BJ Villainess Chapter 3

Author: LyraDhani

In an instant, the surroundings became silent.




I sat in bed doing nothing.


It was the system window that broke the silence.


[The Constellations get sick of the boring intro.]


I stared at the system window with dead fish-like eyes.


How many Constellations are watching me?


The thought choked me up.


The fact that I became a monkey trapped in a zoo and had to play tricks for unknown beings tied up my whole body like a chain of cold metal.


Soon, a smile flowed madly through my loosely parted lips.


I’m the developer of the <God’s Play>.


As such, I understood how thoroughly this worldview revolved around the heroine.


The heroine is loved just by breathing.


Theresa is the villain who lay all kinds of death flags to make the heroine stand out even more.


What do you want me to do with that Theresa?


‘I can’t believe I have to be loved by a male protagonist in order not to die.’


It was no different from the past when I had to beg for the affection of my family to live.


It was disgusting.




[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[When is the male protagonist coming out?]


Like a YouTube Donation, a sponsorship window popped up.


In this way, it seemed they were able to talk to me directly through sponsorship.


I thought this was a groundbreaking hell.


Ozworld, who made me possess the villain of this world, was a demon spawn.


To end the broadcast, I had to play <God’s Play> until the end without dying once and see the true ending.


Just stop. I don’t even know where to start.


This situation, the impending death, and the resulting penalty all threw me into a panic.


I am not the main character who overcame any hardship or adversity.


I am just an ordinary developer who used to make games…


“…Wait a minute.”


‘I don’t think there is any condition that the quest should be connected with a male protagonist?’


I went through the contents of the quest again.


[Quest: See the true ending of <God’s Play> in hard mode]




There was no saying that it should be an ending where I connected with a male protagonist.


‘There’s a way.’


The hard mode wasn’t completely the worst just because I possessed Theresa.


The true ending [Paradise] that could be seen without connecting to the male lead existed only in the hard mode.


I didn’t show my joy.


Considering that the Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ was looking for a male protagonist and the genre of this show was romance, no one would like an ending like this.


Even to our development team, who created this ending, it was just a bonus service.


You can see the ending right away if you find [Paradise].


So I was going to show the Constellation what they wanted, collecting 1 billion coins and jumping back to Earth.


It didn’t matter if I couldn’t collect 1 billion coins.


If I go to Paradise, the broadcast will end. If everything that poses a threat to Theresa is resolved, living as her isn’t bad either.


‘No, it might be better. It means I don’t have to go back to reality.’


When my thoughts were sorted out to some extent, I thought about what I had to do right now.


‘To find paradise, I must first lift the curfew and enter the school dormitory. To Theresa, the Duke of Squire is a death flag.’


The Duke’s house was full of hate for Theresa.


Because her father, Raul Squire, really hated Theresa.


It was now the starting point of the game, just before the heroine entered the Duke’s house.


Here, there was only one way for Therese to score points.


I removed the blanket that I had wrapped around me like an armor and left the room.


The destination was Raul’s study.


The current time, 10:40 a.m.


The Duke was always in his study at this time.


The employees looked at each other with astonished eyes as I walked around in my pajamas.


“What’s the matter, miss? Just tell me what you need and come back dressed properly..”


I walked past the butler and entered the study.








Raul frowned as soon as he saw me in my pajamas.


I gasped out my breath before he could yell.


“Father, Libby is alive.”


Raul seemed frozen for a moment.




Yeah, it’s gonna be hard to believe.


“I saw her myself downtown. A girl who looks just like Stepmother in a one-act play of a wandering troupe that commoners see.”


[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ hastily dissuades you.]


[‘Romance Pass’ scolds BJ for doing something that would be disadvantageous.]


Then another Constellation popped up a sponsorship window.




[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[lol lol lol]


T/L note: cider is also Korean slang for a feeling of refreshingness. You know, like when you drink a fresh spirite or something ╰(*´︶`*)╯


Seeing that they even sponsored me and laughed, it seemed they were trying to cheer me up.


Raul didn’t readily believe me.


“How can I believe it’s true?”


“I swear. If it’s not true, you can revoke my Squire authority.”


Deprive the princess of authority.


It was like telling him to kill Theresa.


When I pushed that hard, Raul couldn’t handle the nonsense.


However, the issue was too important to be believed.


