BJ Villainess Chapter 63

Author: alyalia





It was quiet inside the carriage.  Clyde was silent with a cold look as if he wouldn’t allow a word of chatter.


It was a time when I was just looking out of the window for no reason in the atmosphere that needed ice breaking.



[The Constellation ‘Quiet Spectator’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Excuse me, it’s so suffocating. Can’t you just talk…?]


I wiggled my hand and gave a hand signal. X.



[The Constellation ‘Quite Spectator’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Yes… I’ll just hold my breath.]


It was a time when I even had a crazy thought that it might have been better for me to walk on foot rather than ride in a carriage.


Buuuuuuu—! It was an eerie sound. Looking out the window


Looking out the window, I could see a whale eroded by Magi and dispersing black fog-like energy, flying at a terrifying speed. It was a daunting sight, like a huge airship crashing to land.


“Stop the carriage!” Clyde opened the carriage before it even stopped and jumped out.


I had no superior body, so I jumped through the open door when the carriage stopped. However, that wasn’t a very good idea. The height of the carriage to the ground was considerably higher than expected, so I sprained my ankle.


“Argh! Why is the carriage so high?”



[The Constellation ‘I am sorry’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[That’s why you usually step on the carriage step and come down; is a natural science student incapable of calculating this?]


“This is the problem with the athletic aspect!”


While I was arguing with the Constellation, Clyde was already dealing with the monster. However, it was the first time he had ever dealt with a Ghost monster, so he could not come up with a fundamental solution other than blocking the path.


The Ghost passed through the blocking objects because it was a spirit. At the same time, the living things that touched the Ghost, which had become a monster, died because of its energy. All the grass and trees around here were black and dead. It was a frightening and bizarre scene.


“Be careful!”


I ran on my limp feet, hugged Clyde, and rolled on the ground.


“What are you doi—!” Before he finished his sentence.


Wuuuuung!! Just above where we were lying down, a golden whale, nearly 20m in size, appeared to block the monster with its body. It was a whale that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


I spoke with a sigh. “It’s the mother of the baby whale. It stopped its child, who became a monster.”


The Ghost, who became the monster, was only half the mother whale’s size.


“How do you know that?”


“They’re both humpback whales.”


The monster was ruthless, and the mother only defended herself with her body because she couldn’t bear to attack her child.


“Humpback whales have strong maternal love. The mother must have been preventing the baby whale from entering the mansion.”


The mother whale’s body was covered with scars, shedding countless golden magical particles. It was painful to see this scene, and tears welled up in my eyes. I quickly bit my lip hard enough to make it bleed.


I need to purify it. By all means!


“So, what is a humpback whale… Enough. Get up. The Ghost is moving.” Clyde stopped talking and stood up.


I also got up after him, but my ankles were sore that I stumbled. “Ugh…! What an idiot!”


Did I sprain my ankle from jumping a little?!


It was when I was about to run and didn’t care that my ankles were aching. Swosh! Clyde carried me up.   




Clyde growled as I looked at him in disbelief. “What are you looking at? Aren’t you ready for the purification magic?”


“…I didn’t know you’d help me.”


Clyde said, approaching the monster with a displeased expression. “My purification doesn’t work on Ghost monster. The only person to rely upon is, unfortunately, you.”


Normally, Clyde’s purification magic would have had a great effect, but he lacked the purity to purify the Ghost monster. That was due to the fact that most of the power of the holy relic was used to suppress Clyde’s demonic energy. However, it wasn’t possible to draw the power of the holy relic and use them to purify the monster.


Because the demon in him will wake up completely. If Clyde, the one with the blood of ‘Monarch of Dreams,’ transformed into a demon, all beings on the earth would fall into a sleep that was no different from death. You would also be trapped in the world of eternal dreams. That was Clyde’s bad ending.


“It’s now. What about the purification magic?” Clyde asked, running at great speed under the mother whale.


“I’m ready.”


I was pulling my mana up as fast as I could.


