BJ Villainess Chapter 183

Author: alyalia

24. Update

On rainy days, nobles prefer to invite jewelers to their mansions rather than visiting the stores themselves, sparing themselves the trouble. Thus, on days like today, it should have been quieter than usual. However, the sudden appearance of a demanding customer had the jewelry store bustling with activity.


“How do you find this one? If it’s as you described, a gem with a vivid color like this ruby would suit the recipient well.”


Clyde frowned displeasingly at the sight of the large ruby ring. “No rubies. I’d prefer diamonds.”


The manager said apologetically, “Good diamonds are hard to come by these days, especially with the summer ball approaching.”


“Do I need to consider that?”


Clyde, being the heir of the Willow family, was not in a position to worry about such matters. Goods, even those already paid for, should be offered up to him if necessary. But that was only possible if the goods were available.


“We don’t have large diamonds as you described, but we do have a ring adorned with smaller diamonds all around.” The manager carefully opened a black velvet box to reveal the small diamonds sparkling brilliantly. The issue was the size.


Clyde, remembering the finger he had been fidgeting with before coming to the store, muttered, “This ring is a bit large…”


“This is all we have for now.”


The ring was to his liking, shining brilliantly under the light, seeming well-suited for Theresa. He thought if Theresa put on a little weight, the size would no longer be an issue.


“I’ll take this one. Engrave my initials on the inside.”


The manager, relieved, was about to put away the other jewels when Clyde stopped him. “Pack up everything you’ve shown me except that ruby ring.”


The manager’s smile brightened despite the gloomy weather. “I’ll prepare everything right away. Shall I send everything to the Willow estate?”


“Do that. Give me the diamond ring once the engraving is done.”




Diring! A new customer entered as all the staff were busy packing Clyde’s items, prompting the manager to greet them personally.


“Welcome. Are you looking for something specific?”


“I’m looking to buy a ring.”


Clyde glanced over at the gentleman who had just entered, attracted by the mention of a ring. The man was dressed in a fine black suit, unmistakably noble in appearance, with neatly combed back dark blond hair, exuding a sunny radiance, unlike Clyde’s cold, sharp demeanor. Clyde raised an eyebrow. Despite the man’s striking appearance, Clyde did not recognize him.


“I’m sorry, but all the rings have been sold. Ah, there is one ruby ring left.”


The man smiled upon seeing the ring Clyde had excluded. “I like it. I’ll take this one.”


“Just a moment, please.”


As the manager took the check and the ruby ring from Ozworld, Clyde’s interest shifted away. Soon, the engraved diamond ring was presented to Clyde. He stood up to leave.


“I wouldn’t give that ring to Miss Theresa if I were you,” said the man, catching Clyde’s attention.


The manager, oblivious to the tension, cheerfully said, “Please visit us again,” and left.


 “What are you?” Clyde asked, certain the man was not human. If he were, the manager’s mind would have been manipulated through some spell, but that hadn’t happened. The only beings capable of such acts were demons or angels.


“I apologize for the late introduction. I am Ozworld of the Vallensia family.”


Ozworld Vallensia? It was a name and family Clyde had never heard of.


He’s not a demon. There was no scent of his kinship from Ozworld. Even high-ranking demons like Ilya left traces of their suppressed presence, but Ozworld appeared entirely human. Yet, Clyde’s intuition told him this man was not human and had deliberately approached him.


“Did you approach me on purpose?” Clyde asked, full of suspicion.


Ozworld’s smile deepened. “I thought it pitiful that you are so blissfully unaware, so I decided to enlighten you with the truth.”


Ozworld snapped his fingers. Snap!



[Quest: The Demon’s Lover]

Reward: The disappearance of the demon Clyde

Failure: The disappearance of human Clyde

If you do not receive a token of love from demon Clyde by the start of summer vacation, you fail.


Clyde stared at the translucent screen that appeared out of thin air, his eyes wide.