“Why are you saying that now?”


Raul had a deep-rooted distrust toward Theresa.


Even if it was true, there was no way Theresa would ever tell Libby’s whereabouts because she would never be happy with her half-sister.


That’s how it was set.


I had a reason to convince Raul.


“Originally, I was going to tell you after I did some research to make sure. But you gave me a curfew.”


“So. If what you say is true, you want me to lift the curfew?”




A trivial deal for the safety of my sister.


This is just like Therese’s idea and behavior.


[The Constellations are lamenting.]


[The Constellation ‘Dramania’ shouts that this is what he wanted.]


[The Constellation ‘Dramania’ asks if there’s a secret to her birth.]


Raul showed signs of disappointment.


“…You don’t even deliver the order to the servant, and what you do at best is to hold onto your parent’s grief and shake it up.”


On the other hand, he expressed hope close to despair that he might be able to find his daughter this time.


Raul called the butler.


“Donovan, scour the wandering troupe that visited downtown… No, I should go there myself. Prepare the horse.”


“Yes, my Lord.”


Raoul, a great noble, didn’t move on his own when he tried to find out something.


The fact that he might find a child he thought he had lost seemed to make it difficult for him to still.


I guess that’s how parents feel. I don’t know.


Raul put on his coat and looked at me fiercely.


“Theresa, keep a low profile while I check the fact.”






He paused for a moment as if he thought I would protest.




When the servant, who was putting on the coat, called curiously, he finally hardened his expression and fold his arm.


Raul left the study with the butler and I was left alone.


It was a rather shabby treatment for a princess.


I sighed briefly, then suddenly noticed that my palms were sweaty.


It was unclear whether I was nervous about negotiating for future safety or whether dealing with Raul itself was burdensome.


Maybe it’s both.


I went straight back to the room.


I had something to do while Raul was away looking for Libby.


It was to leave my room.


“There. The furniture to the left. Wait, if I leave the dressing table here, the light reflects on the mirror. Move it to the other side.”


“Yes, miss.”


Theresa had the second-best room after the Duke and Duchess.


Having the best room among the children also meant being the heir to the family, which was very important.


I moved all of Theresa’s luggage to a corner where I wouldn’t be able to bump into my family.


“Put the vase in the window.”


“All right, miss. Where should I put this?”


“In the cabinet over there.”


However, the place where I was now was not the newly moved room, but the original successor’s room.


The reason why I was arranging furniture around here was simple.


“When my sister comes, organize it quickly so that she can use it right away. I’ll leave some of my new clothes here that I haven’t worn yet.”




I remembered how Libby’s room was designed and was interested in putting it into practice.


It gave me a unique feeling to see my creation come to life.


That was the only advantage of this damn possession.


‘I worked so hard to make this room.’


I felt attached to the room because it was designed by searching through interior magazines and old movies.




[The Constellation ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[I know lol are you going to make a secret passage like this? That’s how an assassination is carried out.]


Did the Constellation come in without knowing this is a romance broadcast? Assassination my ass.


‘And if I kill the heroine, it’s the same as entering the bad ending route.’


I was in a situation where I had to wish for the heroine’s success and happiness more than anyone else.




[The Constellation ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[I haven’t seen Ozworld pick a normal person lol aren’t you going to show your true color soon?]


‘That’s not wrong.’


I was thinking of escaping from Earth or anywhere in the world if I could find a way to Paradise.


It was probably not the kind of true color the Constellations wanted.


I decorated Libby’s room more enthusiastically.


Raul, who applied for paternity testing before the sun went down, would return to the Duke’s residence with Libby.


Then a maid came up to me.


“Miss, the Madam is here.”


Looking back, as if a golden rose had become a human, a gorgeous beauty was standing with a rigid face.


Duchess Roseanne Squire. She was Theresa’s stepmother.


[The Constellation ‘Dramania’ has some expectations for BJ’s move.]


…What expectations? Do you want me to slap her with kimchi?


T/L notes: this is just a guess but I think what the mc saying here is a reference to a Korean meme based on a Korean soap opera where a character is hit with kimchi (Look up kimchi slap). It’s probably the equivalent of splashing a drink on someone during a restaurant fight, but honestly, I am not sure. Please do correct me if I am wrong (*¯︶¯*)人

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