BJ Villainess Chapter 66

Author: alyalia

13. Midterm Exam


The monster attack that took place in the Bernstein Duchy wasn’t a secret. The duke couldn’t avoid the responsibility and canceled his birthday party this year. Although he didn’t announce what happened, people had already heard rumors about the two whales. The gigantic whales emitting enchanting light were so large that it was impossible to ignore them even if you wanted to.


[Be selective about your missions. If someone threatens you to the point where you can’t refuse, let me know. You can use violence if necessary, it doesn’t matter.  

Giuseppe seems very curious about the news that you’re the Wizard of Dawn who commanded the whale. After the exam period, there will be a meeting among the high-ranking families, and I plan for you to share the story with me then.

-Your Father, R.]


“The Wizard of Dawn who commanded the whale? Who is the source of this bad naming?”



[The Constellation ‘Scion of Black Flame’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Pfft, that’s so embarrassing. If you witnessed the sigh, you can’t just call it anything but dawn. I would have called you ‘Black Dragon Slayer’ if it were me.]


It wasn’t even the black dragon I dealt with, nor did I ever slaughter anything.



Eloise then talked. “Some say Lady is an angel without wings…”




I looked back at Eloise with a look of astonishment at the creepy nickname. “Who said that? I need to send assassins to them.” Should I ask Damian?


Eloise spoke passionately as if she liked the wingless angel rather than the Wizard of Dawn. “Ah, but that’s not wrong though? Lady has tamed magical creatures and even Ghost. It’s something that the heavenly race can do.”


This made me feel dizzy. I couldn’t let this abnormal conversation contaminate my brain. That’s why I hurried out with my school bag.


Today, during the reading session on the way to school, I read my major books instead of magic books in areas I was interested in. Because it was midterm season soon.


“Considering my grades, joining the student council seems like a good thing…”


From the two missions, I got a lot of extra points. This alone made me feel rich, but my private property grew out of control thanks to Duke Bernstein sending me many separate gifts. I was walking smoothly on the path of becoming rich.


“I’ve got a lot of money for nothing.”


But I didn’t have anywhere to use it.



[The Constellation ‘Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Clyde is lucky~ He didn’t even need to hold on to Theresa’s ankle~ Theresa skillfully earns money for him~ He’s the god of the household~]


“Hey, are you sure you watched the broadcast? Why didn’t I feel that way?”


A noticeable change was made while carrying out the quest commissioned by Duke Bernstein. That’s how Clyde’s supporter base was created. Why? I didn’t think I did anything other than piss him off.


“Preferences are diverse. That’s why we created four male protagonists.”


This important thing wasn’t the trivial thing that Clyde had a supporter base.


“Huhu. I want to get tested quickly.”


Lately, I’ve been a bit conceited. There was a reason for this.


[Theresa Squire]

Description: Princess Squire

Age: 22

Magic Rate: A

Intelligence: B+

Mana: A (99.999/99.999)


Now, look at this! My intelligence and total mana have increased!



[The Constellation ‘Gambler’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Easter egg opener.]


“It’s a developer preference.”


After taking the legendary mana boost potion, my mana increased to A class. However, there was a change in the numerical value. My total mana was 12,034, but now it has become a whopping 99,999.


Hoho. I didn’t expect this to happen. If it had increased by 10,000, it would have been an A+ class, but that was a little disappointing. Still, excessive greed could lead to downfall. I was satisfied with the present. Also, not long after listening to Professor Felix’s lecture, my intelligence quickly reached B+ class. It was going smoothly. Really smooth.


“Fufufu. Fufufu.”


“Why are you saying fufufu? You really annoyed me in the morning.” Mimosa, who had just entered the lobby, got annoyed.


Mimosa’s voice sounds like a lark’s chirping in my ears today.


“Hi? Good morning, Mimosa.”


“Your irritating laugh ruined my good mood.”


“You’re always like that. Cheer up.”




Then I heard Damian’s voice behind my back.


“Still on good terms, you two.”


It was a word that couldn’t be uttered unless you had a problem in your head. Still, Mimosa turned around in a shalala-like motion.




