BJ Villainess Chapter 182

Author: alyalia

Clyde’s personal lab was comfortable. The Willow family had clearly spared no effort in preparing this space for their heir. Ironically, that was why Clyde rarely used it. But thanks to that, I could study in a pleasant environment.


While I was focused on writing a report, Clyde tugged at the thread bracelet on my wrist.


“How long do you plan to keep this on?”


“Don’t. It’ll break.”


It was a bracelet I wore like a tattoo, so I hadn’t really thought about it until he mentioned it, making me aware of its presence again. He seemed dissatisfied with something, continuing to fiddle with the bracelet.


“Stuff like this is what commoners do. Diamonds would suit your wrist better.”


“Then buy me some before you say that.” I retorted nonchalantly but then hesitated. I had been planning to go to a boutique with him before the exams ended to buy something that could symbolize our love. Since he showed interest in jewelry, it seemed like the perfect timing to bring it up.


“Since you mentioned it, should we get something? We don’t have anything that we share.”


At my words, Clyde’s eyes widened, and he tensed his hand that was about to break the bracelet. That hand was wearing a wedding ring.


“…Are you serious?”




“Then, should we match rings?” As he spoke, Clyde removed the ring from his finger and stored it in subspace. It seemed he had no intention of listening to my opinion.


“Yes, let’s go with rings.”


He hurriedly stood up, his expression impatient. “Shall we go now? I know a jeweler where we can get something immediately. Yes?”


I hadn’t expected such an eager response, leaving me taken aback. “What? Not today. It’s raining, so it’s not a good day to go out anyway.”


Clyde turned his head to check the rain outside the window and slumped over the table with a frustrated look. “It’s been raining continuously. It’ll probably rain tomorrow too.”


The rain was just an excuse to lessen my guilt. The moment we received a symbol of love, the devil would perish, so I couldn’t just suggest going immediately as if I was eager to get rid of him. It felt cowardly.


Clyde took my left hand and persistently rubbed the spot where a ring would go. “Why is there never a clear day when we’re together? It’s so irritating.”


“…I actually like rainy days the best.” That wasn’t a lie.


Clyde, ever so simple, quickly brightened up and smiled upon hearing my preference for rainy days. “I can’t wait, after all.”


Suddenly, he made an unexpected remark and stood up. Confused, I looked up at him and asked, “What can’t you wait for?”


Clyde kissed my forehead and whispered in my ear, “You’re studying.”




Surely he didn’t mean to go to the jeweler now? His tone suggested exactly that, and I reached out to stop him, but Clyde was faster. I stared blankly at the space he had disappeared from.


“… What’s the rush?”


There were still two days left before the exam.


* * *

[Expel channel manager Ozworld for stirring up disputes within Pantheon immediately!]


Ozworld read the warning, written in bright red dye on the airship, with a disinterested expression. “I don’t understand why they do such unproductive things. It would be better if they tried to assassinate me at this time, wouldn’t it?”


When asked, the airship manager couldn’t agree and merely offered a perplexed smile.

It was natural for popular channel managers to have haters. But Ozworld’s haters were particularly harsh and excessive. More than just disliking him, they acted as if he must be eradicated as an evil.


The airship manager glanced at the exceptionally handsome Ozworld today. Rumors say the leader of the haters is someone related to Ozworld. Possibly the only person in Pantheon who might know Ozworld’s past. The airship manager felt a surge of curiosity but kept it to himself.


Ozworld was nothing but politely mannered trash. That was evident from the broadcasters he played with and destroyed at their peak.


Before the silence stretched too long, the manager offered flattering words. “It seems the haters are feeling threatened by your unprecedented success.”


At that, Ozworld looked at the control tower’s display screen with an inscrutable smile. On the screen, Clyde was seen endlessly coveting Theresa with his gaze, as if he couldn’t live without her. It was a revolting sight.




Ozworld rubbed his neck in annoyance at the unnecessary sentiment. He had been endlessly busy with Pantheon’s work for an upcoming event, leading to a rare loss of composure and a sharp temper.


Moreover, disputes among [BJ Villainess] fans escalating into actual fights have surged recently. As the issue stemmed from the most controversial channel in Pantheon, Ozworld couldn’t avoid responsibility. Thus, a press conference was scheduled today in response to the Broadcasting Committee’s warning to brief future measures.


Then, David appeared with a new airship. “Master, you can depart now.”


Ozworld nodded leisurely and boarded the new airship. As soon as he sat down, he asked David, “Have you found the gathering place of the antis?”


