BJ Villainess Chapter 71

Author: alyalia

Anyway, I replied to Clyde’s words. “All I have is money.”


Clyde looked at me with contempt at once.


I spoke in a slightly devastated voice. “…When I think about it again, I also have a small amount of labor.”


“Come to think of it, your magic ability test result this time wasn’t bad. The magic you used earlier seemed quite useful.”


What on earth do you want me to do with my magic ability?


It was then. Tadadadak! From somewhere, a very disturbing sound was heard.


“Ah, the puppy is going there!”


“Stop there! Gasp!”


It was Libby and her friends again. I lowered my gaze and watched the palm-sized model of a puppy approaching with a crackling sound.


“Uh? Sister!”


It was Libby who found me first. Libby greeted Clyde, who was next to me, with an awkward expression. “Hello, Senior…!”


Clyde didn’t even reply, only expressing, ‘What do you want me to do?’


This is why you don’t have any friends…


I said to Libby, holding on to the hem of Clyde’s clothes, afraid that Clyde would leave. “Even though Clyde doesn’t look like that, he’s shy and doesn’t say hello to strangers.”


“Ah… he really doesn’t look like that.”


“What nonsense are you talking ab—”


Before Clyde could say anything, I raised my other hand and greeted the young ladies in a loud voice. “Oh! Hi, Libby’s friends. How have you all been?”


Libby’s friends were the same members I had seen in the library before.


“Hello, Senior!”


They glanced at us with some sort of anticipation.


“She’s with him today too.”


“As expected, I guess it wasn’t an illusion.”


As the unpleasant misunderstanding deepened, Clyde said angrily. “Let go of this.”


Pretending not to hear, I picked up the puppy toy that was about to pass by. It was a toy made with exquisite workmanship but not for sale. There was only one person who could make such a toy. Did Damian start distributing his toys already?


“Where did you get this?” When I asked Libby, just in case, the answer I expected came out.


“Senior Damian gave it to me. He said he made it according to the wooden dog toy that’s popular these days. It’s cute, right? If you charge it with mana, it will go around on its own.”


“Are you close to Damian?”


“It’s not that we’re close, but we share an interest in art and culture. We’re both members of the same social club.”


It was natural for Damian to approach Libby in the scenario. However, I was only paying less attention because there was no room for dangerous development until Libby awakened as a white wizard.


In fact, this toy didn’t look like a cursed doll called ‘Mind Doll’ that amplifies negative thoughts in humans. Even so, it’s not a good sign that the toy caught my eye.


Libby, who saw the unusual expression on my face as I checked the toy, asked with a serious face. “Is something wrong?”


It was true that there was a problem. Damian’s toys will be scattered among the potential demon contractors, making it easy for them to summon demons the moment they have a bad heart.


Originally, the first demon appeared during the school festival in May. But I was mindful of the fact that demons could appear much earlier. This was because all scenarios so far progressed faster than the original.


The appearance of the demon was like a tidal wave. It seems to be approaching from a distance, but you are already under the demon’s influence once you find it. But it’s not the time yet, so I’ll have to do what I can to prepare for it.


I spoke to Libby without releasing a serious look on my face. “You know Mimosa, right? You’ll get bitten if you get caught taking anything from Damian or going to a social club together. It’s not a metaphor, but she really will bite people with her teeth.”


“I-is that so? Even if a princess acted like that…?”


“I’ve done it too.”




Theresa would have done it based on logical reasoning.


“Anyway, in that sense, Damian is a very dangerous senior.”


At that time, Clyde, who was quiet for some reason, snorted. Libby nodded with a serious look.


“It was actually burdensome. When Senior Damian spoke, somehow I felt a menacing gaze.”


“Because Demisa exists everywhere. Be careful.”


“Yes! I’ll keep that in mind.”


“People are having fun.” The last word was from Clyde.


Then Libby’s friends crept up, put their arms around Libby, and retreated behind her. They whispered in a low voice and scolded Libby.


“Come here, Libby!”


“The student council president also looks at you not to waste their time.”


“What? Is that so?”


I urgently denied it. “It’s not like that!”


