BJ Villainess Chapter 163

Author: alyalia

I wish I could have lunch here with older sister too. Thinking of Theresa naturally reminded her of Clyde.


“Come to think of it, Senior Clyde looked different today. Did something happen?”


At this, Zakari paused for a moment.


“He didn’t go back to the dormitory, so I’m not sure.”


“Really? I thought something was going on because he was dressed so flamboyantly today.”


The moment she said that, Zakari suddenly stood up. “I’m sorry, but I have to leave now.” Unfortunately, Zakari’s expression was so stiff that she couldn’t hold him back.


“Sure! Go ahead.”


After Zakari left, Libby muttered with a worried look. “I hope it’s nothing serious.”


Libby wandered around the academy by herself. In the distance, she saw the members of Clybe noisily playing a drinking game. Looking at the scene, it was hard to believe it was exam season.


“Looks fun.”


Though the members of Clybe would have welcomed Libby warmly, she hesitated to approach them due to the instinctive feeling of not belonging there. Puzzled by her own behavior, Libby turned away.


“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen older sister at all today.”


Given his odd behavior, she felt that Theresa might not have had lunch with Clyde today. So, she went to look for Reini.


“Senior? She hasn’t been here.”


Libby went to the library next.


“Not here either.”


Theresa was nowhere to be found— the cafeteria, dormitory, club room, and student council room. Then, she accidentally bumped into Professor Felix and learned about her sister’s whereabouts.


“Theresa went on a mission with Professor Ilya. A ghost monster appeared in the greenhouse.”


So that’s why older sister was missing.


Professor Felix furrowed his brow. “But neither of them has returned yet?”


At that moment. Rumble! Lightning struck outside, shaking the area with a thunderous roar.


Huaa! Why is the thunder so loud?”


“Wow, that scared me.”


The students around clutched their chests in surprise. Libby was no exception. Her heart pounded, her breath quickened, and an inexplicable sense of anxiety overwhelmed her.


“…Professor, where is the greenhouse located?”


* * *

Libby ditched the rest of her class and went to Professor Felix’s greenhouse. She wasn’t alone. Professor Felix and Damian, sensing something was off, joined her.


Libby got off her horse, which no longer wanted to go forward, then lamented in despair. “What on earth…”


Professor Felix’s greenhouse was covered with an ominous black and purple magi like mist.


“Could it be that the gate to the dungeon has opened?”


Professor Felix shook his head at Libby’s question. “It wouldn’t be this calm if it had. But now I see it… something must have been possessed by demons.”


Possessed by the demon. That was to say that the demon appeared here. Clearly, the demon didn’t appear in the form of a door.


Damian spoke with a cold face. “A high-ranking demon has appeared in its true form.”


A demon powerful enough to manifest its true form despite massive constraints.




Realizing that a being they couldn’t afford to lose was in danger hit Libby with immense stress. It was more than just family love for her beloved sister. Her feelings resembled a priest who worshiped God.


Libby, losing her reason, reached out to the greenhouse. Zap!


“Ugh!” She yelped as her fingertips got burned upon touching the magi. The magi were preventing outsiders from entering.


It was the moment when her face turned into despair. Flutter! A beautiful yet strange butterfly, about the size of two fingers, glowed with a pale milky light. Its wings have water-droplet-like holes symmetrically pierced through them, reminding her of something.


It looks like Clybe’s brooch without the water droplet parts. Amidst the seriousness, Libby found herself making such thoughts. The butterfly landed on her burned fingertips.




The burn disappeared without a trace.


Damian, who had approached, looked worriedly at Libby. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”


Libby found herself uncomfortable with this senior. Despite his popularity for being kind and warm, she felt weirdly uncomfortable around him, preferring the openly prickly Clyde.


“I was hurt, but it’s okay now.”


“Okay now?”


“The butterfly landed on it, and it healed.” Libby pointed at the white butterfly still sitting on her finger.




Damian furrowed his brow and tilted his head. He couldn’t see the butterfly.


“What’s going on?”


Professor Felix, who had returned from scouting, approached. Libby quickly showed him the butterfly.


“Professor, do you see this butterfly?”


“Huh? What butterfly? Living things wouldn’t come near here because of the magi.”


What is this butterfly then?