“We have, but it’s not their main base, so the search continues.”


“Unlike the twins, you’re not handling these antis quickly.”


“I’m sorry.”


Ozworld smiled dryly, still looking bored. “It’s fine. They seem to have prepared thoroughly, so it’s not bad to play along for a while.”


The more people hated him, the more his supporters grew. The surge in Ozworld’s haters was also cited as one reason for the [BJ Villainess] channel’s growth.


David cautiously suggested, “Wouldn’t it be better not to go on air until the antis issue is resolved?”


This time, the antis had caused errors in the broadcast, and no matter how much they were tracked, no traces were found. But Ozworld remained calm.


“Being defensive won’t catch them. If I intervene directly in the broadcast, they’ll surely create more errors. We’ll wait for that moment.”


“Isn’t that too risky?”


“Give a little to take a lot. It’s a simple strategy.”


However, David couldn’t shake the feeling that Ozworld was unnecessarily inviting danger.


“No doubt, David.”




Ozworld, who had been looking at the screen with today’s questions, turned to meet David’s surprised gaze. “I think I know who the leader of the antis is. If my guess is right, this method is the only way they’ll show themselves.”


David’s eyes widened further. “Who is the leader? Someone I know?”


“Probably no one in Pantheon knows. They’re not from here.”


Not from here meant the leader of the antis was from Ozworld’s world. But that world was… Wasn’t it destroyed? David raised an eyebrow in confusion, recalling the only fact he knew about Ozworld.


Then, the airship landed at Ozworld Company. The press conference was to be held inside the company. The moment Ozworld appeared, flashes went off chaotically. Then, as the light ceased, a murmur of confusion spread among the journalists.


Uh… Is that Mr. Ozworld?”


“Seems like it?”


The journalists were understandably perplexed.


Today, Ozworld appeared in a clean, golden blond hair without any dyed sections, dressed in a black suit. It was the first time the constellations had seen him like this.


As they watched him walk to the podium, everyone forgot their gleeful anticipation of catching Ozworld’s weakness and stared at him dumbfounded for a moment. Ozworld, stripped of his usually excessive flamboyance, exuded a strange sense of domination.


Standing in front of the podium, he lowered his gaze and opened his mouth. “I’ll take questions now.”


* * *

The press conference, which had been an opportunity to tarnish the unchanging number one, ended rather tamely. The focus shifted from the disputes within Pantheon caused by the broadcast to Ozworld’s dramatic transformation.


Unable to ask off-topic questions, the journalists were frustrated and couldn’t concentrate properly on the conference. In their minds, they all thought, ‘The real scoop is Ozworld himself.’ So, as Ozworld was about to leave the podium, someone risked being dragged out to ask one last question.


“One last question! Is Mr. Ozworld’s current appearance related to BJ Villainess’s broadcast?”


It was a sharp question. Ozworld stopped leaving and looked at the journalist who asked, smiling faintly. “Yes.”


An explosive reaction followed.


“Mr. Ozworld! Just a moment!”


“What’s the connection? Can you explain a bit more?”


David and other employees blocked the pressing journalists, and Ozworld left the scene gracefully. He entered the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor, revealing the analysis room as the doors opened.


“You’ve arrived, Mr. CEO.”


As he stepped out, the analysis team greeted him. Ozworld went straight to the point. “Have you finished analyzing that butterfly?”


A peculiar variable, the ‘Squire Butterfly,’ which appeared in the broadcast recently. It wasn’t just a power that worked within his created world but could also traverse time and space to other locations. An annoying ability, to say the least.


The team leader answered, “To put it simply, the ‘Squire Butterfly’ in the <God’s Play> game settings possesses a different power. It’s a force that the universe naturally generated out of necessity.”


Naturally generated. An annoyingly irksome phrase. Ozworld stared at the analysis screen, licking the roof of his mouth. “An uncontrollable variable…”


Though expected, the results of the analysis were displeasing. Whether to criticize the inept outcome or to admire Theresa for unknowingly creating such a result was unclear.


Then, a development team member presented a screen. “Mr. CEO, the mansion for use within the game has been completed. The settings are also registered.”


Ozworld nodded at the sight of the old-fashioned mansion blending well with its surroundings as if it had always been there. If a variable had arisen, he would simply have to adjust it himself. Human endeavors were always filled with such variables, and Ozworld had never failed to steer a broadcast in the direction he wanted.


“Let’s proceed with the <God’s Play> update now.”

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