BJ Villainess Chapter 2

Author: LyraDhani

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Raul sighed deeply as he looked down at Theresa, who was being examined by the doctor.


The doctor said without worries that the treatment was completed.


“It seems that her shoulders and neck have become tight for a moment due to stress, causing her to pass out. She’ll be fine if she rests.”




Theresa had a simple personality.


She had an honest and direct personality so she got angry when she was angry and smiled when she was happy, so she must have lived without knowing stress until now.


“Was the breakup that shocking?”


Raul sighed again.


In fact, considering the breakup, Theresa contributed more than 90 percent of the causes.


Although the fiancé didn’t match the Count’s position, it was too much of Theresa to enslave him cruelly like that.


The noble’s son, who was a prospective son-in-law, showed stressful circular hair loss and earnestly asked for a breakup.


‘How humiliating it was…’


Raul was very angry with Theresa and immediately proceeded with the divorce, even giving compensation.


Except for his pride, there was no way he could withstand the scandal that Theresa was a princess with a history of breaking up a marriage in the social world.


So he ventured out and, not surprisingly, Theresa was drinking and protesting against him that day.




However, the tears were really unexpected.


Theresa was a child who used evil, spits, and curses in order to get what she wanted, and she had never shed a tear before.


He thought it was very poisonous.


He was more disgusted thinking about her harsh treatment of his wife and her younger siblings.


He thought she was the daughter who had already lost his affection.




Raul shook his head as he stared at Theresa’s tear-stained face.


Before he left the room, he called the servant.


“When Theresa wakes up, tell her that the curfew is canceled.”


“Yes, my Lord.”


  1. New Channel: BJ Villainess


“Wake up now.”


A soft voice pierced the distantly subdued mind.




I let out a lot of harsh breaths as if I had just escaped from the water, lying on the bed.


A dizzying headache, as if I had been stabbed with an awl, and a body heavy as wet cotton felt unfamiliar.


How much have I lost my mind?


I looked down at the pure white sheet and couldn’t easily raise my head.


Just in case this place wasn’t the studio.


I was afraid that the strange thing of becoming a villainess in the game I’d been producing that should be a dream had become a reality.




However, my eyes trembled at the wallpaper pattern that I saw as soon as I raised my head.


It was a wallpaper designed for the Duke of Squire.


I murmured vaguely in a cracked voice.


“It’s not a dream…”


“Not at all.”




The soft voice of a strange man came right next to me.


I crouched back like a herbivore, sensing an instinctive danger.


The man looked down at me as if he were having fun.




I swallowed dry saliva.


The opponent had flashy bleached hair, a bunch of piercings in his ears, and he was dressed in a grotesque bright red suit.


His eyes lowered down and the corners of his mouth relaxed.


Everything about him looked so distorted that it seemed insane.


This man wasn’t a character created by our team.


“Who are you?”


The man gave me a Western-style greeting in an exaggerated gesture.


“I’m Ozworld, the channel manager. You can think of me as a helper who will help you proceed smoothly for the enjoyment of the Constellations.”


I remembered the notification window [The Constellations enter] that I had seen before I passed out.


Since this possession was not a dream, the BJ and broadcasting weren’t a dream either.


‘…Does that make sense?’


That’s real? Why the hell?


Ozworld swung a cane decorated with skull ornament and ruby eyes in his hand.




A single sofa was dragged to the bedside like a fish sewn on a hook.


I looked at the surreal phenomenon with slightly dazed eyes.


Ozworld sat down and made eye contact with me with an appreciative gaze.


“You seem to have calmed down to some extent, so let’s talk in earnest, shall we?”


I sat straight on the bed with a nervous look.


My hands clenched the blanket as if it was a solid piece of armor.


Oswald’s gaze touched the wrinkled blanket and he smirked.


“There’s nothing to be nervous about. The suggestion I’m making isn’t going to hurt you.”


“That’s up to me.”


In response to my stern reply, Ozworld nodded, “As you please.”


“If you compare it to the world you lived in, a channel manager is like a broadcast PD. However, the target is not humans, but the Constellations.”


Ozworld continued to explain and looked annoyed for a moment.


“I have satisfied the Constellation mainly through dark genres such as disaster, war, betrayal, and revenge… Ha-ha. The recent broadcasting trend has changed.”




When Ozworld flicked his finger, something like a screen listing the ranking of popular YouTube videos appeared in the air.


I’ve been trying my best to come to terms with this situation, but…


‘What is this?’


Every time a surreal phenomenon occurred, I was shocked every time.


Ozworld only said what he wanted to say as if my reaction was not important.


“Do you see that everything from No. 1 to No. 30 has genre romance?”


Tsk. Ozworld clicked his tongue lightly.


I could clearly see how much he hated love stories.


“This is what the trend is like, so I couldn’t help but join. The popularity of the existing channels is rapidly decreasing. Then, I discovered <God’s Play>.”


