BJ Villainess Chapter 175

Author: alyalia

Given the lecture was mandatory for most students, it was natural for Clyde to be there, though it was still surprising. I heard he hadn’t even shown his face at school until yesterday. Yet today, he stood majestically at the gathering spot at the entrance of the forest, drawing all eyes to him.


Upon spotting me just arriving, Clyde smiled with his eyes and then turned his head away.




Why is he suddenly acting so distant? His every action was utterly unpredictable.


After a short wait, all the students arrived, followed by the professor’s appearance.


“Is everyone here?”




“Today, we will be exploring this forest. As fourth-year students, the difficulty of the task has increased, but if you have not neglected your training so far, you should be able to score highly. Understood?”




All students taking today’s exam had scored A or higher in <Practical Combat Magic> the previous semester. Therefore, the exploration area was selected to match that level, and though it was a team effort, evaluations were individual.


A perfect setup for chaos.


Most here were nobles, making unity even more elusive. I was hoping to be placed in a manageable team when the professor called out the first team.


“Team A consists of Clyde, Theresa, Ella, and Frost. You have 3 hours. Complete the internal exploration and return to submit your report.”


Being in a team with Clyde usually meant being sent to the most dangerous location, where monsters or something would definitely appear. Thus, the expressions of Ella and Frost, who were in the same team, were very dark. I wasn’t too thrilled either.


An exploration with Clyde, who has four black hearts? Are they sending me to my death? Clyde’s heart status directly impacted the difficulty of the mission. And to be teamed up with him now, my luck couldn’t be worse.


Sigh.” While I sighed to myself, Clyde approached.


“Let’s go.”


We were tasked with exploring the western part of the forest. The area, unused by people, was ominously overgrown, and the ground was soggy from the rain, making movement difficult. This is going to be physically demanding.


Clyde, leading the way, extended his hand to me. “Hold it.” I was about to refuse, thinking I could manage, but considering the energy it would take just to reach the exploration area, I accepted his help.




Clyde didn’t look at me but gestured to Frost with an emotionless face. “You take care of Ella.”


Ah… uh, I will.” Frost awkwardly took Ella’s hand and led her.


Clyde then resumed leading the way. Whenever we reached particularly uneven ground, he would stop, look only at my feet, and almost carry me across.


After about 30 minutes of this, I was dying of curiosity about what he was thinking. I stared intently at the back of Clyde’s silver head. Yet, he didn’t seem bothered by my gaze and didn’t turn around once, provoking me with his reaction.



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[He seems kind through his actions, but why is he so blunt today?]



[The Constellation ‘I Hate Romance’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Clyde’s personality isn’t naturally friendly, right? Plus, they’re taking an exam, so he’s probably being serious.]


That might apply to human Clyde but not to demon Clyde.


Then, Clyde stopped upon checking the terrain on the map. “From here on is the danger zone. Everyone casts protective spells and proceeds slowly.”


After his instruction, I cast several protective spells and looked around. Could the technique I used in the heavenly world to explore new islands work here?


I spread my magic through the ground.


It works!


The magic spread like a net, reading the ground’s information. This method was more effective the more magical plants there were, providing detailed information in the heavenly realm, but in the human world, the magic efficiency was lower. Still, it quickly identified the eroded areas.


“There’s an eroded area about 10 minutes further in.”


Frost approached me with interest shining in his eyes at my words. “How did you do that? Is that also a secret magic from the Squire family?”


“No, anyone can do it with enough mana.”


Oh, really? That looks quite useful. Can you teach me?”


Just as I was about to agree, Clyde interjected. “We don’t have time for chitchat if we’re to complete the mission and write the report within the time limit.” His rude tone was just like human Clyde.


Wait… where did all the piercings on his ears go? Even his hairstyle was calmer now. It was baffling why I only realized this now; he was completely in the guise of human Clyde.


Curious, I checked his character information.


[Clyde Willow]

Age: 22

Height: 188 cm

Birthday: January 31st

Likes: Love

Dislikes: Humans, Clyde Willow

Likeability: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🤍


It’s still demon Clyde’s state. But why is he acting like this?


While I was too distracted by Clyde to focus on the exam, Clyde quietly surveyed the surroundings and furrowed his brow. “The signs of erosion are old. There’s a high chance that monsters are gathering.”


At his words, Ella spoke with a grave expression. “What? If just the four of us go in, we could end up dead. We need backup.”


Frost seemed to agree with Ella, nodding vigorously. I thought the same about needing backup in such a situation, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I explained softly in a low voice.


“We’re already in the territory of the monsters. It’s highly likely they’ve noticed the intruders.”


“So, what do you propose? Do we confront them head-on? What if something goes wrong?”


Ella was visibly anxious, struggling with the prospect of facing a situation beyond the capability of mere students. Frost was no different. In contrast, Clyde was checking for approaching monsters with a very casual attitude, and I prepared to respond in kind.


So, this is why practical experience is important. I wasn’t particularly nervous about this level of threat anymore.


Clyde gestured for silence and listened closely. “Prepare the purification magic.”


I quickly gathered my mana as unsettling noises started reaching my ears. Dududududu!!


Ella let out a short scream at the sight of a swarm of black monsters rushing towards us. “What is that!”


“Damn it…”


An enormous number of monsters approached like a black landslide.


Damn it. Clyde’s influence had made the exam’s difficulty too high. I released as much mana as possible, spreading purification magic. “Be purified!”


Encouraged by my attempt, Ella and Frost regained their composure and used purification magic as well. Clyde was blocking the monsters’ approach with physical magic, altering their path.


If Clyde could use purification magic, it might be different, but it’s hard to solve the situation this way.


Flash! Suddenly, a silver pattern emerged on my hand. I looked up with a bright smile.






A silver whale appeared along with its mother.



[The Constellation ‘Absolutely Protect Squire’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Long time no see T_T]


“That’s the whale ghost…”


The whale began to purify the area, boasting tremendous prestige.


I shouted to the others. “Now’s the chance! Pour on the purification magic!”


“Monsters corrupted by darkness, return to your original form through purification!”


It was a time when we were busy purifying the monsters back to their original forms.



[The Constellation ‘Over Immersed Otaku’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Wait, doesn’t Clyde look strange?]


Does Clyde look strange? Prompted by the constellation’s comment, I turned and saw Clyde slumped on the ground. I hurried over to him in a panic.  “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”


Clyde shook his head, clutching his chest as if in unbearable pain, grinding his teeth.


Could it be the ghost’s purifying power affecting him?


The monsters were quickly purified, turning the tide in our favor. The rest of the team, noticing we were in a better position, approached.


“What happened?! Don’t tell me Clyde’s injured?”


I glanced at Clyde, then covered him with a raincoat, saying, “I’ll look after Clyde, so you two keep watch to ensure no monsters approach. The ghosts are purifying the area, so it won’t be dangerous.”


Ella and Frost nodded and left.


Once they were gone, I quickly helped Clyde to a large tree away from the whale’s purification and covered his head with my arms to block magic particles. Clyde gasped for breath and lifted his pale face. His gaze at me was eerie.


“You… you know what I am.”


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