BJ Villainess Chapter 21

Author: alyalia

Of course it’s not true, but it feels strange to be treated as a joke.


The young ladies twinkled their eyes, curious about what the dormitory looked like. I had no choice but to show them around.


The size of the dormitory was certainly not that big. Still, the first floor had a small living room, dining room, and a room for the maid. The second floor was the bedroom and dressing room.


“So that’s how it looked like…”


I liked the dormitory, which was decorated with much more reality rather than imagination. Contrary to me, the young ladies swarmed each other, and their expressions grew darker as they looked around the dormitory.


“I’m worried about how Lady Theresa will live in such a shabby place…”


Now I understand why Damian hates nobles.


I’m going to send them all out and read the books.


“Excuse me, I’m going to finish reading these books by tomorrow.”


So why don’t you all go back? However, my words were also arbitrarily interpreted to suit Clybe’s taste.


“I was going to tell you that Lord Clyde was  in the library, but you already knew, right?”


No, I had no idea.


Clyde was set to often seen in the library.


“The meticulousness of preparing books in advance! I respect you, Lady Theresa.”


I smiled grimly. “Uh-huh. I guess so…”


I thought it would be better if I went to the library since everyone would be quiet and not make a fuss. Even if I stayed here, I would hear a lot of frustrating stories about how to live in the cramped dormitory, let alone read.


I had to run into Clyde anyway.


My gaze turned to the notification window.


[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ expects this male protagonist to be his taste.]


[The Constellation ‘Let’s play the game’ is satisfied with confirming all the male protagonists from the first day.]


Yes, let’s go.


I rushed to the library in the main building with the young ladies. As soon as I entered the rather small library on the first floor, I had to be careful not to exclaim.


There are more books here than in the Duchy!


Don’t you all have a dream? A library where you climb a ladder to take out a book. Anyway, I had that dream.


A library that has two-story bookshelves and is filled with magic books. It’s much cooler in person. My heart pounded with excitement.


At that time, the young lady right next to me whispered with a blushing expression for a different reason. “There he is…!”


As I moved my gaze along her fingertips, I saw a breathtakingly beautiful man. The owner of the neat silver hair looked like a crystal of innocence, with a pure and innocent face. That man with an aura that made anyone lose their sanity just by looking at him was the student council president, Clyde Willow.



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[What a face genius.]


This Constellation seemed like a cold beauty, like a sculpture.


Damian wouldn’t have looked particularly gently if it weren’t for his sad expression and glasses. At first glance, he might seem very friendly, but that was a made-up impression. However, from their appearance, Clyde and Damian were definitely opposites in all aspects, including impression, attitudes, and origins.   


We huddled together near Clyde. I put down my books and glanced at Clyde, who didn’t even look toward us. Clyde’s character information.


[Clyde Willow]

Age: 22

Height: 188 cm

Birthday: January 31st

Likes: –

Dislikes: Love

Likeability: 🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍




He already has two black hearts. I quickly lowered my eyes. That meant that Theresa’s existence itself was an annoyance.



[The Constellation ‘Detective’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[Find a clue. The male protagonists who have appeared so far have the same birthday as January 31st.]


I borrowed the stationery from the young lady who brought a pen and paper to draw Clyde’s figure, then sat down a little further away. I wrote the explanation for the Constellations on that paper.


<For this game, you have to fill up the likeability of at least one male protagonist before January 31 next year. The male protagonist, whose heart gauge filled, would send an invitation to his birthday. The ending will change depending on whose invitation you accept that day.>


[The Constellations understood your explanation.]


The place wasn’t appropriate to burn the paper, so I slightly used my mana and rubbed the letters with my fingers. Then, the mana burned only ink, so the letters disappeared. Such a delicate control wouldn’t have been possible without training.


When I raised my head with a proud smile, my eyes met with Clyde. Since when has he been looking at me? There was no way he could see the writing on the paper, but I felt awkward because I was facing that cold gaze.


I smiled as naturally as possible and opened the book, averting my gaze. When I checked Clyde with a side glance, he was also concentrating on his book.


[Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ wants you to sit in front of Clyde.]


What nonsense. I like my situation right now. Unlike the previous two male protagonists, this situation won’t require me to exchange words with Clyde. How comfortable.


That’s why Clyde went to the library to prevent his followers from acting recklessly. And there was another reason.


It’s also to avoid his disgusting family members.


Magic School Valhalla was also the residence of Duke Willow. Clyde is the successor to the Willow family. It was decided naturally because his grandfather was the chairman of Valhalla, and his father, who should have inherited the family, died. Of course, the reason why he became the heir was that he had overwhelmingly outstanding abilities.


However, being young is a factor that easily causes problems. Among the elders of the Willow family, collateral families, and cousins of similar age, many were jealous of Clyde and hoped he would be ruined. There was also a suitable excuse.


“Look at Lenox becoming a madman, my Lord. There’s no guarantee that Clyde wouldn’t be like his father when he grew up!”


However, that was also a word that touched Duke Willow’s anger. It became an opportunity to announce Clyde as his successor. Nevertheless, the elders and collateral families didn’t accept it and waited for the opportunity to bring down Clyde.


After graduating from Valhalla, Clyde’s qualities couldn’t longer be questioned. To doubt Clyde was the same as to doubt Valhalla and Duke Willow. It was no different from treason.


This year was their last chance. For Clyde, he only had to make it through this year well. That’s why he wandered off to deserted places and avoided the annoyances.


That’s why Clyde tends to pop up all over the school out of the blue.


If you wanted to target him, you had to go to deserted places. So, if you didn’t want to run into him, you had to go to crowded places as much as possible.  However, Damian often appeared in such places. Those facts made me in a dilemma.  There would be a male protagonist wherever I go. Whoever made this game they’re so meticulous.


While I was reading a book and dozed off for a moment, the young ladies got up from their seats one by one and whispered to me, probably tired from reading.


“I need to go back to my family now.”


There were three libraries in Valhalla. However, since this library only kept high-level magic books, there were no general education books or history books, so everyone seemed to be really bored. 


That’s why they admired my thorough preparation for preparing the books in advance.


The young ladies thought the books I brought were romance novels, but when they saw those were magic books, they made strange faces as if asking why I had brought such books.  


But this kind of book is interesting.


It was around the time when I was in the middle of reading and flipping through the pages.


Tuk, tuk. I looked up at the sound of tapping and saw Clyde. I stared at him in silence with a puzzled expression. There’s no way Clyde would talk to Theresa first though…?


“It’s 5 o’clock.”


All libraries except the largest one on the first floor were closed at 5 o’clock.




I took out my pocket watch and checked the time. I didn’t even notice the time passing because I was so focused on reading the magic book. No wonder I get hungry.


I got up quickly with my books, then saw the empty library. Before I knew it, only Clyde and I were left here. Oh, it’s a perfect situation to misunderstand that I purposely stay until the end, right?


I smiled awkwardly and quickly greeted him. “Thank you for letting me know. I will leave now.”


It was when I tried to turn around like that.


“That’s funny, Theresa Squire.”


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  1. Don’t you all have a dream? A library where you climb a ladder to take out a book. Anyway, I had that dream.

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