BJ Villainess Chapter 49

Author: alyalia

“Oh, my God!”


“Oh God, the contaminated land is returned!”


“God hasn’t abandoned us yet!”


When everyone was thrilled, I was also thrilled. “Thank god…”


If the contamination of the land wasn’t properly prevented, Damian’s bad ending route would be accelerated. In that case, the commoners lose their reason due to anger against the privileged class. The imperial family appeases people by appointing an appropriate person and executing them. The target was Theresa, the most famous crazy dog in the empire.


The wolves finished howling, circling around me before leaving.


The guards kept going while and cheering.


“This is all thanks to the Princess! Long live Princess!”

“Long live Princess!”


I’m getting attention for nothing.


This time, instead of wolves, people seemed to spin around over me, leaving me behind. Then Clyde reached out to me.


“Don’t procrastinate, hold it.”


“…Why? I can go alone.”


“With those shoes?”




Looking down, I saw my shoes’ heels were completely ruined from the aftermath of sprinting on rough ground. No wonder the world looked lower than before.


But why is he showing such a favor? Ah, maybe?


[Likeability: 🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍]


What? It’s still three black hearts. Could it be a trap?


Clyde had a habit of pushing his opponent to hate him even more. Therefore, it was likely that he was doing me a favor because he wanted to see my bottom.


I took off my shoes and held them in my hand. “This is fine. You said we had to write a report, right? Let’s go.”


Clyde pursed his lips with a frown, then turned around as if he was done with me. “Do whatever you like.” Then he took the lead to the temporary base without any consideration.


I was walking carefully so I wouldn’t hurt my feet. Suddenly I realized that all the villagers were out of the house without notice. They didn’t cheer like the guards. It looked like they were still figuring out what was going on. At the same time, they were shocked to see me walking barefoot on the dirty ground.


…Come to think of it, wasn’t it wrong to show your feet with the concept of chastity at this time? Was it only in Joseon?


While tilting my head with a puzzled expression, Damian approached me and held out his arm. It was a gesture to hold him. He then smiled kindly.


“At times like this, you need to use an escort, Theresa. Befitting your noble status.”



[The Constellation ‘Rofan-Addicted Young Lady’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Nobles don’t take off their shoes and don’t walk on the dirty ground. In a situation where there is an escort, they don’t walk on their own. It’s not too late now, so it’s better to correct it.]


It’s easy to deal with that much.


I quickly put my arm around Damian’s neck and blamed him. “Should I order you one by one? You should have come on your own.”



[The Constellation ‘Broadcast Genius Theresa’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[This is what ‘villainess’ means~!]


Damian looked at me, clinging to him like a cicada on an old tree, with a puzzled expression.


“What are you doing? Lift me, quickly.”


He quickly regained his senses and hugged me like a princess quickly.  


It looked like he had a pretty slender body from the outside, but when I hugged him, he definitely had a huge body. Aren’t his muscles firm like rock? How much training do I have to do to become like this?  Indeed, he had a great physique as a genius assassin.






Damian hesitated as if to say something, then frowned and stared straight ahead. “Never mind.” It sounded like a sigh.


Come to think of it, his face seems to have been a little red. What? Don’t tell me it’s because I’m heavy?



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Check his likeability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


I didn’t know why they suddenly asked me to confirm his likeability, but I obediently responded to that request.


[Likeability: ❤️❤️🤍🤍🤍]




I suddenly made a noise, and Damian gave me a puzzled look. I also looked at Damian in wonder.


He asked first. What’s the matter? Do you have something to say?”


“…No. It’s nothing.”


I think my contribution to purifying the contaminated land was a factor that increased his likeability.


I already achieved two red hearts from two of the male protagonists. The progress was faster than expected, and the achievement rate was very good. At this rate, I thought I might really be able to see the true ending that connected with someone.


I saw the back of Clyde, who was walking ahead. Clyde had two black hearts at the start. It has now increased to three.


Then, how many black hearts will the emperor start with?


Clyde already had three black hearts, but I haven’t even seen the real insane person yet. However, if I met the emperor who hated the Squire family terribly, my life would likely end quickly.


Unless I go to the imperial family, the chance of meeting the emperor is extremely low. Good. Let’s just stay like this. I wouldn’t have to see the emperor for a while!


10. The Emperor’s Invitation


A middle-aged man with long, silver hair neatly hanging down was walking along a huge hallway that would have been enough for twenty people to walk side by side.


This was the heart of the imperial city. It was the palace of the sun where the emperor, the owner of the world, resided. The Palace of the Sun was covered in gold on all sides, and all the fabrics were embroidered, making it splendid and magnificent.


Anyone in that space would forget the world was in crisis. But the man wasn’t intoxicated by the sweet space like a dream. It only increased his vigilance against the palace owner, who was trying to make him intoxicated with this kind of pleasure.


It was said to be the most private space of the emperor, so outsides were strictly restricted from entering, but it was horrifyingly quiet. The man saw the servant’s feet passing by like a host. The servant was putting a cloth on his shoes. This meant that the emperor’s neurosis had returned. He sighed deeply.


When he finally arrived at the emperor’s office, the chief chamberlain in front of the door announced over the door as if he had been waiting. “Your Majesty, Lord Gordon Willow of the Willow family has requested an audience. Shall I let him in?”


“Let him in.”


Gordon, the second son of Duke Willow, hesitated before entering the open door. It was because of the smell of cigarettes wafting through the cracks in the open door. He felt like he was going to cough, but he endured it. He didn’t dare to cough or frown in front of the emperor.


Gordon immediately set the example as hard as he could. “Greeting to His Majesty the Emperor, the supreme ruler of this country and the lord of the Palace of the Sun.”


“Get up.”


The emperor was a man with a sense of splendor, even with his back to the sunlight. His platinum hair gleamed in the sun, and the gold and jeweled rings on all ten fingers shone even more. He inherited the throne at age 5 and was now 31 years old. He had lived almost his entire life as emperor.


Euges Rodrigo. He was throwing the papers he held in his hand one by one on the floor in a disheveled posture. Even though it was a very frivolous action, the emperor’s pressure didn’t decrease at all. Besides, that kind of frivolousness made another person more nervous.


“I heard that Princess Squire was very active in her first student council activities, right?”


The damn Squire.


Gordon wanted to close his eyes at the dizziness. “Yes, Your Majesty.”


“finding a way to recover the land contaminated by erosion. It’s something no wizard has ever done. In addition, she showed an amazing ability to control magical creatures?”


The emperor burst into laughter. But Gordon didn’t think this was a genuinely satisfied laugh. It was obviously angry.


“I have a question for you, Gordon.”


“Please speak.”


“It has already been 100 years since the Squire family lost their arcane magic. But how is it still alive?”




“If they lose the arcane magic that has been passed down from generation to generation, shouldn’t they just quietly walk down the path of decline like other families and disappear into the back of history?”


It was an irrefutable argument.


“I thought the Squire family would fall because of their stupid eldest daughter this time.”


It was the same with Gordon.


“If Theresa had the ability to deal with magical creatures, you should have recognized her earlier in Valhalla. How come you didn’t figure it out?”


“The princess had already shown the worst compatibility in her aptitude test. However, for unknown reasons, she suddenly…”


Puck! The emperor threw the seal on the table and hit Gordon on the shoulder.




Gordon swallowed his screams thoroughly. Today, he must never make a sound out of any pain. If that happened, the uncomfortable emperor would surely increase the severity of the punishment. 



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