BJ Villainess Chapter 70

Author: alyalia

Since then, I have received grades in a completely chaotic manner.


<Magical Creatures>: A


<Alchemy>: A-


<Transformation Magic>: A-


<The Origin and History of Magic>: A-


When the remaining exams were just around the corner, my major grades finally came up.


<Attribute Magic>: B-




Judging from the average grade of the <Attribute Magic> lecture was C, it was certainly a great improvement and achievement. But I wanted at least a B+ to pop up. This was because only then could the grade of the community service be covered.


Currently, the student council’s activities are all taken by cunning and shrewd people. There was no way to raise the score of community service from C+ to at least A- unless an unexpected event suddenly exploded.


No, really? The situation was urgent, so I even had crazy thoughts that I would never have done normally.


“Shall I ask Clyde if I can accept a personal request?”


[The Constellations that support the ‘Clyde’ route agree with BJ.]


[The Constellations that support the ‘Ilya’ route oppose BJ’s opinion.]


Hmm. I guess the factions are starting to divide. Due to the nature of reverse harem games, it was natural for the male protagonist to be supported depending on one’s taste. However, it was a pity.


The true content of <God’s Play> hasn’t even started yet. No, it’s not time to mind this. Whatever it was, there was nothing more important than my grades at the moment.


I went to the student council room, ready to be treated with hostility. But Clyde wasn’t in the student council room.


“Did he go to the library?”


Just in case, I went to the library that Clyde had set up to appear frequently, and he was really there. Surrounded by men of his age in white robes embroidered with colorful sentences symbolizing the Willow family.


“Are you going to skip this event too, Brother?”


“This is a place for the harmony of the great noble family. If you’re the heir to the Willow family, you should attend.”


“Brother doesn’t have a fiancée yet, so the family elders and vassals are worried.”


The guys asked questions in polite voices like nobles, but they couldn’t properly hide the underlying jealousy and vigilance. They watched Clyde, who was reading as if he didn’t see them.


“Brother, please consider our family name. If you don’t attend again this time, other families—”


Then Clyde, who was reading, said without looking up. “Don’t you know you have to be quiet in the library?”


“Of course, I know. But this place is our family, isn’t it?”


If you’re going to say such a thing proudly, at least close the library door. Well, if he had such a mind, he wouldn’t have done such a boastful thing by wearing the family robe and walking around like that.


I clicked my tongue and knocked on the door. Knock, knock. Then the guys, except Clyde, looked at me with threatening eyes at the same time.


“You must be the Princess Squire.”


I hate being looked at, but what I hate more is their reaction. They looked at me and either laughed at me, scorned me, or admired me.


“What brings you here?”


At that time, a man who clearly cared about his appearance approached me with a sly smile.


“Ah, my name is Ansony of the Haris family. Duke Willow is my grandfather.”


Ansony Haris. Excluding Clyde, he was the eldest son of Count Haris, the most likely successor to the Willow family.


I spoke to Clyde without even looking at him. “Clyde, I need to speak to you for a moment.”


Ansony’s expression crumpled at once as if he was unhappy about being ignored.


“Princess, if you have anything to say, please tell me. My older brother is currently having an important conversation about family matters.” Ansony gently wrapped his words, but on the subject of Princess Squire, he meant not to dare interfere with Willow’s affairs.


I looked at Ansony with an annoyed expression. “How dare you greet me?”




“I asked why the eldest son of Count Haris greeted me first without my permission as Princess Squire?”


Nobles of lower status cannot introduce themselves to higher-ranking nobles unless they are acquaintances. This was common sense.


“…Please pardon me. It’s just that my father is acquainted with Princess, and I’m only saying hello because I’ve met you in person at the banquet hall.”


Ansony blamed me, slicking his tongue like a snake. So what?


“I don’t remember your face.”


Theresa had a level of facial recognition impairment that surpassed the typical inability to remember people. But there were exceptions. That was the case when they were of high status or had an outstanding appearances. This was a widely known fact in society. So, Theresa not remembering him was evidence of Ansony’s poor appearance and low status.


When I insulted Ansony, the other Willow family rose up at the same time.


“Even Princess cannot act so rudely to someone with Willow blood!”


“Apologize for your rudeness. Otherwise, I’ll officially—!”


I spoke with my index finger on my lips. “Shh.”


Everyone fell into silence.




They all pursed their lips in bewilderment. Everyone opened their mouths until their necks and faces reddened, but not a single sound came out.


I looked over them one by one as if I were observing them. “Hmm. I wondered how effective the improved silence magic would be against Valhalla students, but it works well. What is your magic level?”


“―! ――!!


At their silent shout, I pretended to be surprised and said oops. “Oh, can’t you answer me now?”



[Constellation ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[You’re either a magic otaku or a psychopath. I’m scared.]


Silence magic has a very simple structure, so it can be lifted quickly if you solve magic well. But the Willows couldn’t lift my magic.


“The existing silence magic and magic circuit structure are similar, but you can’t solve this either? It seems that you have no talent in applying it.”


Tsk, tsk. To compensate for my low intelligence, I even improved the spells and studied hard for new ways to complete magic.


“You’re in your first year, right? Do you think everything will be over once you enter Valhalla?  Self-directed learning is so important. You need to put in effort, work hard!”



[The Constellation ‘Kudos’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Strangely, as the days go by, you’re becoming more and more like a boomer…]


Just as I was arguing, Clyde, who was ignoring the world without giving anyone a single glance, rose from his seat. “Are you happy to win against the first year? You alone are louder than the three of them.”


“…” He silenced me without even casting a spell.


Clyde had been indifferent to the world until just a while ago. Still, when he looked at me, he showed a very uncomfortable expression. It looked like he wanted to ignore me until the end, but his plan failed, so he seemed to be irritated.


…Did I come for nothing? Let’s not be weak. My opponent is Clyde, who has generosity like a dot, but my survival is at stake.


I said without being discouraged as I watched the approaching Clyde, threateningly moving his huge body. “Hey, I know a nice place. Would you like to go with me?”



[The Constellation ‘Fact Is Violence’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Honestly… You talk in a nonsensical way.]




The good place I was talking about was a professor-only library. It would be quiet there, so Clyde could enjoy reading without interruption.


“Ha.” Clyde sighed, pressing his temples as if his head was throbbing. “With this stupid thing, I…”


I felt a deep sense of shame in his low voice.



[The Constellation ‘Betting Life on Theresa’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[It’s so cute that you become the king of stupidity!]


Can I block that constellation?


Clyde frowned and waved his hand as if telling me to get out of the library and drove me out of the library. It made me feel like I had become a fly. Then he came out and grabbed the door handle. He was in the position of closing the door.


What is he trying to do?


Clyde looked around at my cousins before closing the door. Creek.  “Yes. You should be quiet in the library.”




The Willows later noticed something strange and came running, but Clyde closed the door first.




Click. The door would never be opened unless a professor-level wizard came.


What a scary fellow.


Clyde strode along as if his business had finished. I hurriedly caught up with him and said perplexedly. “I haven’t told you my business yet…!”


“Then stop procrastinating and say it.”


This brat. Do you ignore people only by believing in your face, ability, family, or body? Unfortunately, it was always me who was at a disadvantage, so I quickly said my business.


“I don’t have enough points for community service. Can I get a personal request?”


Clyde stopped and asked me in a tone that sounded almost like a quarrel. “What will you do if I help you?”



[The Constellation ‘Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Marry him.]


What do you mean to marry him… Unless I fall into hell, there will be no such thing as marrying this guy.


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