BJ Villainess Chapter 74

Author: alyalia

* * *

I wanted to cover my ears.


“I really can’t believe it. Drinking when you enter a dungeon and your life is threatened? I knew you were crazy, but now I’m starting to wonder if you’re a lunatic. Don’t you have any common sense? You even forgot how to ride a horse before. Now I’m sure you’ll forget common sense.”


“…I drank, but I’m not drunk…”


“Shut up, Drunkard.”


I felt very unfair at his unfair comment, but I obediently accepted it by rolling my lips inside.


At that time, the onlookers who had been following me and making bets, unaware of other people’s feelings, approached and talked.


“Hey, pretty lady! How about that slingshot this time? Let’s fill up 10 consecutive wins before dinner comes!”


“Hey, this man! Do you think such a trivial slingshot match is going to catch her eye? This time, it’s definitely the game find the ball! Let’s go to find the ball!”


Clyde glared at me with fierce eyes as if he were interrogating a maddened spouse who was addicted to gambling even though their family was on the decline.


“What on earth did you do in such a short amount of time to become such a celebrity?”

Unfair, this is unfair! If I have any guilt, it’s just that I’m really good at the mini-games in Delve Dungeon, and I know a sure way to make money.


“I was just making money. Because no one is willing to pay me just for standing still like you…”


Clyde, who heard my murmur, sighed and suddenly lifted me up.


“…What are you doing?”


“If you want to argue, walk properly.”


“I think I walked properly…?”


“If you keep talking, I’ll make you walk zigzag for the rest of your life.”


If it’s this guy, he might throw me on the ground just because of a sudden mistake. I quickly embraced Clyde’s neck.



[The Constellation ‘Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Oh my. At this rate, aren’t we going to have a party~?]


Clyde’s likeability was too firm to maintain his three black hearts, so having such an illusion was ridiculous. Come to think of it, isn’t it funny? If he lifts me up like this, I might be able to get rid of at least one black heart, right?  



Did I focus too much on my thoughts? I must have stared at Clyde too openly without realizing it, and he looked at me with a furrowed brow.


“You’re looking at me very openly. Don’t you know about shame?”


It wasn’t that I was appreciating his appearance, but I couldn’t deny that my eyes were enjoying the view.


“I’m not quite sure what to be ashamed about, but… I know you look good in a uniform…” I spoke with the utmost sincerity.


Clyde narrowed his brows slightly and avoided my gaze. His expression was a little scary, but I didn’t feel anything unpleasant. I thought he was embarrassed in an inappropriate way.


By the way, when should I talk about my dream? It wasn’t because of a hangover at all, but my head was pounding at the thought that I had to take this guy to the lord’s castle tomorrow and ask for permission to marry him.


I tapped Clyde on the shoulder. “Let’s get in there.” The place I pointed to was an inn called ‘Resting Place of Love.’


“…The name is unpleasant.”


“Don’t argue. We need to find a place to stay before nightfall.”


Fortunately, Clyde didn’t take my words as malicious.


“Is it the rule of the dungeon?”


“That’s right. During the day, it’s a fun and happy world, but at night, evils spirits of despair pour out.”


“I thought you were just drinking, but you managed to find useful information.”


I smiled with the dignity of the developer. “Huhu…”


But my laughter didn’t last long.


“Oh my, what should I do? It’s already full.”


I was awakened by the thunderous words.




Due to the sudden emergence of a setting called ‘fully occupied’ that I had never set before, the owner looked at me, who had a bewildered expression, and answered with a pitiful tone.


“The inns are usually full around four o’clock. It’s already 5:30, and the sun will go down at 6 o’clock, so it’ll be similar wherever you go.”

 We came out of the ‘Resting of Love’ without a harvest.


“We still have time, so let’s go to another inn.”


It was a situation where we had to find a cave and enter it at the worst.


Then a middle-aged man asked us in a gruff voice. “Looking for a room?”


Clyde replied. “Yes.”


The man was startled by Clyde’s cold, intimidating low-pitched voice, then cleared his throat. “I have an empty room at my inn, so come here.”


The brusque man took us to the room that was tucked into the corner. “There is only one room left. I’ll give it to another customer if you don’t accept it now. What will you do?”


The room was small enough to be full just because of one bed. But it wasn’t bad because there was no dust and it looked clean.


“It’s okay for me. Let’s stay here.”


At my words, Clyde glared fiercely at the only bed, then clicked his tongue and nodded his head.


