BJ Villainess Chapter 162

Author: alyalia

The silence spell on me was lifted due to the caster’s death. Yet, I could do nothing but sob uncontrollably. My body, weakened by the penalty, couldn’t handle the stress, and I felt feverish, with my whole body throbbing. I stumbled towards Ilya, gasping for breath amidst my sobs, like running towards the only light in the darkness.


Thrust! Then, suddenly, I heard a sound from behind me, like something being stabbed. A suppressed groan followed, disorienting me. Confused, I turned around unsteadily.




It was Delios who had been stabbed by Samuel’s sword, meant for me.


Samuel mercilessly withdrew the sword and swung it again. But my magic was quicker.


“Kneel, Samuel!”


Samuel stuck his knee on the floor when he heard my command. No matter how bad Samuel’s state was, it was impossible for a low-level angel to overpower an archangel like this.


Samuel burst out laughing like a madman, even though he couldn’t move. “I was right! The real god has come to the heavenly world!”


Ignoring him, I cradled the collapsing Delios and gently laid him down. Tears streamed down his face as he struggled to smile.


“No wonder… I had a bad feeling… Thank goodness… I came… Keugh!”


“Don’t talk!”


I tried desperately to stop the bleeding with my hands, though I knew it was futile. Otherwise, it felt like madness to be utterly helpless.


Delios was dying fast. Should I be grateful? Apologize? Lie that he could survive? What could I possibly do in this situation?


Then, Delios made a request. “I’m fine, keugh! Please save Lord Ilya…”


That made me reflexively look at Ilya and groan. Ilya, having lost his mind, was drenched in blood, massacring the archangels single-handedly. His eyes glowed with an ominous red, and his sacred white wings turned black.


Delios, gasping for breath, wept and begged, watching his most respected angel fall. “He… shouldn’t end up like this…”


I knew.


“He’s greater, than anyone.”


I was well aware of that.


However, despite Clyde’s sacrifice, the heavenly world, revitalized with strong dimensional energy, didn’t forgive the fallen angel. A black pit leading to hell opened up under Ilya’s feet.


Clankkkk! Black chains surged from the pit, wrapping around Ilya’s body, undoubtedly dragging him down with immense force. Yet Ilya fought on, killing more angels. Some archangels lost their will and fled.


Powerless, I watched Ilya being dragged into hell and Delios dying before me. My incompetence was unbearable.


“You can bring back Lord Ilya…”


If only I had such power.


“Please… please…” Delios begged me and then closed his eyes.




My head throbbed terribly. My vision flickered, going black and returning repeatedly. Ilya cried out like a wild animal, scratching his chest. Stop it. Please stop.


I wished I could die instead. It seemed better.


My gaze fell on the sword on the ground, the one Samuel used to try to kill me. I stared blankly at it. I want to end it all.


Just as I was about to reach for the sword, my whole body pulsed rapidly. Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!  Thump! Thump! Thump!


My five senses amplified that I could even feel a fine dust on my skin. Blood rushed through my veins, spreading mana throughout my body. Before I knew it, Samuel, who had freed himself, grabbed my arm and forced me to stand. At that moment, the mana inside me fluctuated.




Samuel absorbed my mana, rejuvenating. Wrinkle smoothed, skin brightened, and his caramel blond hair regained its luster, defying the natural aging process. Samuel trembled. “Such power…!”


He dragged me to the altar, feeling confident. “Don’t mourn death. With your power, you can save all these insignificant beings.”


Thud! I was thrown onto the altar. Through my hair covering my face, I saw Samuel smiling.




In a dazed state, like being half-asleep, my lips moved on their own. A deep voice emerged. “You should have died.”


A slight crack occurred in Samuel’s smooth smile.


“It would be okay if you die.”


“…What did you say?”


I held onto the altar and raised myself from a slump. Swaying— Swaying— I felt dizzy, and my steps were unsteady. The surroundings were shaking as if I was drunk. My head was burning, my eyes were searing, and my stomach was churning. Though I was afflicted with all sorts of ailments, I managed to walk to Samuel’s front.


“I’m tired of it.”


Tired of being powerless, watching someone die, and of this possession.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!


I was sick and tired of the annoying notifications.


“Please leave me alone…”


I wanted to hide somewhere. But then, a thought struck me. Why should I hide?


I reached out and covered Samuel’s face with my hand. “Give it back.”


My condition deteriorated because Samuel stole my mana. I had no energy. I needed mana and a lot of it.


Between my fingers, I could see Samuel’s eyes widening in terror.


…Aaaaaargh!” Samuel began to wither like a dandelion left in the middle of a desert. His glossy hair turned white in an instant. His clear, taut skin rapidly became mottled and cracked. His appearance, once noble and aging gracefully, became hideous and terrifying.


“Stop! Stop thiiiiiiiis—!”


Samuel struggled in pain but couldn’t lift a hand at me. His voice aged, becoming a weak like metal scraping sound as he collapsed on the ground.


Suddenly, I felt a pang of regret that all this would disappear when I woke up from the dream.


“You will not forget.”


So, I changed the settings. I felt the huge flow change to my will.


“Remember this pain, this moment. Dream of it forever.”


Samuel looked up at me with eyes filled with fear.




I suddenly stepped back, holding back my bleeding nose. The pain pressing down my body intensified. It felt like the system was trying to control me, make me behave, and conform to the rules. My mind was becoming blank.



[The Constellation ‘Lawful Good’ has sponsored 100,000 coins.]

[Look behind you.]


Gasping for breath, I turned around at the message. “…Ilya!” I suddenly snapped back to reality.


Ilya, unconscious, was being sucked into the pit. I ran desperately to him, driven by Clyde’s words and emotions. I have to save Ilya. I can’t let his sacrifice go to waste. I can’t make him die!


The pit that swallowed Ilya started to close.




A long shadow cast by the light behind me spread out in front of me, forming large wings. They were butterfly wings, but there was nothing on my back. Those who survived watched this scene in silence.


Then, the shadow pried the pit open again, just big enough for one person. Without hesitation, I jumped into hell. I clenched my eyes shut, feeling the dizzying sensation of falling.


“Older Sister!”




Before I could respond, darkness engulfed me.




[Achieving 100,000,000 coins in the shortest period of time!]

[New Constellation is entering.]

[New Constellation is entering.]

[New Constellation is entering.]




[Channel Rating Platinum Diamond.]


22. Squire Butterfly

Libby set up the sandwiches and juices she had taken out of her picnic bag, neatly arranging them on a checkered mat. It had become a trend at school to find an empty lawn to have lunch… no, not drinks, but lunch. Older Sister is the one who made it popular.


Libby unwrapped the sandwich and offered it to Zakari with pride. “Please have some.”


Zakari took the sandwich, inspecting the contents.


Ah, he only eats without the tomatoes? So cute!


Zakari basically ate less. Is that all? He was also a man who spoke little and expressed even less emotions. To Libby, who was generally more emotionally expressive, such a type felt like a mysterious being.


Zakari asked, “Are you not going to eat?”


Ah! Yes, I’m eating!” Caught staring at him, Libby hastily pretended to eat her sandwich eagerly.


After a couple of bites, Zakari turned his head to the side. In his line of sight was a statue of Theresa. “Why here?” It was as if he was asking why they had to eat in such a place.


“It’s my favorite spot.”


“…I see.”


Libby was so happy that she didn’t notice Zakari looking at her strangely.


Beside her was a handsome man, and the sky was blue and clear. It was simply a perfect day.



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