As Libby looked bewildered, the butterfly spread its wings and flew into the magi. Flap, flap, flap! As the butterfly fluttered by, the magi burned white, clearing a path. It was an astonishing sight.


“…What did you do?” Professor Felix adjusted his glasses in confusion, looking at Libby. It seemed the invisible butterfly had done it, and it was true.


But Libby was at a loss. “I didn’t know…”


Damian looked at Libby with an inscrutable eye and pointed to the pathway. “Shall we go in?”


The path was wide enough for the three to walk comfortably. So, they smoothly entered the greenhouse.


Professor Felix gasped at the chaos inside. “Did the two of them get dragged into the demon world?”


Libby approached the place where the butterfly twirled and reached out her hand. Whoosh! The seemingly empty air reacted to her touch, rippling.


Professor Felix observed the phenomenon and said, “It’s a prison of sleep that swallows their bodies. Seems like it’s a dream demon.”


“Does that mean my sister and Professor Ilya are trapped in the demon’s dream?”


Professor Felix nodded. “If they haven’t escaped by now, the situation inside the dream must be bad.”


Libby bit her lip in anxiety as the butterfly landed on her hand. The butterfly seemed to urge her to tear through the fluttering void. She plunged her hand into the soft gap in space-time created by the dream. Chiiiiik—! Then, her hand began to rot.


Professor Felix shouted and quickly tried to pull Libby’s hand out. “If you meddle recklessly in the cracks of the dimension, you could die!”


“But if we leave it like this, my sister will die!”


Desperate, Libby clumsily tore at the closing gap in space-time. Damian joined in, and soon Professor Felix couldn’t stand by.


As all three pushed, a small crack formed. The white butterfly on her hand flew into the gap.


Libby instinctively screamed, “Older Sister!” hoping her voice would reach Theresa, who was wandering in the dream.


* * *

Falling into hell was faster than I thought. As my blackened vision returned, I stumbled upon the ground, feeling it beneath my feet. The fall ended, and the first thing I saw was a purple sky. The ground was dead and mottled, with twisted trees growing above. A typical landscape of the demon world.



[The Constellation ‘Performance Obsession’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Congratulations on making BJ Villainess to the top 20 all-time.]


There was a notification window in front of me for achieving 100 million coins in the shortest time, and the channel rating had risen. I stared at the system window with eyes like a dried-up well.


Now, my situation was a mess. My nosebleed had stopped, and the system pressure was gone, but my fatigue hadn’t lifted. The game penalties were still in effect.


“Lord Ilya.”


I called him in a weak voice, hoping he would appear before me. But how could Ilya, losing his mind and running wild, do so? Finding him was up to me.


I cleaned the dried, sticky blood with magic and checked my pocket for the medicine bottle. Then I stared at the shadow still fluttering with butterfly wings. Could this butterfly help me find Ilya, as it had before?


“Can you take me to where Ilya is?”


The shadow seemed to gain its own life, pulling me downward. I expected to crash into the ground but felt no pain. I plunged into the shadow and popped up in a different place as if the world had revolved around me.


“Is it possible to leave this dream?”


The wings gave no response. I sighed and looked around.


The scenery wasn’t much different, leaving me clueless about where to start searching. But just then, as if on cue, Ilya slammed a demon from the sky into the ground. The area was littered with the remnants of demons, all killed by him. His rage-filled, mindless state was terrifying.


“Lord Ilya…”


When I muttered his name without realizing it, Ilya looked at me with his eyes burning red. My body instinctively shrank back in fear. I stumbled back as Ilya approached. Meanwhile, demons kept emerging and heading our way.


Suddenly, a demon grabbed my waist. “Ah, you smell sweet.”


“Get lost!”


I tried to attack the demon with magic, but it was futile. The demon’s breath on my neck was disgustingly revolting.


“I’ll chew you to the bone—”


Crack! The demon’s words were cut short. This is because Ilya, who had teleported right in front of me, grabbed the demon’s head and crushed it. He then held me as I stumbled.




It was a time when I could hardly breathe due to his overwhelming pressure. Ilya suddenly lifted me and flew, brushing past the demons that chased me.




Where are you taking me?


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  1. Yay, Top 20! Let’s go! Only a few more spots until Teresa reaches #1. Oz you better give Teresa a decent reward for breaking into the Top 20.

    1. No don’t say that, we all know an Oz ‘reward’ is going to be something creepy