Buuuuuuu—! The monster rushed at the mother whale, who was twisting in pain.


I hurriedly chanted the magic spell, hoping it would be purified. “Be purified!!”


Then, the monster stopped charging and spun around in the air. The monster’s body radiated in a dazzling silver light but was once again covered in black fog. The purification failed. However, it was clear that the density of the black fog had decreased compared to before.


“It’s working!”


Clyde then asked. “How much mana do you have left?”


[Mana: A (6,017/12,034)]


I spoke with a dark look on my face. “Half.”


Can the monster be purified with the remaining half of the mana? If I had as much mana as Libby, I could have purified it at once.


It was then.


“There’s a monster over there!”


“Damn it! Didn’t they say it won’t appear because only a few flowers are left?!”


Those who appeared to be workers were bringing equipment that didn’t seem to help in dealing with monster.


I explained the scenario to Clyde as if I had inferred the situation. “They must be workers from the Bernstein family. The flame leaf lavender is an essential herb to treat the duchess’s illness, so they must be trying to move it to a safe place.”


“Damn it. Don’t they know how dangerous Ghost monster is in the duchy? Why on earth are they sending workers now!”


Meanwhile, the workers found us and looked like they had found their savior.


“Are you the youngest son of the Willow family? Alive! We’re alive!”

Clyde was a great noble widely known by commoners. Of course, it was because he was handsome, and his portraits were being secretly sold as goods. Even if it wasn’t because of it, he was famous for his powerful magic ability and how he did more good deeds than other nobles.


He’s a hero in turbulent times.


The workers screamed. “The monster is moving!’


I asked them. “Did you move the flowers to the duchy and plant them?”


The workers answered with an expression of how did I knew it. “Yes, that’s right.”


I knew it. In this event, when the purification was carried halfway through in hard mode, the monster moved from place to place.


“The monster is going to Bernstein Duchy. It was being led by the energy of the flame leaf lavender.”


We must go first, or we all die!


“Even if we ride a horse, we can’t catch up with that speed. The distance is too far, so the horse will get tired.”


We rode the carriage in the first place because we were so far away from the duchy that there was no route to change the tired horse in the middle.


Then I saw the savior.


“There you go, Professor!”


On the other side, Ilya was coming towards us. He unfolded a huge dome-shaped magic shield to trap the monster. However, as the mother whale ran into the shield trying to save her child, it quickly began to crack.


Ilya held us with an expressionless face as if he had expected it wouldn’t be a success.  “Move.”


Before we had time to explain the situation to each other, our views changed. We moved to the middle of the lobby of Bernstein Duchy.


“Agh, young Master?”


Teleportation magic does exist, but the number of wizards capable of using it is limited to a few highly-skilled wizards, even for long-distance travel like this.  


“…Cough!” Ilya immediately vomited blood.




“The young master vomited blood! Call the doctor right away!”


Clyde said to the Bernstein family butler, who ran to this place. “Currently, the monster is on its way to the duchy. If you touch the Ghost monster, you will die instantly, so send everything out right away.”


“Yes, yes?!”


Ilya said with a pale face. “It’s true. So hurry up.”


Clyde put me down. It was because Ilya needed time to recover, so he had to lead the way in the meantime. “Where is the Duke of Bernstein? We need more wizards.”


I said before Clyde left his seat. “I’ll go to the place where the magical plants were planted.”


“Do you know where it is?”


“It must be in the greenhouse. If it’s flame leaf lavender that spits out embers when the sun goes down, it’s easy to spot.”


Clyde was about to leave but suddenly rummaged in his pocket and took out the potion he had received from Ilya. “I forgot about this.”


He lightly clicked his tongue and held it out to me. “It’s not a high-end potion enough to cure the professor, so it’s better for you to use it.”


The potion to treat Ilya’s internal injury had been brought by another servant.


“Thank you.”


I didn’t refuse and drank it in one gulp. Now, I have something to be rushed out right away. 


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