BJ Villainess Chapter 35

Author: alyalia

It’s done!


Clyde urgently called his grandfather as if he couldn’t accept it. “Mr. Chairman!”


But it was useless. The quest has already been completed.


I politely bowed my head. “I will not harm the reputation of the student council.”


“Haha! I’m looking forward to the future.”


Clyde looked at me as if he were looking at the most stupid thing in the world as we were laughing haha hoho like we were close.


Do you think the chairman likes me just because he compliments and laughs? Of course, I knew it wasn’t like that. In fact, he was the person who believed Theresa was stupid, more than Clyde.



[The Constellation ‘Born from Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[What is that person’s deal? Why is he looking down on our kid?]


“Then don’t fight, get along well.” The chairman left us with advice that would be given to a child, then he left the student council room.


Clyde laughed at me as soon as his grandfather disappeared.


“Your stupidity amazes me every time. It makes me want to make sure if you’re really a human.”


Who modeled him? Who made Clyde so rude?


I smiled in moderation and glossed over it. “Yes. I know. I wouldn’t have broken through your mana if I had been more stupid.”







[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]



Realizing my mistake belatedly, I curled my lips inwards. I must be crazy. No matter how pissed off I am, he’s not someone I should talk back to!


Clyde frowned his brows and put on an expression of pondering my remark. It was obviously sarcasm, but he believed Theresa couldn’t be saying that way to him, so he became confused.


“What did you mean? Do you really think you can become something just because you managed to break through my mana once?”


“…No? No way.”


I knew I would succumb to force. Life is precious, and there are many things I haven’t done yet. They said life is full of regrets.


Let’s retreat before my rebellious temperament inside me goes rampant again.


“I have a lecture, so I have to go. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Goodbye!”


I left the student council room at a rapid pace and headed for the lecture room. My step across the corridor was light, but it became urgent as if something was chasing me. It was because Clyde strode behind me with his hand in his pocket.


The students glanced at us with questioning eyes. Originally, I should have been the one who followed him, but the position was reversed, so it looked strange. I even saw members of the Clybe coming from afar like a swarm of clouds.


He’s going to catch up at this rate.


It was when I turned the corner with a quick glance behind me like a prey being chased by a wild beast. Thud!


This is why you must carefully look ahead on the road where many people pass by. I bumped into something and fell back.






Fortunately, Damian supported my waist from the front, and Clyde supported my back before I fell to the floor. Suddenly, like a sandwich, I got stuck between the two male protagonists. It was a very bad situation.



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]



…though for some, it was a scene where their dopamine explodes.


[The Constellations pay attention as two male protagonists appear at the same time.]


The current situation seemed very exciting not only to the Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ but also to other Constellations.


Before I could even apologize, Damian laughed.


“It’s already our third time bumping into each other.”


“Sorry again… I must be a little careless.”


Actually, one of my nicknames was Racehorse. It was a nickname that came from a narrow view. However, Damian didn’t care at all.


“Not. It’s fine as long as you don’t get hurt.”


Like a habit, I checked his likeability.


[Likeability: ❤️🤍🤍🤍🤍]


The red color that made me feel reassured just by looking at it, brightly lit up the status window like a rising stock. As expected, a child with a red heart has a different personality. He looks like an angel.


As I was thrilled, a cold voice came over my head.


“Can you stand up right now?”


I almost fell into Clyde’s arms as I almost fell backward. At his point, I raised my upper body and shyly expressed my gratitude.


“Thank you for holding me.”


Clyde raised his eyebrows as if I was talking nonsense. “I didn’t hold you, I stopped you. So that you don’t roll on the floor and get in my way. So what you have to say isn’t thanks, but an apology.” He even brushed his hands like a person who touched dirty things.


“…Uh, sorry.”


And Clyde suddenly snatched the application in my hand. “Even if you joined the student council under the chairman’s order, shouldn’t you still submit the application?”


I clenched my fists, which I hid behind the hem of my skirt so that Clyde couldn’t see them. Ironically, he’s right.


Damian, who was silent at that time, tilted his head. “Theresa, did you join the student council?”


“Yes. If you join the student council, you get a lot of extra points. The fourth year is an important time.”


Damian had a strange expression on his face for a moment and soon smiled brightly. “Great. We will see each other more often.”


I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a good thing to do life-and-death club activities together.


“Yeah. I know.”


While we were talking, Clyde passed by without saying goodbye. However, the lecture room he entered was the one I had to enter as well. Aah, I wondered why he was following me, but our majors were the same… It was a depressing realization.


“Uaah, Lady Theresa!”


In the meantime, Clybe was close by. It seemed like they would dragging my feet too much. That’s why I ran away to the lecture room. I said goodbye to Damian urgently, waving my hand as if playing at 2x speed.


“Then, see you next time!”


It was when I opened the lecture room door and went in.


“Student council…”


Before the lecture room door was closed, I heard Damian’s low voice and involuntarily turned my head. I could see his cool profile through the gap in the door that was slowly closing.




Creee- Tak.


The door closed.


I tilted my head with an uneasy feeling.


“It will be fun.”


What did he mean by that?


8. Unexpected talent


Professor Ilya’s lecture went smoothly. Since the theory was so complex, it was rather good that I didn’t have time to think as I was fighting a war against note-taking.


The problem was the other lectures. The <Transformation Magic> lecture was practice-oriented, so I had a lot of free time.


“Come out one by one and turn this flower into a butterfly. Students who succeed at once will be given extra points.”


While the students went and struggled to turn flowers into butterflies, I pondered what Damian meant. Why did he say it would be fun when I joined the student council? What did he think was going to be fun? It wasn’t a nuance of being happy to have a close friend join the same club. But I felt a bit bothersome.


Boom! Boom! Bang!


“Kyaa! Why is it becoming a man-eating plant, not a butterfly?!”


“Something seems wrong, Professor! The butterfly has a poison needle!”


“It’s not a butterfly. It’s a long-lived wasp. Next!”


The professor quickly rejected the students who failed to transform and reduced the turn.


“Argh! Professor, the flower suddenly attacked me!”


“If you don’t recall the exact image, no matter how much mana you put in, the results won’t come out properly. Next!”


As my turn approached gradually, I continued my thoughts in a daze. I don’t know what will happen in the future, so I’ll have to remove the bad ending element.


I sighed as I looked at the Ulysses Swallowtail [1] sitting on my finger. “Sigh. It’s difficult.”


The professor next to me said to me with a perplexed look. “… You seemed to be thinking about something else throughout today’s lecture, but you turned it into a butterfly at once.”


I tried my best to be as calm as possible to not show my sullen expression. “I succeeded at once by following Professor’s emphasis on recalling the exact scene in my head.”


The professor widened his eyes as if he hadn’t expected these words to come out of my mouth and blinked a few times quickly. “…Okay. I see. A wizard is a being who materializes an image. Even abundant mana will be useless if you don’t train your imagination well.”


“You’re right.”


“I can’t believe Student Theresa, who was the worst at it, gained enlightenment at once. This is the proudest day of my teaching career.”


The professor looked at me warmly with slightly teary eyes as if he was really moved, then continued. “Please continue to keep working hard.”


“Let’s continue to devote ourselves.””


“I will make sure to.”


“Yes, yes. Alright, next!”


Fyuuh. Fortunately, it seemed to go well. 


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