Damian was looking fresh today. Silver round glasses were worn over the cold face, the loosely untied tie, and even the fit figure that couldn’t be hidden by school uniforms. Indeed, he had a fresh image like a high-teen star benefitting a school drama.


“Hi.” A man like that greeted us kindly.


“H-hi…!” Mimosa was about to pass out in ecstasy.


I felt sorry for Mimosa, who was deceived by his appearance and couldn’t see his essence. Tsk, tsk. It’s because you don’t have a good eye for men. Still, Damian wasn’t just popular because of his Mimosa-like types.


“Damian! Are you coming to the gym at lunchtime? Don’t skip it today because we have a bet!”


“Hey, we need to come up with a strategy! Damian, let’s go right now!”


Damian said with a smile as if he was sorry for the call of his friends who kept looking for him while he was trying to walk with us. “See you later.”


As such, he was very popular with same-sex friends. He had a completely different personality with Clyde, who was fighting with everyone. Mimosa also picked up on that point.


“Damian is really sweet, cool, and kind. Unlike anyone else.”


“That’s true.”


“…What’s wrong with your reaction? Why aren’t you talking bullshit about Clyde being cooler as usual?”


“I respect your taste.”


“…?? Is that an insult?”


Mimosa had a confused expression as if she didn’t know what it meant. Then, true to her audacious nature of solving difficult riddles head-on, Mimosa, who had a boldness about her, asked about something she was curious about.  


“By the way, how long are you going to keep Damian at your scholarship foundation?”


After 3 seconds of contemplation, I answered. “For now, until this year.”


Mimosa was pleased with my words. “Ah, really? …We’re graduating this year, so that means you’re just going to keep him until the end! How dare you fool me?!”


She got it sooner than I thought.


I walked away from Mimosa, who was running amok. Then, when I came to a very strange place, I had no choice but to stop. “…What is with all Clyde decorations here?”


I’ve never created a place in Valhalla that’s so full of these deeply personal desires though? However, the lobby was very spacious and could be used as an exhibition space.


I opened my lips in a space filled with colorful pictures reminiscent of idol album concept photos. On the wall, a small but solid sign was shyly attached. “Clyde Exhibition.”


“Lady Theresa.”


At that time, young ladies wearing items that blatantly revealed that they were art students, such as aprons, scarves, and artist berets, approached me. They were familiar faces I had seen at Clybe orientation. That would mean that they were all Clybe.


The young ladies spoke to me with expressions like martial arts swordsmen who gained great enlightenment while training in the closed hall. “Lady Theresa was right. The melancholy that arises from depression is a way to give birth to the soul of creation. We could not see Lord Clyde, so we kept imagining him, igniting an irresistible artistic spirit within us.”


What did that mean?


“This space was prepared by the chairman in recognition of our creative activities as official club activities. The exhibition will be held all week long.”


“…I see. As long as you’re happy.”


I don’t know anymore. The school seemed to be gradually breaking free and running toward an unknown destination.


I arrived at the Alchemy Joint Lab, knocked on the door, and went inside. There was no one in the lab except Reini. Still, who would be cutting, putting, and boiling magic plants in front of the pot in the morning?


Reini was preparing the reagent with her eyes wide open. Next to her, I put down the lunch box Eloise had prepared separately.


“Here, breakfast.”


Reini put down the reagent, exuding her qualities as a great mad scientist. Suppose she wore a white coat and big glasses because her eyes couldn’t see well, and the mirrorless effect was added. In that case, I think she would become the second Professor Felix.


“I have enough money to buy breakfast now.” Even so, she quickly opened the lunch box I had brought and started eating it.


“Even if you have money, you don’t buy food and spend it on research. That’s why I brought it. How long are you going to have the foundation board member run your meal errand?”


Reini chewed her food and handed me the medicine bottle nonchalantly. 


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  1. Nice calm filler. Clyde-constellations have formed which is quite weird… I really really don’t get his .charm’.

    As usual, thank you for translations ( and many many weeks in advance for so little honeys! )