BJ Villainess Chapter 47

Author: alyalia

How many families were swept away by Emperor Euges?


The emperor has no tolerance for deceiving and challenging his authority. Therefore, even if this remark came from a childish mind, it could have completely ruined his future life. Because the emperor was such a person.


The family that bears his grudge right now is Squire.


Since the eldest daughter of such a family said it, they wouldn’t have heard it normally. The atmosphere in the student council room became chilly as if someone had poured ice water.


Dorno lowered his head towards me and opened his trembling lips. “…I’m sorry. It was all a slip of the tongue. Please don’t listen to my foolish words. I beg you.”

Dorno bowed to me and opened his trembling lips.



[Quest: Discourage Dorno.]

Reward: Acquiring 500,000 coins


Now we can have a smooth meeting without any unnecessary noise.


Suddenly, I felt eyes staring at me from both sides. …Why are they like this? Looking at both sides curiously, Damian had a strange smile on his face, and Clyde had a strange expression.  Was it impressive that I didn’t argue wildly with no logic, just like Theresa?


At that moment, the servant came to Clyde with an urgent expression. “Lord Clyde. It is said there was a monster attack in Tuberosa Village just now, and only ten people were injured. The chairman asked the student council to check it out.”


Sighs poured out here and there. At the same time, there was a strange feeling of heat. It was also an opportunity to be active.


Please leave me out.


Despite all my hard work, my intelligence hadn’t yet crossed the huge Class A mountain. On the other hand, the student council executives were all magicians with an intelligence level of A or higher. That being said, our physique was different. I kept my head down like a student desperately avoiding the teacher’s gaze to avoid being called.


Clyde then spat out words like thunder from the sky. “I, Damian, and Theresa will go. Prepare the horses at once.”


That Jerk!


Damian told me. “I’m glad I went with you. Don’t you think so?”




Now I knew what feelings the executives felt earlier.


* * *

Of course, I didn’t know how to ride a horse.


As I stood in front of the horse with a sullen face, Damian started talking to me. “What are you doing, Theresa?”


“I’m waiting.”




“That I may be able to ride a horse.”




I prayed for it to pop! … That’s what my heart felt as I shouted inside. System, drop store items!



[There is a product in stock at the store.]


As expected, a notification popped up saying the product was in stock immediately.



Wish coupon [1,000,000,000 coins]

: Any wish will be granted once.

Horsemanship [499,000 coins]

: You will have skilled horsemanship


Geez. I’m spending all the money I earned from quests. Isn’t this a trick?


So how many coins do I have?


[Sponsorship: 3,616,400 coins]


Oh. The sponsorship piled up much more than I expected. After becoming a gold channel, the speed at which sponsorships accumulate is different.


Come to think of it, there was no dancing machine in the store. Unpurchased items seemed to automatically disappear.


Clyde approached me on horseback while I was purchasing horsemanship. “What are you procrastinating about? It’s an urgent situation.”


“So hot-tempered and impatient…”




“Uh, sorry. I suddenly forgot how to ride a horse. I just remembered now.”


Clyde put on a look of contempt as I got on the horse without saying anything. “Your intelligence is unbelievable.”


He didn’t nitpick whether he thought Theresa was worthy of it or whether it made sense. It was fortunate that Theresa was surprisingly unpredictable in terms of learning.


Damian got on his horse and said to me with a sorry look. “If something like this happens again, tell me. I’ll help you out.”




Why is this side more unpleasant than earlier?


“Stop chatting. Let’s go.”


“Giddy up!”


We set out for the village of Tuberosa.


* * *

The village of Tuberosa, where we arrived in haste, had a gloomy atmosphere. The captain of the guard, who was handling the situation, approached us with a haggard face as soon as he found us.


“You are here, little Duke.”


Clyde asked, getting off his horse. “Are there any injured?”


“They’re receiving treatment in that empty house. There are no deaths, but the atmosphere is not good.”


We entered a house that was being used as a temporary base with the guard captain.


“This is the map of Tuberosa Village. A total of five monsters invaded this place, and they looked like wolves.”