The man stared at Clyde, who was still holding me, who looked drunk, and gave a warning indirectly, “You seem to be quite heated, but please refrain from causing a disturbance.”


“This audacious—!”


I hurriedly covered Clyde’s mouth.


“We will stay overnight. How much is it?”


“50,000 Gellang.”


The total money I earned today was 300,000 Gellang, which was enough for the room.


As soon as the man received the money, he handed over the key and left. Only then did I release my hand that was still covering Clyde’s mouth.


“…Shall we go in?”


Clyde entered the room, locked the door, and put me on the floor.






With only the two of us left in a small room, an awkward atmosphere instantly flowed. My mind, which seemed to be half-floating in the air just a moment ago, became very clear, making me feel more troubled.



[The Constellation ‘Dopamine Addiction’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[From now on, this broadcast contains inappropriate topics for teenagers under the age of 19 to watch, so parental guidance is required.]


Unfortunately, nothing inappropriate was to happen. Forever.


I had been through so much in a short period of time today that I suddenly felt drowsy.




 I yawned, and Clyde pointed to the bed.


“You use the bed.”


“Then what about you?”


“This is enough for me.”


Clyde dragged the chair to the edge of the room and sat down. It was an action that made me feel his will to be as far as possible from me somehow. What the. You don’t have to specify. I said thank you and sat on the bed.


Apart from the unfortunate narrative, Clyde was a person who grew up very precious. A place like this won’t satisfy him, but it was difficult to tell from the look on his face whether he was unhappy with me or this place. That’s why I asked.


“Are you uncomfortable in a place like this?”


“It’s more comfortable than sleeping next to an active volcano.”


This inn is comparable to an active volcano…


I handed him the meat pie bag I had been holding in my arms the whole time. “Eat this. This place seems to be an inn that doesn’t sell food.”


Clyde glanced at the bag for a moment before saying something surprising. “As far as I know, this must be your first time entering a dungeon, but your preparation doesn’t seem bad.”


“Even though the world in the dungeon is a virtual world, it’s the same as the real one. The actions of a person who has landed penniless in an unfamiliar place should be the same everywhere.”


Clyde, who was listening to me quietly, smirked. “Oh, that’s why you drank?”


“That’s what I’m saying.”


Time passed by diligently, and it was already six o’clock. I noticed that because the lights on the street that were coming in through a small window turned off simultaneously.


I got out of bed and drew a little curtain on the window. Only a candle and a match were in the room, so I lit it with it. Brighter light attracted evil spirits, so we had to be careful.


Clyde murmured quietly, perhaps because he sensed the sudden change in the atmosphere. “It’s dead quiet outside.”


But the silence was only for a moment.


Huuuu—! Rattle! Rattle!  Something that I didn’t know if it was wind or a visitor began knocking on the window and showing off its presence.




I went under the covers and hugged myself closely. Honestly, it was scary. The atmosphere was much creepier than expected. It was even scarier because my stupid head kept trying to imagine how real the evil spirits would have been in reality. With a mindset of distracting myself by singing, I have finally made up my mind to do the homework I have been putting off until now.


“Let’s talk, Clyde.”


Clyde opened his closed eyes and turned his eyes to me. “About what?”


“Did you get a dream card too?”


“…” Clyde said nothing for a moment, unlike his usual outspoken personality.


Clyde’s dream would be a normal life. Is that a difficult dream to tell?


He asked in an unwilling voice. “Why?”


“Because it’s a mission necessary for survival. Clearing the dungeon is easier when we help each other.”


Since it was a natural conclusion, Clyde said with a look of approval. “It was written that my dream was to live a normal life. What about you?”


Clyde’s dream was as expected. Now the problem was my dream.


“Don’t get me wrong, and listen.”


I suggested it with the most businesslike and objective expression and tone. “Marry me. Tomorrow.”





[The Constellation ‘Fact Is Violence’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[#1 Worst Marriage Proposal chosen by Forbes.]

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  1. Uhm, I mean, it might be a little short without any explanation but it’s just a mission! And nobody from the real world would see their „marriage ceremony“, so you better help her out Clyde! (But ofc it won’t be that easy lol)
    This chapter was/felt so short compared to the last one 😭 but thank you for the update~

  2. It looks like it’s time for the ‘only one bed’ trope to finally rear it’s head. On another note, I really like seeing Tehresa’s fears being whine to us, it really helps endear me to her character

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