BJ Villainess Chapter 18

Author: alyalia

Is it fortunate that there is only one black heart…?


No special event occurred until two black hearts. The target would be just uncooperative. However, starting with three black hearts, the situation would be dangerous. From that point on, it was the stage of executing the threatening behavior.


If I were the real Theresa, I would say, ‘What is this?! You lowly commoner!’ instead of greeting him with a smile.


“Hi, Damian. Long time no see. How was your vacation?”


Then Damian widened his eyes slightly as if surprised, then accepted my greeting, somewhat bewildered. “…I had a good time. You look in a good mood today, Theresa.”


“Yes, because there is something I have to do. By the way, this is my sister, Libby.”


Damian’s gaze moved in the direction I pointed.


“She’s my lost sister. She entered as a freshman this year. Libby, this is Damian West, my classmate, and the vice president.”


Damian’s face frowned strangely as if my natural introduction was bizarre. His expression was similar to the developer who found an incomprehensible error.


Libby took turns looking at Damian and me awkwardly before saying hello. “H-hello. My name is Libby.”


“…Hi.” Damian was still observing me as he accepted Libby’s greeting.


I didn’t do this change of attitude to prove that I have no hatred for Damian. Still, if I tried to improve our relationship steadily, at least I could avoid entering the path of death.


Didn’t they say you can’t spit on someone’s smiling face? I smiled as harmlessly as possible.


“Damian, are you on your way to the auditorium to help with the freshman entrance ceremony? Can I ask you to show my sister the way?”


“It’s not difficult, but… how did you know I was going to help with the entrance ceremony?”


“Everyone knew.”


I’m this game developer. How can I not know?


However, even if everyone knew, it was normal for Theresa to be indifferent. Damian knew that all too well. That’s why he stared at me as if trying to judge me, who didn’t get out of his way. As we looked at each other as if observing, a very hostile voice came sharply.


“Can’t you get away from Damian right now, Theresa Squire?”


When I turned my head, I saw a lady with impressive short pink hair approaching me.


Mimosa Bruni. She is the princess of Duke Bruni and a villainess just like Theresa.


Valhalla, which aimed for equality, still couldn’t get rid of the strata, so only a few people could be rude to Theresa. But Mimosa could do that. She wasn’t just a simple princess because her mother was the emperor’s half-sister. So Mimosa had the blood of the imperial family.


Her light purple eyes are proof of that. The royal family, who were born with thick blood, have purple eyes. It was because of the special mana of the imperial family.


Mimosa tried to push me away without hesitation.


“How dare you hit on Damian if you’re not crazy?”


“Wait, Mimosa!”


Before Damian stopped her with a surprised look, I grabbed Mimosa’s extended hand and did a handshake. “Oh my, Mimosa. It’s nice to see you from the beginning of the semester. How have you been?”


“…?!” Mimosa was surprised, making an expression of what was wrong with me.


I casually introduced Libby. “This is my sister, Libby. If you bully this kid, your safety won’t be guaranteed in the future.”


“W-what? Are you crazy! You dare to threaten me now?!”


“I’m telling you the truth. It’s for you, so you’d better keep that in mind.”


Libby is the female protagonist, so you will die if you mess with her. My sincere advice made Mimosa look almost fainted. 


“Dare… You dare to me, to the imperial family…!”


In fact, her status was somewhat ambiguous since she couldn’t use the title of Highness. So people treated her with respect only to a certain extent. She is the same case with Madam Shati. After all, I learned [intermediate etiquette].


When a commotion broke out in the already crowded lobby, the students stopped their way and looked at us.


“Theresa must have picked a fight with Damian again. It seems that Mimosa is very angry with that.”


Theresa hated Damian. All the students were aware of this fact.


Another student explained. “Not this time. Theresa even greeted Damian kindly.”


Ah… I closed my eyes tightly in shame.


<God’s Play> followed many of the existing school romance drama formulae. The flower of the academy was, of course, the existence of the Four Great Heavenly Kings. Still, then the number of male protagonists increased too much.


So, the appropriate compromise was between the two-top students, who were president Clyde and vice president Damian. Since the two were handsome and alluring male students who each boasted different charms, the group that followed them also split into factions. The faction members were filled 99% by noble ladies, so they naturally formed social clubs.  


The social club is just like a fan club. As anyone had noticed by this point, Theresa is the president of Clybe, Clyde’s fan club, the ‘Clyde’s Brides-to-be.’ Mimosa is the president of Demisa, Damian’s fan club, ‘People who are crazy about Damian.’


Two suns cannot exist under the sky. That’s why Theresa and Mimosa were at odds. Isn’t it the same fate with the idol fandom to fight against outside forces?


My younger sister is a crazy kid who runs fansite, comes to fan signing events, and even becomes sasaeng fan [1] ,  so I know a little about that world. Thanks to that, I got the inspiration to introduce the fan club system in <God’s Play>.


Honestly, I didn’t think much of it until I went to school. Because the fan clubs and the presidents were just settings. No, it was more accurate to say that I was unaware that I belonged to that club.


However, when I realized that I was arguing with another fan club president, Mimosa, in the presence of Damian and many other people, including Libby, I became unbearably embarrassed. It was a terrifying feeling as if the diary in which I had written fanfiction filled with delusions that should never be found out was revealed to the world.


Why can’t my body’s reaction be controlled by magic?  I was desperate for a way to cool my reddened cheeks. I decided to leave this place for a good reason. Then I saw a savior in my sight.




It was a man who was much taller than the rest, with long black hair that looked dark red depending on the light, tied loosely.


I raised my hand with a radiant smile. “Professor! Professor Ilya!”


“Professor! Professor Ilya!”


The man looked back at me with a cool face. He was in size more suitable to become a warrior. Still, strangely, the fact that he is a wizard suited him well, and he gave off an atmosphere of independence and unsocial.


Ilya Bernstein, Valhalla’s youngest professor and genius wizard of the Bernstein family. Like Damian, he is one of the male protagonists.


[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ shakes his head, saying he’s not his type.]


How come? He’s an amazing alpha male.


Ilya Bernstein was a perfect carnivorous man with testosterone running down his whole body. If he played baseball, he would be the best pitcher in the major leagues to win the Cy Young Award. If he played football, he would be the quarterback, the field commander.


I had a good feeling for Professor Ilya, who stopped walking without ignoring me, and everything looked good. “Look at my mind. I had to go to the professor, but how could I forget about it? Damian, please take care of my sister.”




Of course, Mimosa jumped up. “What nonsense is that?! Why would you ask Damian to…!”


“Right, Mimosa. Let’s go to the professor together.”


In this way, Damian and Libby could be together naturally, and the risk factor of Mimosa was removed, so it was perfect.


“W-what? Why me!”


“Professor is the most genius wizard in the Bernstein family. There’s no harm in being close to him, don’t you think so?”


“I don’t! I don’t think so!” Mimosa was terrified because she was afraid of Professor Ilya.


“Goodbye! See you later, Damian.”


I waved my hand to Libby and affectionately walked with my arms folded to Mimosa, who didn’t want to go.


“Let go of this! Are you really crazy?! This ignorantly strong thing…!”


“Oh my, don’t say such uncultured words. Mimosa, act like a princess.”



[Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[This is Theresa’s cultural style (law of nature.)]


I stood in front of Professor Ilya.


“Greetings, Professor.”


Professor Ilya’s dark green eyes indifferently scanned Mimosa. “What’s going on?”


  • 1. an obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of celebrities, specifically Korean idols, drama actors or other public figures.
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