“Wait a minute.”


I interrupted his words.


“Is that broadcast done in a way where the creator is possessing a human creation?”


“Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.”


‘In that case, the person who possesses the game doesn’t have to be me.’


“…Why me?”


Then Ozworld answered with a strange smile.


Since <God’s Play> has typical elements, I thought it is a good start for the romance genre. Well, so are you.”


A woman who wants to be loved by everyone.


A typical self-reliant creator who is so desperate for love that she made a game containing her wishes.


As soon as I realized the implied meaning, my face instantly went red.


Ozworld looked sorry for me.


“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why I chose you.”


Those words weren’t comforting at all.


I trembled slightly, feeling stuck in the mud.


It was so disgraceful and unpleasant.


To the point that I wanted to slap him in the face and shut him up.


The emotion that soared shook me, but I tried to suppress it, swallowed it, and asked calmly.


“This body that I am possessing is a villain, so I can’t lead a romance story the way you want, you know?”


‘I don’t even want to.’


Ozworld replied in a relaxed manner.


“That’s why it’s more fun.”


The way he talked like it was someone else’s business made me angry.


“What happens if I don’t do anything?”


Ozworld smirked.


As if my sharp reaction didn’t matter. I guess there had been one or two kids like me all this whole time.


“Ah, it doesn’t matter, though. If you don’t feel regretful for the [wish ticket] that you can buy by collecting donations from the Constellations.”


Ozworld flicked his finger again and a new window popped up.





▹Wish ticket [1,000,000,000 coins]


: Grant any wish once.



“Anything is possible, from a petty wish to kill an enemy or save a loved one to a wish to eliminate a dimension.”


Does that mean it’s possible to get back to Earth?


As if he had noticed what I thought, Ozworld smiled and opened his mouth 


“Of course, it’s possible to go back to where you lived. Although we have to end the broadcast first.”


“End the broadcast?”


“Yes, just as games have an end, the broadcast ends when the content ends. After the broadcast ends safely, you will live as a member of this world. If you don’t want that, you can collect 1 billion coins and buy a wish ticket before the end of the broadcast.”


It means that to return to Earth, I have to finish the broadcast and collect 1 billion coins to make a wish.


“You must have seen the scene where the production crew gave a mission to the cast on TV. Like this.”




The moment the sound of the snapping fingers hit my ears like lightning.




[Quest: See the true ending of <God’s Play> in hard mode]


▸Compensation: End of Broadcast


▸Failure: Death


A quest window was created.


Ozworld explained kindly.


“This broadcast is thoroughly based on the content provided by <God’s Play>.”


Games usually have three stages.


[Easy Mode] is the easiest stage and you can instantly resurrect even if you die during the game.


[Normal Mode] has higher difficulty than Easy Mode, but you immediately resurrect when killed during the game.


[Hard Mode] has the most death routes and bad ending elements and it is game over when you die.


I have to proceed with <God’s Play> in hard mode. I am also the villainess, Theresa.


‘But you can’t see the true ending with Theresa.’


The true ending is only allowed for the heroine.


Like flowing blood, natural hair, and eye color, this is not something that could be changed by effort.


Ozworld continued his terrible explanation as if it were not enough.


“And BJ who doesn’t play well goes to hell after death.”


…What do you mean, hell after death?


“Hell will make what you fear come true. It’s like putting yourself in misery that you can never solve no matter how many times you repeat it.


Oswald snorted with a look of enlightenment.


“Your hell most likely will be an infinite repetition of your life from the age of 8 to 20.”




I could tell that my face was white without looking in the mirror.


Ozworld grabbed my chin tightly with a look of ecstasy.


In a blink of an eye, the distance between us became so close I could hardly breathe.


“Finally, instead of the damn calm expression, you’re making a face that I really like.”


His gaze licked my face like a tongue.




Glaring at Oswald as if I was going to kill him, I slapped his hand off my chin in displeasure.


“This expression is also exciting. As expected, should I say that my eyesight is accurate?”


Pervert bastard. Go die.


“I want to explain a little more, but if I play the advertisement video for too long, a lot of Constellations will leave. Let’s resume the broadcast now.”


Ozworld used his cane! When I hit the floor with a sound, I felt like thin static electricity was passing through my whole body.


Tik. Tok.


Then, the second hand of the clock, which had not been heard before, was heard.


The time seemed to have stopped for a moment.


“I hope you will become a BJ of a big channel. Miss Shin Jiwoo.”


Ozworld evaporated as he finished his speech.

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  1. i suspect there will be a love line between ozworld and the mc !!

  2. It’s unfair. A given ticket to home and a 1 billion points should be a separate rewards. I hate this kind of situation where I’m being manipulated with no choice. If only the mc could slap that son of a btch. Or like kill him or something.