Clyde retorted. “But that’s true though.”





[The Constellation ‘Over Immersed Otaku’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[What is this? It’s confusing me.]


Libby’s friends widened their eyes and said, “Oh my, oh my, what should we do! Let’s go quickly!” bowed their heads after making all kinds of fuss.


“Have a good time, Seniors!” In the meantime, Libby was dragged away by her friends with a rather unfair look.


I was terribly bewildered.  “They’re going to spread strange rumors again!”


Clyde flashed his eyes fiercely. “I guess your stupid head forgot all the weird rumors you spread about me.”


Theresa, you sinful woman.


“Um, maybe it’s time for me to apologize…?”


“No. Don’t. I have no intention of accepting it.”


I was already in a position where I desperately needed his help. Still, I became depressed as he added to the unfavorable situation. I didn’t want to end my life just because of the lack of points for community service like this.


At that time, a sudden roar was heard, and my downy hair stood on end right up to my head. Kwadatatatang!


“— It surprised me!”


I shrugged my shoulders and turned my head in the direction where I heard the roar. It sounded like something was collapsing.

“W-w-what is it?”


The noise followed. Kwang! Kwang! It was a disturbing noise that was hard to understand unless someone was fighting or causing internal turmoil.


“Some crazy guy dares to destroy school property.” Clyde approached the place where the noise came from with an angry look.


“Ah, wait, let me join you too!”


I haven’t heard an answer to my case yet!


The noise was coming closer than I thought. It was the professor-only library.


What?  At that moment, I instinctively knew something was wrong. I used this library a few days ago, but there’s definitely no one…?


Clyde burst open the door. Grung—!




We were both startled and stopped at the same time. This was because as soon as he opened the library door, I felt an unpleasant sensation as if I was being engulfed in the jelly pudding. My breath became short, and my movements slowed as I felt resistance, like moving underwater. At the same time, fear of the prey welled up within.


A strange sensation I felt for the first time. But I thought I knew what it was. It seemed that Clyde was also aware of this sensation.


He warned in a low voice. “It’s the realm of the demon.”


It was the first time I faced a demon after being possessed.


“Ugh… Huhuhu…”


There was a sobbing sound coming from the ruined library. That made me feel chilly.


Clyde calmly unfolded his defensive magic around us. Then he put up a sign at the library entrance announcing that the demon had appeared. It was the same code of conduct that you had to do when you found the demon.


I put the wooden puppy I had in my hand on the floor. The wooden puppy headed somewhere with a rattling sound and suddenly spun around in its seat.




The interior of the library, covered with pitch-black fog, occupied one wall with the black body of a tree pushing down the bookshelf. The branches and roots stretched out in all directions were like the face of a screaming evil spirit. In the middle of the black tree, a familiar character was crying sadly, with only his face exposed while his body was trapped.


I wrinkled my brows. “Delve?”


Delve was a demon contractor who summoned a demon during the festival after the midterm exam.


Clyde asked. “Do you know him?”


“Yes. He’s in the fourth grade too. His specialty is art.”


“…I guess you know each other pretty well?”


“No way. I’ve never said hello before.”


At my reply, Clyde opened his mouth as if to point out something, then changed the topic. “You must be familiar with the code of conduct when a demon appears, right?”


I nodded. “To delay the opening of the ‘dungeon’ by the demon contractor as much as possible until the raid team is ready… But this time, it will be a little difficult.”


My gaze reached the toy soldier entangled between the roots of the tree. The toy soldier was in disarray, with one of its legs broken. As expected, it was the work of Damian.




There was no particular need to answer Clyde’s question.


Tadadadadadadadak! This is because the toy soldier started beating frantically on the small drum.





[The demon dungeon is created.]


Kung! Kung! The tree instantly created a door that gave off an ominous energy.




The door to the dungeon opened, and the black light engulfed us.  


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  1. So… is this considered a chance to get a better grade?

  2. So, Damian is an assassin, Clyde a half succubus, Iliya is a arch demon dressed in the skin of a dead man and both the emperor and oz are just really freaking insane? Oh great maybe we shouldn’t really try a romance after all