BJ Villainess Chapter 178

Author: alyalia


[The Constellation ‘Dopamine Addiction’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Sigh… I was expecting something more stimulating from dating a succubus, but this is just too cute.]



[The Constellation ‘Youth is Now’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[I actually like it better this way.]


It seems I wasn’t the only one who thought it was unusually weird. Feeling relieved that my thoughts weren’t as corrupted as I feared, I pushed his arm away with my free hand. “Let go. What are you going to do if my maid sees us like this?”


Clyde was leaning on me in an awkward pose, his face tilted and expressionless, his eyes intensely focused on me. Anyone would think he was petrified.


I remember now, this demon guy, he would only listen when soothed gently. Sadly, I’m bad at soothing…


What actions are typically taken in a normal relationship to appease an upset partner?


I’m not sure. Just go for it.  I sighed and then kissed his cheek.



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]



I thought this constellation was particularly fond of Damian, but it seems they just lose it over anyone getting paired up with me.


Clyde’s expression crumbled the moment he received the kiss. “…You think something like this will make me feel better?”


“You’re smiling right now.”


When I pointed it out, Clyde quickly turned his head away as if his pride was hurt by how quickly his mood improved.


Does he realize his ears have turned red?  Embarrassed or not, I handed him the umbrella. “It’s hard for me to hold it up high enough for you, so you take it.”


Clyde reluctantly took the umbrella, then slyly wrapped an arm around my shoulder.


“You don’t understand what a secret relationship means, do you?” When I asked incredulously, Clyde treated me like an idiot.


“I’m not you.”


This is the real deal.



[The Constellation ‘Clyde Hardcore Faction’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Ah… what is it? I used to dislike demon Clyde, but now he seems kind of okay? Similar to human Clyde?]



[The Constellation ‘Human Clyde’s Fan’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[I dislike it even more because it seems like he’s struggling to appear like human Clyde.]


I was about to close the sponsorship window when the comment about trying to appear like human Clyde caught my eye. I, too, had noticed several instances where demon Clyde seemed to embody aspects of human Clyde, including the conversation just now. It did feel like I was talking to just Clyde, not demon Clyde.


Demon Clyde isn’t like this. He’s more arrogant, brutal, and narcissistic. Though this world has diverged so much from the original, it’s true that demon Clyde’s personality might have changed, but something still felt off. But, it’s much better than him being violent.


Even though it felt like a contractual relationship, Clyde’s demeanor sometimes made it feel like having a normal boyfriend. Ah, but is ‘normal’ the right word for someone so incredibly handsome?


Walking to school, lost in various thoughts, Clyde chuckled. “Your eyes lack quality.”


Confused by his sudden comment, I asked what he meant, and he replied, “You look at me as if you’re going to devour me.”


“…Are you insane?!”


When I hit his arm in protest, Clyde burst into laughter like a boy, his happiness infectious enough to make me smile too.


Then, through the sound of rain, a calm voice reached us.

“Hi, Theresa.”


Turning around, I saw Damian standing under a dark blue umbrella, looking at me.



[The Constellation ‘As Long As It’s Not Me’ has sponsored 1,000,000 coins.]

[Wow, this is getting interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.]


Honestly, I was taken aback. I had relaxed, thinking no one else would be heading to school at this time, and yet I ran into Damian.


Approaching with a smile, Damian said, “Be careful, Theresa.”




“You’ve got something dirty on you.”


Snap! As soon as he finished speaking, they blocked each other’s hands and glared fiercely. Damian’s umbrella and mine rolled on the ground, and we were soaked in seconds. Clyde glared at Damian as if he wanted to kill him, smiling only with his lips.


“Looks like you want to die, Damian.”


“And you should know your place and stay away from Theresa, shouldn’t you?”


You do realize I’m stuck between you two, right?


Clyde, with a mocking expression, responded, “What place should I know to stay away?”