“What you see is a task Miss Theresa must undertake to save human Clyde,” Ozworld said, pleased with Clyde’s reaction.




While Clyde was in shock, the manager, having verified the check, rushed back, surprised, with the ring. “Oh, Marquis Vallensia. I didn’t recognize you and failed to greet you properly.”  The scene seemed as if it was manipulated, like a puppet show.


Ozworld, without looking at the manager, took the box with the ring and left the store with one last piece of advice. “The choice is yours, Mr. Clyde.”  The mysterious quest window vanished along with Ozworld.


Clyde stormed out of the store like an angry man, his mind burning with the thought of using magic to immediately transport himself to Valhalla to confront Theresa. Yet, he forced himself to calm down. “…What if I’ve been deceived?”


The words of Ozworld, was it? They didn’t inspire trust but rather a peculiar sense of discomfort, especially his gaze. It wasn’t the look one gives to someone pitiable. It was the look of someone wishing death upon another.


Whatever that thing he showed him was, or whatever being Ozworld might be, it didn’t matter. Theresa was what mattered to me, and she was slowly succumbing. Clyde regained his composure as if nothing had happened and moved on.




Seeing her startled face made him wonder why it felt so strange.


Theresa, noticing his empty hands, asked with a hint of relief, “Where did you go all of a sudden?”


“To buy a ring.”




Clyde reassured her with a smile and embraced her waist. “But I couldn’t find the diamond ring I wanted, so it might take some time to acquire. Are you disappointed?”


“Not at all.”


Her expression clearly showed she wasn’t disappointed at all. Clyde couldn’t help but burst into laughter. So, she had been plotting to get rid of me?


“I’m sorry. I’ll find a better one and make sure to put it on you.”


“I really don’t mind.”


You’re truly cruel, Theresa. But that’s okay. He never intended to disappear anyway. He did feel the burning pain as if his body was being consumed when Ghost purified the forest infested with monsters. But that was the end of it. That alone couldn’t revive the personality of human Clyde that Lilith had suppressed. Yet, he pretended to be weak because of Theresa’s reaction.


I wonder how she came to know I’m half-demon and half-human. Is it related to that strange thing shown by a man called Ozworld?


So, had she changed her behavior towards him because he altered his appearance, unlike how she treated human Clyde?


Despite her tough exterior, Theresa was soft and vulnerable inside. But not to everyone. From what he could tell, she only showed weakness towards Libby, Damian, Ilya, and human Clyde. He, as a demon, wasn’t on that list.


That’s so unfair. He couldn’t specify why it was unfair, but it felt that way. Theresa shouldn’t be like that. She needed to love him. To find him adorable and pitiable, to hold him close and cherish him. It just seemed right.


So, he utilized what he could. Being weak around human Clyde, he mimicked him even more actively. He went around in a pathetic, sickening manner, suppressing his temper as much as possible. Initially, he doubted he could pull off such antics, but gradually, he became immersed in it.


He noticed the texture of Theresa’s gaze towards him changing, her scent becoming sweeter. It was a shockingly generous reward for his efforts. The high-quality affection he experienced for the first time stabilized his chaotic identity. For the first time, he felt complete. This emotion, he was certain, could only be given by Theresa.


What started as a form of retaliation gradually became something else. Now, he genuinely wanted Theresa. He wanted them to be true lovers, each other’s everything. Forever.


“I love you, Theresa.”


He loves her even if she’s trying to kill him. The one who loves more loses, right? So, he’ll forgive her. And she should forgive him too.


Clyde gave Theresa, who looked troubled, a brief kiss before letting her go. “I won’t disturb your studies anymore.”


In two days, human Clyde would cease to exist.


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    1. Exactly, what is he up to showing Clyde the system?! Is this part of the plan to flush out the Antis?

      1. Yes and no.
        Remember,they did mention a few chapters before that Oz tends to interfere and destroy the world when the stream gets into one of the most popular 10.