“Why of all things?”


Wolves were pack animals, and it was very likely that only five weren’t the end. That’s why the atmosphere in the village was very bad.


“So, how many did you kill?”


“One was killed, and one was successfully purified alive. Even the dead wolf has been purified.”


The land will be polluted if you leave the monster’s corpse alone. Therefore, even after killing them, you had to use purification magic to return them to their original form.


“I don’t know when the next raid will be. Since no village has responded to our request for assistance, we had no choice but to contact Valhalla as soon as possible.”


The student council didn’t appear anywhere recklessly. It was because it was too precious manpower, and the commission fee was formidable. However, in the case of the village managed by the Willow family, they could ask for help in case of an emergency.


“Even the emperor is most concerned about the recent increase in monster attacks. This is something that our family should step forward to resolve.”


The captain of the guard and the guards looked very relieved at Clyde’s words.


While they were talking, I looked at the map with a troubled look on my face and then opened my mouth. “Why did you leave the guard empty here?”


“It’s an uninhabited place. Even if monsters invade there, it overlaps with the area guarded by the guards.”


The expected answer came back.


What can I do? That’s how it was set up. Of course, there was not enough manpower to deal with monsters, so it couldn’t be wasted on a place like this.


But this is where the monsters invaded this place.


If the player didn’t investigate, at least the wells and windmills in Tuberosa Village would be destroyed. No matter how much money was spent on restoration, commoners would inevitably suffer a big blow to their lives until the restoration was completed.


“But isn’t this place too vulnerable? If a pack of wolves invades this way, the damage will be great.”


“I apologize, but we don’t have enough manpower to protect the houses.” The captain of the guard replied with a firm expression of displeasure as if he thought I was nitpicking his fault.


It can’t be helped.


“Then I will scout this way. It’s not good to leave it empty after all.”


Then Damian and Clyde spoke at the same time.




“Don’t be reckless.”


I looked at two people for a moment as if guessing for a moment. One had three black hearts, and the other had one red heart. Their likeability wasn’t high enough to be mobilized in the battle. You have to fill at least two red hearts to make them follow your suggestion first.


“I’m not being reckless. Because I also learned purification magic.”


By saying so, I instantly completed a magic spell and infused mana into it. “O eroded life, be purified.”


There was no target to be purified, so the magic stayed in the air for a while and then disappeared. Even so, if you had studied <Magical Creatures>, you would be able to recognize that the magic I completed was correct.


“Still, being alone is dangerous, so I’ll go with you. I’m your escort after all.”


Clyde coldly replied to Damian’s words. “The first thing to do is to look at the damage and fix it. I want you to remember that you were the vice president of the student council before being an escort.”


Clyde turned to me and smirked with a knowing look. “Monster has a habit of repeatedly attacking the place it invaded once. And yet you said you’d scout the wrong place? How am I supposed to accept that?”


How to accept that? He was already saying it as if thinking I would run away from the monster by scouting another place. However, since I was the one who lacked justification, I refuted it by trying to look as rational as possible.


“I know that. However, this area is close to farmhouses that grow magical plants. Monsters tend to appear frequently in places with lots of magical plants. It’s already established at the conference. You know that, right?”


We stared at each other in silence. As there was tension between us, I spoke as if taking a step back. “Damian won’t accompany me. I have no intention of wielding him in the name of an escort, not only this time but also in future student council activities.”


The captain of the guard, who was watching us, cautiously put his words. “We can’t pay attention to this because we don’t have enough manpower, but it’s true that scouting it is necessary, just like Princess said.” The captain of the guard seemed convinced that scouting it was necessary for a valid reason, not an irrational opinion.


Even so, Clyde frowned as if he disapproved of my attempt to act alone, but he nodded soon after. “If something goes wrong, send a magic telegraph right away.”




Of course I was thinking of sending a telegram immediately if I saw even the shadow of the monster. How can a B-level intelligence wizard like me, who had no experience in real combat, deal with a horde of monsters?


“Then I’ll be back.”


I rode my horse to the place where the monsters were supposed to appear. 


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