquarters of the Tower of Light. I fumbled through my memories with a frown.


At that time, I began to recall the memory of sharing an overly intimate skinship with Ilya. In my memories, I acted foolishly and quite recklessly, getting angry or pleading when things didn’t go my way. My face suddenly got hot, and I screamed. “…Kyaa! Aargh! Aaah! Stop coming to my mind!”



[The Constellation ‘Explanation Bug’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[I guess you remember now what you did ㅋㅋ.]



[The Constellation ‘Future Ilya’s in-law’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Shall we all say thank you to Theresa? Thank you, Theresa!]



The constellations seemed to find it amusing to make fun of me, so they poured out nothing but a thank you in their sponsorship. Damn it…


I pulled out my hair out of shame and left the bed like an animal waking up from hibernation. Being embarrassed is one thing, but I felt like I had to figure out where I was first.


“Does anyone know where this place is?”


[The Constellations answer that they themselves don’t know where this place is.]


Anyway, they’re really no help. Right after being thoroughly teased, the lazy response of the constellations was very unsatisfactory to me.



[The Constellation ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[What’s the point of life? Just face it with your body.]


I also agreed with that opinion. So, I first checked the house I was staying at.


“It’s clean, but it looks like it hasn’t been used for a while.”


This house didn’t feel like someone was living in here at all. The most decisive factor was that the furniture was covered with white cloth.


“I don’t think there’s anything else to see, so I’ll go outside.”


When I opened the front door and left, all I could see were trees. “I don’t think this is the central city.”


Central City, the largest island at the center of the heavenly world, was so huge that its end was unfathomable. Also, it was so crowded with buildings that there was no space for such unrefined scenery.


I placed my palm on the ground and tried to stretch out my mana in a straight line. This was the method used when exploring new islands.


“I don’t feel anything. It seems like this is a small, uninhabited island, as my mana quickly reached its endpoint.”


So, I became more curious.


“Why did he bother to bring me to a place like this, leaving behind the Tower of Light? As if he were trying to hide…”


Ei, it’s not like what I think, right?’



[The Constellation ‘Rotten Taste’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]



I went to the end of the island with an uneasy feeling. I was wondering if I could see another island within the visible distance.


Whoosh— I looked around the end of the island but found nothing. There was only a strong wind blowing.


“I’d better get back to that home now…”


Just as I was about to go back the way I came without much harvest. Clutch! Suddenly, my feet rose into the air. Someone lightly held me by the waist as if snatching a cotton doll. As a result, the height of my gaze matched the dark green eyes. They looked frighteningly dreary.


“Why are you out here?”


I answered instinctively. “Because I can’t see Lord Ilya.”


“I didn’t know you would come to your senses so soon. Be more careful in the future. Are you feeling okay now?”


“Yes, but you may drop me off…”


“That won’t do. You might cry again if I don’t hug you. Or it would be troublesome if you bit my arm again, finding me detestable like you did before.”




The sudden attack made my whole body heat up as if it had been dipped into a furnace.


Ilya looked at me and drew a clear smile. This wretched archangel was mocking me and laughing with joy.


I just stared at the front with my lips tightly closed as I was about to burst out in steam. Soon, a small mansion came into view. Having largely overcome my embarrassment by then, I asked something I had been curious about.


“But where are we?”


“This is the house where I lived with my brother when I was young. No, it would be better to say it was a hideout.”


It was an unfamiliar place, which wasn’t set up by our teams.


Ilya and Clyde played here.


It was a house built in earnest, so I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined how much effort the two of them had put into it.


Ilya put me on the bed and took my shoes off herself. The angel’s shoes were difficult to take off because they were in the form of sandals with straps that wrapped all the way up to the calf, so putting them on and taking them off was tricky, but using magic made it simple. However, Ilya was undoing the straps one by one, starting from my calves. That made me quite embarrassed.


“I think it’s still early. Is it okay if you’re not at the headquarters?”


“It doesn’t matter. I’m on my way back after finishing my work.”


This early? Ilya’s average time off work was 10 PM. Moreover, I knew he had been working much late lately because of the imprint test. Um. Anyway, it will be okay to take a break since Ilya has a lot of work to do.


I asked the next question. “But I think I’ve been absent without notice for quite some time. Will it be okay?”


“I’ve dealt with it as if you had been assigned to another location. You don’t have to work in the future.”


Is that okay?


Did a big change of heart occur as he prepared for his death? Or was it a change due to me? Either way, the development differed from the scenario, which troubled me. And there was another variable that was the most troubling.


“Why did you bring me here?”


At his question, Ilya, who took off my shoes, raised his head and looked at me. “This was the first place that came to my mind as a place to move you.”


“Not the Tower of Light?”


“There are other angels there, so it would be dangerous.”


What would be dangerous? As I tilted my head, Ilya released his grip on my ankle and stood up.


“Don’t you feel hungry? I don’t think you’ve eaten much in a few days.”


Ah… You’re right.”


Listening to Ilya’s words, I suddenly felt a hunger that had never been felt before. I haven’t eaten since I came to the heavenly world. Because I wasn’t hungry, and it was a meaningless action. But now I feel hungry.


How much time has passed?


Several months have already passed since I arrived in the heavenly world. In reality, only a few hours had passed, but the longer I couldn’t wake up from the dream, the more I had to consider myself doomed. It was because there were so many bad ending elements.


Ilya kissed me on the forehead, perhaps because my complexion got worse. Then, a soft mana flowed in. My eyelids closed naturally at the tempting sensation that made me want to sit down like this. Ilya then parted his lips, took clothes out of the space, and put them on the bed.


“Let’s go eat in the central city. Change into these clothes because you have to hide your identity.”


My eyes opened to the word ‘Central City’.




Since the central headquarters and central city were on different islands, I was disappointed that I hadn’t been able to see them until now.


“Yes. Come out after you get ready.” Ilya went out of the house, saying so.


I was so excited that I picked up the clothes Ilya gave me. But the clothes were a bit unconventional.


“…Ilya gives me clothes like this?”


The dark red dress decorated with black lace was very alluring. The wide-brimmed black hat was similarly decorated with a single, towering black feather. Shoes and long gloves covering the elbow were velvet. It was clear that this outfit would be quite unconventional among angels who liked to wear white clothes.


I went outside after changing all my clothes with a puzzled look on my face. Ilya also wore a normal suit, not a uniform, and hid her face with glasses to hide his identity. I was initially surprised, thinking it wasn’t him because his hair was a beige color with a hint of ash gray.


Ilya checked on me and narrowed his brow as if he was displeased.


Did I wear something wrong?


It was when I was checking my clothes for no reason.


“I gave you the clothes that angels wouldn’t like, but it seems like it was a needless thing to do.”




Before I knew it, Ilya had come right in front of me and kissed my lips.


“It suits you well. To the point that I want to make you starve.”


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