BJ Villainess Chapter 7

Author: LyraDhani

The other Constellations were also satisfied with my attitude and gave several sponsorships.


‘If the Viscount thinks I am stronger than him, he won’t do anything bad.’


He was the type of person who would hire an assassin if he thought Theresa had become an easy target.


The dinner went on peacefully afterward.


At that time, Miranda the head maid, who was watching the situation, came to me with a strange smile on her face and an empty glass.


“I didn’t know Lady would remember the name of a maid.”


‘Huh? Oh, you mean Penny?’


Of course, I remember her. Penny isn’t just an extra.


A great technician is needed to make the female protagonist perfect.


Even though she’s just a maid, Penny is set to be a master of grooming and is scheduled to be tasked with Libby’s dress-up due to her good skills.


“Ah, she’s good at her job. So I remember her.”


Then, a twinkle flashed in Miranda’s eyes.


“If you’ve been watching that maid, she must have been doing a good job.”


That was the end of the conversation.


Miranda left her seat, and after finishing my meal, I was quietly left alone between all these noises.


No, it’s not really quiet, is it?


“Lady, is the food not to your taste? Do you want me to serve you something else?”


“No, I’m full.”


“Then I’ll serve dessert.”




“Lady, I’ll replace the tableware.”




“Lady, shall I serve you more wine? Your favorite 73-year-old black cork wine…”


“What? No, thanks.”


I narrowed my brows in bewilderment and tilted my head.


‘That’s weird.’


Since Miranda left, I felt like there were more and more employees who keep trying to take care of me.


‘Wasn’t everyone always trying to avoid me?’


And now, trying to look good to Libby was not enough.


It wasn’t the time to be concerned about the bad daughter Theresa.


‘I shouldn’t say this, but I’m really bad at social life.’


I felt sorry that they couldn’t even take care of the dishes properly because they were serving me, so I asked them to rest.


The servants, who I thought would welcome my words, stepped down with disappointed faces.


I mean, what’s wrong with you?


At that time, I heard a whisper from the maids.


But why is everyone all of a sudden trying to look good to Lady Theresa? Rather, shouldn’t the servants cling more closely to Lady Libby?”


Yeah. I’m curious about that, too.


I pricked up my ears, nibbling at the pudding served for dessert.


“Are you a newcomer who just joined?”


“Yes, it’s my first year.”


“So you don’t know. Listen, Lady Theresa doesn’t remember people very well. Especially if you’re from lower-class, she won’t know your face even after 10 years.”


I was a little embarrassed.


‘…Did I set Theresa too stupid?’


I felt a little ashamed.


“However, there are occasional employees who she remembers particularly well. Among them are Donovan-nim and Miranda-nim.”


“Because they are the butler and the head maid…”


“Both of them got promoted because they caught Lady’s eyes.”




The gist was this.


It was said that if Theresa remembered an employee, they would be promoted at a high speed.


In fact, the people whose face and name Theresa remembered had exceptional abilities.


It was safe to say that what was special for Theresa, who was used to great stuff, was also the best of the Empire.


“She was born with natural discerning eyes.”


‘Ugh, I shouldn’t have listened to it. I’m embarrassed.’


I focused on the dessert again, pretending I couldn’t hear the story.


Ring! Ring! However, as if to make fun of me, the support was exploding and making me embarrassed.




[The Constellation ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[Whoa, the big picture wooow You even calculated on taking the initiative like this?]


“Is that even possible…”


I lifted a glass of water to dry my burning throat, making eye contact with Libby in the process.


Libby looked perplexed, not knowing we would make eye contact like this.






In the lively atmosphere where the Duke and his wife laughed and drank together, we looked at each other and remained silent.


I can’t believe I’m facing the main character in the game I made.


It felt quite strange.


It was often said that our creations were just like our own children, but such strange feelings had nothing to do with me.


A creation is a creation.






She’s very pretty.


A lovely Libby made with all my wishes.


I’ve only emptied two glasses of champagne, am I getting drunk already?


‘It’s not like me to get sentimental for no reason.’


With a smile, I turned my head to the place where the crowds who were eager to converse with Theresa had gathered.


While ignoring the bright blue eyes that were staring at me so stubbornly.


* * *


The dinner party ended in one day.


The extravagant celebration to publicize the rebirth of the second princess was just to establish Libbyi’s authority.


After that, the Duke and his wife wanted to spend time alone with the family.


They toured the Duke’s mansion, confirming that Libby’s roots were here.