Then he hugged my waist and kissed my rain-drenched forehead as if to show off. His warm, soft lips felt like a brand before lifting away.


“Theresa is mine.”


The drizzling intensified into a downpour. Yet, Clyde’s voice was so clear and distinct that ignoring it wasn’t an option.


Damian took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “That’s quite unexpected.”


His gloomy golden eyes fixed on me. “Is that true?”


I hesitated, unable to respond immediately. Clyde then growled with a fierceness like a wild beast. “I’m not thinking of keeping our relationship a secret now. Tell that b*stard what you and I are to each other. Right now.”


It was a test and a threat, hinting at what he might do based on my answer. At that moment, I realized. This man is definitely a demon. His nature hasn’t changed at all. For some reason, he had been acting like human Clyde, but this was the real demon Clyde.


“…I decided to date Clyde starting yesterday.” Even though it’s a temporary arrangement.


Damian showed no particular reaction to my answer. But the cool, serpentine gaze through his dark navy hair seemed accusatory.


“A romantic relationship, then?” He asked without a hint of humor, and I nodded. Clyde tightened his grip around my waist, pleased.


Damian looked at the arm around my waist and laughed emptily, almost as if feeling betrayed. He then left without a word.


As Damian disappeared into the rain, I flinched.


“Where do you think you’re going?”


The grip around my waist tightened, now painfully so.


“Let go.”


But my demand seemed to provoke Clyde further.


“Don’t make me angry. Not killing that b*stard on the spot should show you how much I’m restraining myself.”


My growing anger made me twist violently. “Let go!”


Clyde’s eyes flared a threatening red, and a demonic aura enveloped me.


“If I let you go, will you run to Damian?”


I snapped back sharply, “I’m telling you to let go because I hate your violent, presumptuous behavior!”


“Stop lying!” Clyde yelled fiercely, “Know the difference between a demon and a human? I can smell your true feelings. You don’t care about me half as much as you think about Damian!”


Suddenly, black wings enveloped my body and moved me away from Clyde’s embrace, judging the situation as dangerous for me.


Thinking I was trying to escape, Clyde grabbed my arm and shouted, “If you go to that b*stard, I’ll kill human Clyde!”


In a flash, I slapped someone’s cheek with all my strength for the first time. Anger vibrated through me, but my expression remained cold, my voice calm. “Are you threatening me now?”


Clyde slowly turned his head to look at me.


“Do I look like someone you can manipulate?”




I had no intention of listening to him. My mind and heart were ice-cold, yet a fiery rage controlled me. “Before talking about being lovers, learn some manners on how to treat people. Don’t act worse than an animal.”


Clyde’s expression hardened at my icy tone, and he twisted his swollen lips. “Dare you be angry with me?”


“Why shouldn’t I be?”


Ha. Don’t you feel sorry for human Clyde?”


“I do feel sorry.” I tilted my head and scoffed just like him, “Just that I’m much more pitiable for having to deal with you.”


Clyde’s face stiffened, and my lips didn’t stop accusing.


“You wanted a lover, yet you forced your feelings on me, wanting only your mood to be catered to. How could I ever love you?”


“I tried.”


Oh, did you? But here’s the thing. I don’t even want to try because I dislike you.”




“I don’t even know what effort you’re talking about.”


My accusations were likely a dagger to his heart. No one else knew his vulnerabilities as well as I did, what he desired.


I picked up the fallen yellow umbrella and used it alone. He couldn’t come under this umbrella.


“Just… never show up before me again. That would be best.” With those words, I left Clyde in the rain and walked away.


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  1. Ouch! Poor demon Clyde, he just wants to be loved. Teresa’s not wrong to be upset with his behavior but I hope she finds a way to sincerely capture his heart. Thank you for this chapter!

  2. Ouch, that’s straight to the target, Theresa but it’s okay, I’m on your side girl! I mean, you really need normal boyfriend at this point 😂