BJ Villainess Chapter 42

Author: alyalia

Professor Ilya led the way with an expression completely I had no idea what he was thinking. It was such a fast walk that I wondered if he was trying to get rid of me. Normally, I would have caught up while sweating, but now I was just running up the stairs on the second floor at full speed. In the hangover, I had no stamina left.


“P-Professor, slowly…”


Fortunately, he stopped and looked back at me as if my pathetic voice had touched the professor’s ear. He sighed briefly.


“Stamina is the basic quality of a wizard. Like an old wizard, if you only delve into theories and fool around, you will become prey to the magical creature.”


“Yes… I’m sorry…”


He reached out and turned the door handle. He didn’t stop because of being considerate of me but because he arrived at the lab.


“Come in.”


Originally, people had different laws when they entered the bathroom and when they left. Having solved the problem of Mimosa, I had no desire to enter that lab, but my legs moved steadily, following my survival instinct.


Tak. As the door closed, Professor Ilya held out his palm as if offering an escort.


Huh? You’re going to escort me to the sofa?


Is this person such a gentlemanly character? I was a little puzzled, but there was nothing wrong with that, so I put my hand on top of his. Then Professor Ilya twitched his hand and asked in an absurd tone.


“What are you doing?”




“I was asking for a book that you finished reading.”




Crazy, crazy, crazy! So embarrassing!


I hurriedly withdrew my hand, rummaged through my bag, then spilled all the things on the floor. It was really a mess.



[The Constellation ‘Over Immersed Otaku’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[Ah… Watching this makes me want to die from embarrassment…]


I really wanted to die.


Professor Ilya bent over himself and picked up the book he had lent me. Tak! Then, when he snapped his fingers, the items that fell on the floor were arranged one by one in the bag and flew to the sofa.


I spoke in a horse voice. “Thank you, Professor…”


He asked, looking completely disinterested in my gratitude. “Any questions?”


Any questions? What does he mean by any question? This time I didn’t want to make a mistake, so I rolled my eyes and found the book he was holding in his hand.


“Ah, I have. It’s about the magical creatures that have been corrupted by the demons.”


Fortunately, Professor Ilya nodded and sat down in the chair as if my question was right on the topic.


I walked cautiously close by and continued. “I want to know more specifically about the magic that restores magical creatures that have been corrupted by Magi. Is there any book I can refer to?” While asking this question, I was confused about whether I could ask this question to the archdemon.


Professor Ilya answered my question with a nonchalant expression. “It will be easy to understand if you read the book written by Professor Felix.”


“Professor Felix Lockhart?”


Professor Ilya’s eyebrows were raised when I answered the question with a smile on my face at the familiar and welcome name. “…Do you take that professor’s class?”




That was a big deal. Professor Felix Lockhart was the one who taught <Magical Creatures>. All animals in this world hated Theresa. That’s why the magical beast is especially ferocious toward ‘Theresa.’


The moment she heard that lecture, Theresa would be threatened by all sorts of dangerous magical creatures. Nevertheless, the reason I was interested in magical creatures corrupted by Magi was just to prepare for any dangers in the future. Because it’s so common for living things to be corrupted by Magi and threaten humans.


I was going to be exposed to such danger more often as I became a member of the student council.


Creek! At that time, the office door suddenly opened, and someone frantically entered.


“Professor Ilya! …Oh my, there’s a student.”


He was a man with disheveled gray hair, large glasses, and a white doctor’s coat. As soon as I checked him, my eyes widened. Because that man was Professor Felix Lockhart!


I greeted him warmly. “Greetings, Professor Felix.”


One of the Constellations that remembered my interview with Ozworld the other day, commented in the sponsorship window.



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 1,000 coins.]

[This mad scientist-looking professor is your ideal type?]


Did I describe it too roughly back then? Looking at his appearance alone, it was difficult for someone to say that he was your ideal type.


Professor Felix looked at me with a puzzled expression and carefully approached me with a step that seemed to have found a strange creature. “That’s strange. If my data isn’t wrong, this black hair and silver-gray eyes must be student Theresa Squire.”


“…You’re right.”


Professor Felix, startled by my gentle reply, took a step back, came up to me again, and poked me in the cheek.


…What are you doing?


“What are you doing?” Professor Ilya uttered a word that perfectly matched my thoughts.


Professor Felix poked me in the cheek a couple more times without expressing any doubt.


“What am I doing? I wondered if this might be a doppelganger monster.”


“Stop it. This is my student.”


“Professor Ilya, look at her carefully too. Student Theresa’s face was always like a wildcat that had been corrupted by Magi.”


It was rude to say in front of the student himself, who was like a corrupted wildcat.


“Looking at her today, doesn’t she look like a whining puppy?”


Did I look like a whining puppy? I murmured, sweeping my cheek, which had been poked awkwardly. “I think it was because I drank a little at the social club orientation yesterday.”


Professor Felix widened his eyes at my answer and burst into laughter. “Puhaha! Look at this, look at this! Is it run out of Magi now?”


Professor Ilya dismissed it with a look of annoyance. “Stop talking nonsense.”


Professor Felix smiled brightly and said, without pretending to hear. “My special honey tea is the best cure for a hangover! The honey obtained from the magic flower has a great effect.”


That, of course, was a known fact.


“I know. And the fact that cosmetics made with that honey is Professor’s main source of income.”


It was the setting I put it in.


Cough! Cough!


Professor Felix coughed like he was very embarrassed and finally calmed down and asked me. “H-how did you know? I didn’t use my name at all.”


“Are you asking how I know Professor owned the Janelle Studio?”


Cough—! Cough—!


Professor Ilya said with a very disgusted expression, “Just go die.” It was the way he wished Professor Felix would die.


I patted the back of Professor Felix, who was coughing badly, and said with a reassuring smile that it was okay. “No one will know but me. Um, I don’t know if this information is known in other places like the information guild.”


“H-h-how did you know?”


“Well, from the power of status?”


To be precise, it was from the power of being this game developer.


Professor Felix asked me, clasping my hands with a sympathetic expression. “You’ll keep it a secret, right…? I sold cosmetics in limited editions a few times because the supply wasn’t smooth, so I often received death threats…”


“Sure. I won’t tell anyone.”


“Really, really? Then shall we draw up a contract?”


“Professor Felix, I think it’s better for you to stop being rude.”


Somehow I felt this situation was interesting, and I burst into laughter without realizing it. “Don’t worry, really. I’ll get a cup of honey tea from Professor in exchange for the secret. Professor Ilya will be your witness.”


I looked back at Professor Ilya with a smile and asked. “Right, Professor?”


Professor Ilya seemed to agree with his unique indifferent expression for some reason. “…Yes.”


Only then did Professor Felix sweep his chest with a relieved face. “Alright. Then let’s go to my lab right away. If it’s honey tea, I’ll give you even 100 cups!”


“Ah, can I borrow a book that describes how to turn a magical creature that has been corrupted by Magi?”


“Oh my god. Is our student Theresa interested in my lecture? Okay, I’ll lend it to you. You can apply for my classes if you want. This school has a strong influence from the nobles, so it doesn’t matter if you change your major midway through.”


“I suppose that’s true.”


I tried to say goodbye to Professor Ilya before following the smiling Professor Felix. However, Professor Ilya was also getting up to follow us. Why is this person coming too? I was puzzled but thought he might have something to do with Professor Felix, so I passed it on.


Professor Felix’s lab was right next door.


“Come on, everyone, come into my lab!”


Click. As soon as the door opened, I encountered glistening yellow eyes.






A chill ran down my spine at the sudden howl of the animal.



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