Giuseppe also visited the Duke’s residence every day in search of his older sister.


If only Theresa didn’t have an accident, it would have been a perfect day.


I willingly locked myself up in the library under the pretext of studying insufficiently ahead before the start of school to ensure their happy time.


The library consisted of a small detached house.


Moving to a secluded place through the promenade along the garden, an old building with vines growing on the white outer wall appeared.


There was a whole new world in it.


Even in the era when the printing press was not developed, there were many magic books everywhere, as expected of the Duke.


Flap. Flap.


“It’s so cool to look at.”




[The Constellation ‘Explanation Bug’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[This is the 100th time you said it’s cool.]


“No, I didn’t say it that much.”


[The Constellations shake their heads.]


Are you saying you don’t agree with me?


I swept the cover awkwardly.


But it’s fascinating.


“In <God’s Play>, no magic science is created with this logic. It’s a concept that doesn’t exist on Earth.”


I felt strange because it seemed like a real dimension.




[The Constellation ‘Explanation Bug’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[Of course. It’s real here.]


That’s what’s fascinating.


‘Since there are 100 ranked channels, are you saying that there are at least 100 planets like this?’


Come to think of it, the system of channel and Constellation is also very interesting.


Do you use an existing planet every time you broadcast a creation? Or will a new celestial body be created? And are the characters’ memories supplemented according to their probability through self-learning?”


I also wondered how much authority the channel manager had to make this possible.




[The Constellation ‘I am sorry’ has sponsored 100 coins]


[What the hell is that?]


I rummaged through the magic book, amazed and curious.




[The Constellation ‘Professional Instructor’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[Please organize the books.]


Dozens of magic books that I had read for several days were scattered all over the table.


“It’s not on the floor, it’s all on the table…”


Isn’t this neat enough?




[The Constellation ‘MBTI is science’ has sponsored 100 coins.]






(T/L note: In MBTI, the letter P stands for Perceiving, and people with this preference are the ones who want flexibility in their lives and in how their time is managed. Sumber: Google.)


* * *


These days, when I woke up in the morning, I had a simple meal, ran to the library, and stayed stuck all day until the next meal time.


After lunch, I went to the library again.


After dinner, I went to the library again.


I even brought a magic book to bed and repeatedly fell asleep while reading it with the lamp turned on.


As expected, does magic resemble math?


No, this is a completely different study.


A very mysterious study that I have never really heard of.


‘It’s fun.’


For me, studying was just a means to be recognized by my stepfather.


Therefore, it was the first time that I was so purely immersed in my studies besides the game-related studies.


In addition, the concept of magic theory gradually developed, and the time it took to understand and read each new magic book was greatly reduced.


It was truly an encouraging achievement.


[Some of the Constellations yawn.]


Not for the Constellation, though.


Knock. Knock.


Just as I was about to finish today’s study, the servant came.


“Lady, the meal is ready. Go to the dining room on the first floor.”


These days, I often missed mealtime because I was in the library, so I ate alone, and last night, Raul suggested that I should have lunch together with my family.


His words were a suggestion, but it was an order I had to follow.


I wondered why it was today that Raul said I should have dinner with the family.


‘Do you remember?’


Today is February 20th, Theresa’s birthday.


I thought there was no way that was the case, but the timing was too coincidental.


‘I did twist the original, so something might have changed.’


It would be easier to ask for pocket money if Raul remembered Theresa’s birthday.




However, the moment I entered the dining room, I knew intuitively that it wasn’t the case.


Everyone looked so happy.


“You must have done something good.”


I sat down and asked Raul.


Raul looked at me with a caring smile that he had never shown before.


“The result of the paternity test came out today.”


Of course, it was because of the paternity test.




“But Libby, are you really going to Valhalla next semester?! Can’t you go next year?”


I shut my mouth.


I gave congratulations, but Giuseppe interrupted me before I could finish it.


[The Constellation ‘Dramania’ can’t hide their disappointment.]


[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ is leaving because they’re bored.]


[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ asks when will the male lead come out.]


Notifications continued to flow as if the complaints that they had been holding back had burst.


An idea flashed across my mind.


A family that looks happy except for me. Natural disregard and exclusion. A forgotten birthday


Just what everyone hates.


‘This is the sweet potato section.’


(T/L note: These days, sweet potato is used to express the speaker’s frustrated or impatient feeling about a situation or a person, a feeling similar to what you may feel when you eat sweet potato without any beverage. Sumber: Google.)

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