BJ Villainess Chapter 67

Author: alyalia

“What is this?”


“It’s my research achievement. It’s a potion that temporarily increases your mana.”


Have you already developed this?


Reini smirked a little when I opened my mouth in surprise. “The existing temporary mana-boosting potions had severe side effects, so you could only use them once or twice a year at most, but this one can be used once a month. It has fewer side effects too.”


“It hasn’t been long since you’ve researched it properly, but isn’t this amazing?”


Reini was one of the main supporting characters. So when properly developed, she created useful alchemy things. The more effective the potion, the longer the research period. However, the temporary mana-boosting potion was a potion that only started being researched in the middle of the game.


“I’m going to officially present it to the conference soon.”


I was proud of Reini for doing a great job and patting her head. “Tell me if you need anything. I’ll support you.”


Reini grinned, saying she would register for a research patent through the foundation.


Wouldn’t it be possible to create the potion I want with this level of her ability?


“By any chance, can you make a potion that can permanently increase the total amount of mana? Even just a very, very, very small amount is fine.” Because I only needed 1 mana.


Reini nodded cheerfully. “I can make it. All I need is a willow branch struck by lightning, perpetual snow, and blue lava.”


“You sure know how to list the impossible materials.”


“But why all of a sudden?”


“I have to prepare for the midterm exam.”


I was confident in the written test. But what I was worried about was the practical magic test. The proportion of scores is also much higher in the practical test.


Reini blinked her eyes in wonder. “How are Senior’s grades?  I’ve never seen anyone in school who reads as many magic books as a Senior does.” So, of course, it was a word with doubts that my grades couldn’t be bad.


I laughed bitterly. “My grades were a mess until third grade.”


“How messed up?”


“To the point of being expelled if I don’t get an overall score of A- in this midterm exam?”




Just yesterday, a quest with pretty hopeless content showed up.



[Quest: Reach A- or higher in midterm exam.]

Reward: +500,000 coins

Failure: Expulsion due to failure to meet the standard


Theresa was the owner of the poor grades. I only remembered that there were many D’s, so I looked at Theresa’s grades more properly. But it was really a spectacle.


“I have the report card. Do you want to see it?”


I picked up a piece of paper from my bag and showed it to the astonished Reini. Reini checked my report card with trembling eyes.


<Attribute Magic>: F


<Community Service>: C+


<Alchemy>: D+


<Transformation Magic>: C-


<Social Dance>: D


<The Origin and History of Magic>: D-








Total score: D-


Reini said with a look of nausea. “I… think I can stop looking.”


How could someone like this be in our school…? Her expression seems to be saying that.


“Senior is more… It’s nothing.”


“Do you know it hurts more if you stop talking like that?”


Of course, I was quite surprised when I saw the report card. Theresa managed to attend this prestigious magic school until now. But if you looked at disastrous performances one by one, it was inevitable for her to be a stupid and simple-brained villainess.


Why? Was it not possible to create a villainess who was smart and had good grades? Top villainess! How good it would be. Still, there is hope because my overall status has improved. I’ve been studying hard as well. 




But why am I sighing like this?


Reini patted my back with an awkward movement. “There must be a way… maybe…?”




“Uh… Shall we find the willow branches that were struck by lightning first?”


“Enough. I didn’t want to hear any deceptive talk about the overall grade of A. I’m leaving.”


“Are you upset? You’re not upset, right?”


Despite hearing Reini’s voice from behind, I quickly left the lab.


* * *

Entering the exam period, the school atmosphere was definitely different from usual. The biggest change was the increased number of students studying in the library, which made it very difficult to get a seat in the private reading room.


I narrowed my brows while trying to use the private reading room. It’s full of users again today. There were no empty private reading rooms, but there were sparse empty seats on the reading tables provided in the library. I felt a little strange when I went to a nearby empty space and took out a book to study. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this kind of atmosphere.


Everything was different from the university I knew, such as space, people, and school uniforms. Still, somehow, it reminded me of my previous school days. I adeptly set up the table like a second-year university student and began taking notes. Then I realized the problems of this world.


This world doesn’t have a highlighter. No, how can you study without a highlighter? I suffered from a bizarre syndrome where a highlighter, which I didn’t need at all when I was interested in studying, became a thing I needed to have the moment I started studying for the exam.


“Ugh, I don’t want to…”


At that time, I felt the students on both sides and opposite sides glancing at me. Ah, did I just spit out my inner thoughts? As I apologized to the students with an awkward smile out of embarrassment, their eyes shook wildly.


Sigh. I have to concentrate. Others may fail their grades if they don’t study, but I will die if I don’t study…  


Just like that, one day, two, three, and four days passed. It was the fifth day since I repeatedly lost the fierce battle to use the personal reading room and studied at the reading table.




I had a book I needed, so while I was away for a while, someone left a cookie box, jewelry, handkerchief, etc., at my place. As I looked around curiously, I could see the male students who had been staring at this place turned their eyes away. What? Is it like a tribute?




[The Constellation ‘ Haha Boss [1] ’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Uaaaaaah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


Of course, the one that reacted most intensely to this situation was the Constellation ‘Haha Boss.’  Then it was absolutely nothing like a tribute.


Could this be… like what I think? A situation where a can of coffee with a Post-it attached is placed after you leave the school library in a short time. This is burdensome. I pushed the gifts straight into the corner, tore the notebook, scrawled the letters, and placed them on top.


“Go to lost and found.”



[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Ah, so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.]



[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Theresa, wake up. This is a romance broadcast.]



[The Constellation ‘King of Iron Wall Theresa’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Ah, thank you for giving me a nickname.]


The male students, who were secretly observing my actions, lowered their heads with despondent expressions. However, this phenomenon didn’t end only in the library. 


On the day I had lunch with Reini at the restaurant, desserts that we didn’t order were often served.


“It was sent from the table over there.”


Looking in the direction pointed out by the staff, I could see a male student drinking tea with a greasy appearance. Did everyone want to date because the spring breeze was blowing? So you’re not afraid to play tricks on Theresa? They must have gone crazy after studying for the exam.


I told the staff. “Send it back.”


“I understand.”


Reini burst into giggles when she saw my sour reactions. “At this rate, there will be a social club that worships Senior, right?”




“Well, I don’t think it didn’t make any sense at all. The Squire sisters are very popular these days.”


I could understand if it was Libby. Nothing was lacking from her beautiful appearance, kind personality, and her status as a princess. However, Theresa had a fatal character flaw that offset the advantages of her status and appearance.


There’s no way the evil deeds accumulated so far could have been recovered in less than two months.  I’ve never done anything to make up for Theresa’s evil deeds.


Reini opened her eyes wide. “Do you know who the number one most attractive student in school these days?”


“Libby, Damian, Clyde. It must be one of three.”


“…It’s a difficult opinion to refute, but you’re wrong. It’s you, Senior.”




“Senior Theresa is mentioned as the most attractive student in Valhalla.”


  • 1. T/L note: Constellation ‘Haha Bus’ will be changed into ‘Haha Boss.’
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  1. Congratz Theresa! You made it to number 1 in popularity in school 🤣
    Now just the hurdle of passing the exam…