BJ Villainess Chapter 50

Author: alyalia

Cold sweat dripped down Gordon’s dry cheeks as he endured the pain and groans.


“As you know well, I hate deception.”


No one liked deception. However, few people hate deception as much as Emperor Euges. It was inevitable.


Emperor Euges ascended to the throne at the age of five. Although he was exceptionally intelligent from a young age, he was only a child. When his eyes and ears were blocked by adults, he had no choice but to grow up without knowing anything.


The Empress Dowager and high-ranking nobles controlled the empire by manipulating the young emperor. They looked for the most stupid of the former emperor’s illegitimate children in preparation when they couldn’t longer be regent as Euges grew up. If necessary, they would change the emperor. That was their plan. Although it was discovered by the Willow family and led to a bloody purge.


Because of that, the emperor hated deception terribly. It was to the point he showed his cruelty by burning the Empress Dowager and the nobles who dared to play with him at stake in front of everyone.


Gordon immediately lay down on his stomach. His shoulders, which must have been cracked, trembled uncontrollably, but he held out. “Please forgive my incompetence, Your Majesty.”


The emperor was a madman but never a stupid man. He only killed as long as he had their evidence. That’s why he couldn’t get rid of the Squire family, who had rebelled but had no evidence.


“Of course I forgive you. Because I care for you.”


It was a lie. The emperor believed in nothing and spared nothing. 


“…I’m really grateful. I will do my best.”


The emperor beckoned behind Gordon. Then the chief chamberlain, who was holding his breath, approached Gordon and held out a silver tray.


On the tray lay a luxurious and special letter sealed in wax with the emperor’s seal on it. It was an invitation to the Sun Palace.


The emperor will personally meet a princess who wasn’t even the family’s heir? An unmarried young lady and unmarried emperor? It was something that would turn society upside down.


It was easy to see why the emperor bothered to send an invitation to face him in person. He must be trying to see if Theresa would continue to live as the crazy dog of the empire as he wished or whether she would become an annoying variable. That excuse was plausible, but no one would take it for granted.  Delivering the invitation through Valhalla, not the Squire family, was even more meaningful because it was an act that eliminated any room for Raul to intervene.


Anyway, the important thing was that the emperor had deep resentment for Theresa and was curious at the same time.


Gordon’s role was to be the middleman in delivering the emperor’s invitation. And to carefully examine Theresa from now on. So that I can remove her if necessary.


“I will gladly convey Your Majesty’s will.”


* * *

It was an unusual morning. There were just thick clouds covering the sky. The breakfast was a little underwhelming except for the trivial misfortune of dropping Professor Felix’s book on my feet while putting it in my bag to return it.


“Ugh, it’s cold.”


The wind was especially cold today. I crouched down and reached the main building at a quick pace. However, the atmosphere was a bit chaotic.


I think I see outsiders? They didn’t look like professors but weren’t even wearing school uniforms. Looking at them, they were wearing Wizards Association badges on their clothes. When they found me, they glared their eyes as if they had found the person they were waiting for and chatted among themselves.


At that time, the chairman came down the stairs with a man in dull clothes. Oh my. The president of the Wizards Association, Milo?


It meant that the crazy wizard wanted something, to the extent that he even visited Valhalla, which he didn’t even like. I don’t have a good feeling about it.


The chairman found me and approached me with a delighted look. “Oh! Just in time, Student Theresa is just coming over here.”


I wanted to quietly avoid them, but I had no choice but to approach them. “Greetings, Sir Chairman. And President Wizards Association.”


Mile, the association’s president, glistened his eyes from the moment he saw me. “Princess Theresa! I’m so glad to see you. Since the moment I received an urgent report about your performance yesterday, my heart has been beating so fast that I came here in the morning without sleeping a wink.”


“Ah, yes….”


“To purify the contaminated land by using magical creatures! It’s clear that Princess’s mana must have special powers.”


“I didn’t use the magical creatures. They just did it on their own.”


As if the association president couldn’t hear my words, he was talking excitedly to himself. “We absolutely need that ability. It’s only natural to purify the contaminated land.”


The association’s president spoke coercively, then suddenly pretended to be rational and said, “But Princess cannot purify all Magi and contaminated land. It’s physically impossible.”


Doesn’t this human being think it’s wrong from now on?


“So, if we investigate the secrets of Princess’s mana, wouldn’t other wizards be able to use similar abilities?”


Ah. So you mean you want me to become the test subject for the Wizards Association?


The moment Libby blossomed with white magic, such an event took place. I didn’t know that this event would apply to me too.


It was a trap. When you receive it,  it will be game over immediately.


The association’s president spoke slyly as if he were carrying out a holy duty. “So, can Princess cooperate for humanity?” On the subject, he just wanted to study new magic, not for humanity.



[The Constellation ‘Born From Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[What are you saying, crazy old man.]



[The Constellation ‘Detective’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[As a result of the analysis, it turned out to be bullshit.]



[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Go away! Theresa! Go and crush him!]


The chairman was smiling all the time as if he wouldn’t intervene. The surroundings were crowded with students, professors, and association members watching the situation. They were buzzing, looking very curious about what I would say. However, as I did not answer, their words gradually decreased, and soon the lobby fell silent.


That’s fascinating. Just a while ago, I would have hated this situation where I got attention enough to get goosebumps. Still, it just ended up being a little uncomfortable. Have I gotten used to bumping into people?


Well, anyway, I opened my mouth slowly. “First of all, before answering, there is something wrong with the words of the President Association. I’m indeed good at purification magic, but it’s not true that I used magical creatures to purify the contaminated land.”




I continued my speech so that the association’s president wouldn’t intervene. “And you spoke as if my mana has a special power, but Valhalla’s internal aptitude test has already revealed that my mana has no attributes.”


It would only mean he didn’t trust Valhalla’s system if he denied this.


“And did you say it was for humanity? I joined the student council at the risk of a dangerous mission even though I’m only B+ rank.”


I smiled, but my eyes weren’t smiling at all. “Are you saying I should go further and become a test subject based on reasoning close to the Wizards Association’s wishes?”


The first people to react to what I said were members of the Wizards Association.


“T-that such an outrage!”


“The rumors about Princess Squire are indeed true!”


“She can’t even think of sacrificing for the empire. So selfish!”


The extras, who couldn’t proudly criticize in front of me, were just saying one word after another, believing only in the number of their heads. None of them were particularly accepting it well.


“Isn’t what she said right?”


“Why should Valhalla students have to be selected as test subjects for Wizards Association?”


“Doesn’t that mean that every student with special talent should be a test subject? But where can you find students without talent in Valhalla?”


It was when the atmosphere was turning into a mess.


“Those who have just talked recklessly about my daughter had better confess.”


Huh? This voice…?


I turned around in astonishment. Not only me but everyone here, especially the chairman, looked at the person who suddenly appeared with a strangely distorted expression.




Raul approached me with an expression as if he was going to beat someone to pieces and wrapped his arms around me as if to protect me.


When I was taken aback by the unexpected warmth, Raul said, “If you don’t confess your sins and kneel, I will make you can’t stand forever.”


It was the moment you knew where Theresa’s crazy DNA came from. 

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