BJ Villainess Chapter 31

Author: alyalia

The lecture room was rather empty. Popular lectures were overflowing with students even if that weren’t their majors, but Ilya’s lecture wasn’t like that. The lecture <Attribute of Magic> taught by him wasn’t popular because it was non-combat.


Wizards were divided into combat-type and non-combat-type; by an overwhelming margin, combat wizards were popular. If you made a name as a combat wizard, you could become a hero and a big star of this empire.


Because wanting to be loved is a very natural desire. It was a setting that I personally opposed.


Anyway, for that reason, Ilya’s lecture, which was both non-combat and difficult to understand, was treated as minor. However, as difficult as it was, there were certain advantages.


Wizards with a high level of understanding of <The Attribute of Magic> had no type of magic they couldn’t handle and were able to cast high-level magic very quickly. An excellent attribute magic majors are much stronger than combat majors. Ilya and Clyde are living proofs.


As I came in late, I quickly took a seat that was close to me. It was unfortunate that I happened to be seated next to Clyde. Right, it was just an accident.


Clyde always sat in the front row, and I arrived later than the professor, so I had to sit somewhere quickly. Honestly, I think the fact that the seat I picked was right next to Clyde like intentional. However, I didn’t look at Clyde. I didn’t even say hi to him.


Clyde didn’t even turn his head this way, apparently deciding to treat me completely invisible. He even gave off a colder atmosphere than yesterday. I glanced at Clyde just in case and quickly confirmed his likeability.


[Likeability: 🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍]


…Yes? Suddenly?


Before I could even startle, I saw that Clyde was about to turn his head slightly, perhaps feeling my gaze. I quickly dropped my gaze to the book. My heart felt like it would explode.


It’s dangerous. Three black hearts wouldn’t lead to death right away, but it was a step that implied the possibility of death route.


How could I join the student council?  If I fail to join, I will have to commute from the duchy.


I didn’t want to die.


I closed my eyes tightly for a moment.


Outside, the club members’ chattering voices were faintly audible. They must have waited for the lecture to be over and were trying to chase after Clyde again. Looking at them in real life, it seems to be much more troublesome than I thought…I could fully understand why Clyde’s black hearts increased.


If I disband the club, will his black hearts decrease? To disband Clybe, Demisa had to be disbanded as well. It was because if only one disbanded, Damian or Clyde’s black hearts would rise. Then, events toward a bad ending were naturally arranged, and the probability of demons appearing increased. That was even worse.


I don’t know… Let’s just listen to the lecture first.


As soon as I raised my head with a disturbed expression, I made eye contact with Professor Ilya. Was he looking at me…? He then slowly lifted the chalk as if he was waiting for me. It was likely that I was mistaken, but I felt comforted nonetheless. At least one person in this world seemed to favor me.


Professor Ilya spoke plainly when I picked up my quill pen. “Let’s start the lecture.”


* * *



After the lecture, I fell to my desk with a groan. My eyes felt like they would fall out, and my fingers were all sore from using the quill I wasn’t used to. I was confused as to whether it was torture or a lecture.


Professor Ilya is the kind of person who proceeds mercilessly. Should I say that he’s the type who believes that I can’t keep up with the contents of the lecture because I’m stupid?


I looked through my notebook, put it in my bag, and got up. It was an unfortunate coincidence that Clyde also got up at the same time. Let’s not get involved as much as possible. Just ignore him like an invisible man.


I left the lecture room before Clyde mistaken that I was bothering him again. But that wasn’t a very good choice. It was because the front of the lecture room was crowded with the club members.


“You’re finally here, Lady Theresa! It must have been hard for you to listen to this torture-like lecture, right?”


I looked around with a look of surprise. If Professor Ilya heard it, it would be a disaster. Thank god, he’s already gone. I feel relieved for a moment.


Now, something absurd filled my mind. Don’t they have lectures? Why are they still here all the time?


At that time, a young lady with dark brown hair tied tightly with a large green ribbon spoke shyly. “Lady Theresa… You didn’t come out with Lord Clyde today…? Cough.


She is a lady with a skinny body that looked sick, with darkened eyes that shone strangely.


“…Lady Lumio.”


This young lady was a [Demon Contractor] created by our team. She’s not a contractor yet.


Unlike Lumio, the male protagonists acted relatively contextually because they were full of settings. However, the demon contractor, who was only a one-time villain, was different. This character was a ticking time bomb ready to summon demons at any time if a very simple condition was met.


The condition for Lumio to make a contract with a demon was that Clyde wouldn’t connect with Theresa. It meant that if Clyde got close to someone of the opposite sex or showed an excessive distance from Theresa, the demon would appear.


Why did we set this condition? It’s driving me crazy.


I made a plausible excuse not to upset Lumio.


“I came out quickly because I had something to discuss with Professor Ilya. It’s a little urgent.”


The easiest excuse to use in times of trouble was to sell out my professor.


Cough, I see… I wanted to see you two side by side… cough.


At that time, another young lady pushed Lumio away and approached me. “Lady Theresa! Why didn’t you come to the club room today? This morning, we had black tea from precious tea leaves!”


I quickly looked at Lumio. She was glaring at the young lady who had pushed her with terrifying eyes as if she would kill that lady.



[The Constellation ‘Scion of Black Flame’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[Hahaha! I can feel the sweet life.]


At that time, Clyde, whom I most didn’t want to encounter, came out of the lecture room.


“Get out of the way.”


Of course, Clybe let out a mixture of scream and exclamation, even staggered as if overwhelmed by his appearance.


“Aah! So handsome!”


“Oh my gosh, today you’re also dazzling…! I feel like my eyes are going to be blinded…!”


“Please Marry me!”


“Can’t you go away?”


It’s really embarrassing, Clybe…


I hurriedly pulled out my watch before Clyde’s anger was directed at me. “Oh, the assignment is due today, but isn’t it time for Professor Ilya to leave work soon? I will go first!”


Clyde had already distracted everyone, so no one listened to me except for Lumio.


“Ooh…! Ah…”


Lumion looked back and forth between Clyde and me with a very regretful look on her face, then quietly backed away. Seeing that there was no creepy look on her face, she seemed to have accepted the situation of me having to visit the professor. Sigh. That’s a relief.


Just before leaving like that, I turned my head and met his blue eyes. Clyde was staring at me blatantly.




Even though I knew it was the only time to escape, I was caught in his gaze. This was a force majeure.


Clyde was like a shining star in the dark night sky. No matter how dark it is, his starlight-like presence shines brightly, so you start looking at him unconsciously. The setting of a child born from succubus is this dangerous.


I dropped my gaze with a stiff look. Clyde might do something unexpected, so I had to be careful again.


Clyde is an invisible man. He’s not shining. Even though our team made him, he’s not my baby… I left this place as if I was running away, repeating sentences that were almost like self-brainwashing without even knowing that Clyde’s gaze was still on me.



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[Originally, love starts with hatred… For your information, I like Damian…]


What a crazy thing to say. What started from hatred wasn’t love but death.



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[Clyde has the best facial combination.]



[The Constellation ‘Stock Genius’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[When I see it, I definitely choose Ilya ㅋㅋ. My stock, let’s raise!]



[The Constellation ‘Minor Artisan’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[My heart responds to Oz x Theresa.]


This Constellation is the most insane.


I turned off the notification window because it wasn’t worth responding to. 


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