BJ Villainess Chapter 164

Author: alyalia

* * *

Ilya took me to a forest densely packed with dead trees. The wind howled like a scream through the trees, sending shivers down my spine. Hwiiing!


Ilya kissed me on the cheek as I clung to him. His gesture seemed to comfort a frightened woman. This wasn’t an illusion.


Ilya didn’t recognize me as Theresa. It was clear from his mindless state that he was only acting on his instinct and had brought me here due to the matching rate, seeing me as his mate.


He made a nest in a cave, placed me inside, and cast a barrier. As Ilya tried to get closer, I hastily stopped him. “Wait a minute!”


Ilya didn’t seem to like being stopped and looked fiercely at me as if he would bite me at any moment.


I need to feed him the medicine.


As I reached into my pocket, Ilya bit my lips hard, making me tear up. “It hurts!” He bit me so hard that I could taste blood.


After all the trouble I went through to save him, but what is this? The day was so hard and frustrating that I felt like I wanted to die, but even now, Ilya is behaving so viciously, making me feel sad. As the deaths of Clyde and Delios came to my mind again, tears were flowing down. Ilya licked my tears.


“Don’t do this…”


Despite my whimpering refusal, he kept sniffing at me and biting me painfully with his teeth.


At this moment, I really wanted to punch him, but doing so would probably cost me my life, so I let him do as he wished while sobbing.


As I calmly hugged and stroked his back, he stopped biting me painfully. Instead, he showered my face with kisses, pouring out affection. Seizing the opportunity, I took out the medicine and put it in my mouth. Predictably, Ilya pressed his lips against mine, and I pushed the pill into his mouth while pretending to respond passionately.


When Ilya frowned and moved away, I covered his mouth and urged him, “Swallow it.”


His throat moved slowly. Despite the forced swallow, he seemed satisfied that I had been proactive during our kiss and let out a long breath while hugging me.


Holding him, I patted his back, hoping his sanity would return quickly. But being with him for a while didn’t seem too bad. At least I could forget about Clyde for a while.


* * *

Ilya slowly opened his heavy eyelids as if waking from a long sleep. The light coming from the left side of his lying position was different from the clear, transparent sunlight he had seen all his life. It was murky and dark. The cave would have been quite dark without the faintly glowing magical embers. The air felt gloomy and sticky, causing discomfort.


Ilya was recalling his memory in such an emotionless manner. The first thing he felt upon waking was emptiness, as if half of his soul had crumbled.


Why did he feel so strange? The question didn’t last long, as the name [Abblo] naturally came to mind. He had become a demon, paying the price for slaughtering the archangels after his brother’s death. But he didn’t feel sad or angry about Clyde’s death. He didn’t feel vengeful towards the heavenly world either. His emotions were unnaturally castrated.


When he turned his head, he saw a medicine bottle nearby. Opening it, he found a few pills left, put one in his mouth, and chewed it. It was Clyde’s magic. The pill suppressed anger and sorrow, forcing him into a rational state, unable to rage over Clyde’s death. However, it didn’t remove the feeling of emptiness. Emptiness and loss were different from anger and sorrow, although they too felt dim.


It was when he raised his upper body and swept up his own face that didn’t shed tears.


“Are you awake?”


With her back to the murky light, Theresa entered the dim cave. Ilya stared blankly at her momentarily, piecing together new memories. He had hidden Theresa in his dream and was searching for her. Then… a flash of red tried to surface his mind, causing a sharp pain.


As he groaned in pain, Theresa’s tender hand touched his forehead. She was so fragrant. Overwhelmed by the sweet scent, he soon found himself hugging the worried woman and breathing in.


“What should I do… There are no magical plants here to make a headache remedy.”


It’s okay. It’s okay.


As Theresa whispered like a fake magic spell, Ilya felt intoxicated. Was it because the most negative emotions of Clyde’s death have been deleted? He felt thirsty for affection. He snatched the hand that was comforting him, kissed each finger, and then, still unsatisfied, locked her in his arms, biting her cheek.


Ouch! Don’t bite me!”


Theresa’s cute protest made him smile, and then he sighed heavily. How could he not love this woman who followed him to hell?


“Please, just stay still… No… Stop!”


Theresa wanted to check his condition. But Ilya’s kisses interrupted her every time she tried, and she finally lost her temper. She didn’t seem to know at all that her anger only fueled his desire more.


“There’s not much medicine left, and you still haven’t regained your senses…?”


She slumped powerlessly in his arms. Come to think of it, her body temperature was high. Sometimes, when trying to see something, she got too close to see it. Theresa’s condition was certainly strange.


Not knowing that his expression was getting harder, Theresa rubbed her arm. “You should fix that habit of losing your senses when a demon approaches. I had a hard time repairing the barrier you broke.”


Ilya had a good guess as to why he had lost his senses, even though he didn’t remember the situation.


“Especially now that my eyesight is getting worse.”




It was an unexpected remark.


Ilya caressed the area around Theresa’s eyes, carefully observing her beautiful silvery-gray irises. Even though he kissed her whenever their eyes met and tried to understand the problem using magic, he couldn’t figure it out.


Then, a thought struck him. If I lost my senses, I must have tried to imprint her.


As he caressed her nape, Theresa shivered and exclaimed in horror, “If you try to bite my neck again, I’ll really hide away! I’ll make sure you can’t even touch me!”


“So that’s how you’ve tamed me.”




Theresa freaked out and tried to get away from him.  But Ilya, unable to suppress his displeasure, held her waist tightly to prevent her from escaping.


“W-when did you come to your senses?”


“Who knows,” he replied nonchalantly, resting his forehead on her neck. Her scent made him calm.


Theresa was tense. “Lord Ilya.”


“Say it.”


“…Do you happen to know who I am?”


This question was probably to determine whether he remembered her as a low-level angel or Princess Squire.


“Theresa Squire. Or something else.”




The tone of her voice changed, trembling slightly. Even without looking at Theresa’s face, he could expect that she looked frustrated.


Ilya didn’t have any thoughts about being called as professor before, but now he doesn’t like it. He liked it when she called his name. “Call me Ilya.”


“How can I do that…”


“You created me.”




She stiffened. Her expression seemed complex as he touched her cheek. But why did she save him?


“You should have killed me instead of Clyde.”


If he, in his physical form, had been put on the altar, he would have died in reality as well.


Therese gave a fierce look with an expression of what nonsense are you talking about. “What do you mean? That would kill the real you.”


The thought of not allowing his death filled him with an indescribable feeling. He kissed her until she started to hit his chest in anger.


“What on earth!”


Theresa grumbled, and then her eyes drooped sadly, like a pitiful puppy. He struggled not to kiss her again. Honestly, he didn’t understand why he should restrain himself.




“It’s Ilya.”


Theresa put on an expression of bewilderment for a moment and then corrected herself with a sigh. “Yes, Lord Ilya. I want to ask you something.”




“…Are you still thinking about getting revenge?”


Her expression was bitter and nervous as if begging him not to. However, because she understood his desire for revenge, she wasn’t able to say it out loud and only pursed her lips. However, all Ilya thought was to steal those lips, which seemed so lovely to him.


Why is she so lovely?


He coldly judged himself as having lost his mind but concluded that this state wasn’t bad. To come to his senses, Theresa needed to stop being so adorable, but that seemed impossible.


“If you want, I’ll give up.”


Theresa looked at him with wide eyes. Her eyes were so rabbit-like that he couldn’t resist kissing her again. 


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