BJ Villainess Chapter 170

Author: alyalia

* * *

Butterfly sent me back to the parlor. However, there was no sign of my family, only Eloise pacing the room anxiously. Upon seeing me, she almost screamed.


“You’re back! I don’t know how anxious I was to think Lady would go somewhere strange again.”


“No. It’s just that I visited a rather unexpected place. Where is everyone?”


“They all went out looking for Lady.”


Oh no. It seemed my morning’s misadventure caused quite a stir at home. I quickly summoned the magic communicator to inform my family. Soon, everyone rushed into the parlor.


“Where have you been? Are you hurt?”


They spun me around to check for injuries. Then Roseanne freaked out when she saw my back.


“What’s this blood?!”


Oh, it must have been from when Euges touched my back.


“It’s not mine.”


Despite my explanation, my family remained tense.


“Where did you get blood on you so quickly?”


Uh… that’s…”


Everyone looked at me with intense eyes. There was a strong pressure to tell them the truth.


“…The emperor’s bedroom.”


Everyone was speechless, their mouths agape. I quickly waved my hands to clear any misunderstandings. “Well, the Sun Palace blocks most magic, right? I was curious if I could go there, and suddenly, I was teleported there.”


Raul facepalmed, and Giuseppe burst out. “I’m going to get rid of that butterfly right now!”


“It was an accident due to inexperience. Luckily, His Majesty was in a good mood.”


I paused at this point, recalling Euges’s drunken voice, saying he was happy because it was the day his mother died, which made me uncomfortable.


“…He was in a good mood, so he let it slide. And he seemed to know more about the Squire Butterfly.”


Raul scoffed sharply at that remark. “I guess so. I don’t believe that the Willow family burned the arcane books in the first place. I’m sure they stole it and offered it to the emperor.”


Roseanne asked anxiously. “Even so, isn’t it a grave offense to invade His Majesty’s bedroom? Are you really okay?”


“I’m fine. His Majesty even said I could go home when he fell asleep.”


The emperor’s insomnia was publicly known among the great nobles, so Raul lifted his eyebrows. “His Majesty slept in front of you?”




“…He never sleeps with someone else present, especially when he’s sober.”


“He was quite drunk.”


I emphasized his drunken state to reassure my family, though I remembered his pronunciation being quite clear. My family was not completely convinced by what I said, but it had already happened, so they decided to wait and see how the emperor would come out in the future.


Raul repeatedly reminded me and Libby. “The attention will be on you for a while because of the regained arcane magic. If you notice anything strange, tell this Father immediately.”


“Yes, I will.”




It seemed like the impromptu family meeting was wrapping up. I glanced around and coughed subtly before suggesting. “But since we’ve found a clue to regain arcane magic, it’s certainly a joy, right?”


“Of course, it’s a great joy. The Squire family has only bright days ahead. I’m very proud of you.” Raul threw off his serious attitude so far and looked very pleased. “We’ll thoroughly punish those who dared exclude our family from the prestigious magician family.”


“Really, you…” Roseanna chided him for speaking so freely in front of the children.


I couldn’t help but smile, caught up in Raul’s happiness.


“On such a monumental day, we should have a family party, shouldn’t we?”


Raul’s eyes narrowed in amusement. “You’re looking for an excuse to drink again… But indeed, this calls for a toast. Let’s celebrate this joyous day.”




How sad I felt to be forced to give up alcohol for a long time while stuck in my dream!


Raul shook his head, then stood up, saying we’d talk more at dinner. I escorted my family out to the hallway.


“But Theresa, do you still like this room?”


Raul’s question left me blinking in confusion. Then he sighed, slightly annoyed.


“It’s too far. My legs hurt coming here.”



[The Constellation ‘Born From Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Oh my… You can just say you want her room closer to the family’s rooms!]


I smiled awkwardly, “Um… where shall I move then?”


At that, Libby shot her hand up and shouted earnestly. “Next to my room! Please!”


“No, the room next to mine is bigger, so use that.”


Libby’s face turned sour at Giuseppe’s rebuttal.


“That room’s location isn’t good.”


“What did you say?”


It was decided to move to a room somewhere in between to avoid a fight.


Raul gently squeezed my shoulder. “It’s nice to be together like this.”




A sense of fullness that I had never felt in my life cleared me of all my anxiety and gave me courage.


* * *

Euges slowly opened his eyes. When did I fall asleep? He instinctively reached for his forehead, but there was no headache, which was rare upon waking. While contemplating this anomaly, he noticed.




Someone had tried to treat his hand, albeit clumsily. Certainly, it wasn’t the work of the imperial doctor.




He belatedly remembered Theresa’s face.


Did she treat me? Why? As Euges was examining his hand for a long time, Bein entered to clear the empty bottles and paused upon seeing him awake.


“You’re up, Your Majesty.”




Bein, adept at gauging the emperor’s mood, immediately noticed his unusually good spirits.


Euges opened the window to get some fresh air outside and asked Bein, who was busy tidying the room. “Any news from the Squire family?”


Then the answer came as if Bein had been waiting. “They have officially announced the regain of their arcane magic. We’re assessing its capabilities.”


“You saw it yesterday. The Squire family’s eldest daughter appeared right in my bedroom.”


“What shall we do?”


The ability to bypass the Sun Palace’s strict defenses and appear before the emperor was now in the Squire family’s hands. An immediate suppression seemed necessary. Yet, Euges felt no desire to do so. Oddly, it didn’t feel threatening.


“I may have been too harsh on the Squire family. It might be time to ease up. So…”


Even if he was drunk, Euges found Theresa’s casual demeanor in his presence amusing.


“Find a suitable position to bestow upon Theresa Squire and report back.”


He was curious if he would find her charming even when he wasn’t drunk.


* * *

The happy times flew by. After spending just a day at the duchy, I prepared to return to the school the next morning.


“I wish you could rest a little longer.”


I shook my head at Eloise’s words. “It’s exam period.”


After the exam, it will be summer vacation. A bit of effort now meant a long break ahead, which was exciting.


I don’t feel pressured because I just have to pass this exam.


In addition, the two subjects were already confirmed as A+. It’s Professor Felix’s class and social dance exam.


“It’s been a while since I went to school.”


“Is that so?” responded Eloise, not quite understanding what I was saying.


Except for the fact that Ilya, which I will encounter at school, is burdensome, I missed everything so much that I wanted to go to school quickly.


When I arrived at school in a carriage with Libby, the school was deserted, likely due to our early arrival.


It’s time for Damian to be in his private lab and Clyde in the library.



[The Constellation ‘Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Now that you think about it, wasn’t Clyde’s situation in the classroom before strange?]


“Ah, right.”


The constellation’s comment reminded me that the demon had taken over Clyde. It had been only three days in real time, but it felt like a year ago to me.


When Clyde turned to demon Clyde, his haunts shifted from the library to more crowded places like the large fountain or the café, which are the most popular in the school.


So he won’t be in the library today.


Feeling slightly disappointed by that face, I dropped Libby off at her class and headed to the empty library to study for exams. 

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