BJ Villainess Chapter 75

Author: alyalia

Clyde held out his hand. “Give me your card.”


I took out a card from my pocket with my dream written on it and held it out to him, adding a lack of explanation. “What I mean is not a real marriage, but a temporary cooperation due to special circumstances. It’s obvious that Delve is the lord, and we must enter the lord’s castle to catch the demon. There is no better excuse than this since we can enter the lord’s castle to get permission to marry. Do you know that this is all thanks to me?”


“Be quiet.”




Clyde looked at my dream written on the card and seemed to be lost in thought.


“…Just like a normal life…” he muttered in a small, barely audible voice like a sigh, then looked at me as if he had made up his mind. “Okay. Let’s do it. Getting married.”


* * *

A space made up of bookshelves with rows and perfectly symmetrical furniture. This breathtaking place was none other than the chairman’s office. In addition to Duke Willow, one more person was in this room.


The chairman opened his mouth while checking the report card. “Go on.”


Then the professor, who was standing opposite and watching, opened his mouth. “Ah, yes. In conclusion, Theresa Squire’s <Magic Spell> score is A+.”


The chairman raised his eyebrows and asked. “Even though it’s less powerful than the previous one?”


“Yes. When used by Theresa, it compensates for the lack of power with her abundant mana, making it a much more advantageous method for her.”


“But, her mana measurement results at this time were quite impressive.”


What the chairman was looking at was Theresa’s report card. The report card contained the results of Theresa’s magic ability test. Intelligence, mana, and magic aptitude all created the form of the status only found in geniuses.


The professor hesitated for a moment before adding. “The Wizards Association was upset because it wasn’t just a good discovery. It’s a way to create a new paradigm for combat magic.”


After a moment of silence, the chairman collected his thoughts and then asked an important question. “What is the expected total score for Theresa’s midterm exam?”


“Based on the opinion of the professors in subjects that haven’t yet been tested, I believe it’s possible to get up to a B+.”


“… It’s amazing. I can’t believe that the last place of all 10,000 years of this school’s history will instantly rise to a B+ in total. This will be the first time in school history.”


If Valhalla was just such a magic school, he would have thought it was just amazing and wonderful happening. In other words, since this place was Valhalla, this was a problem that couldn’t be overlooked.


“She would have gotten better grades if we excluded community service score.”


Hearing this, the chairman suddenly felt a chill at his choice to allow her to join the student council. “Was it like giving wings to a tiger cub…”


Haha. Tiger cub. Did he ever imagine the day would come when he would use these words for Theresa?


Theresa’s activity has been extraordinary this year. Besides, there’s even a rumor that she’s a candidate for empress. It’s not a matter to be taken lightly. That would make Duke Squire, who had barely trampled on the ground for 100 years, fly up to the sky again.


“It’s not good.”


These days, even the eccentric activities of Clybe, which always used to make her proud, proceeded in a calm manner. It was puzzling as if she had become a different person.


Has that crazy foal grown up? However, there was no way her grades would improve just because she grew up.


“Anyway, the total score is B+, which is the maximum.”


“That’s right.”


“That’s enough then.”


Theresa’s expulsion from the school was final.


At that time, a servant urgently rushed in. “Mr. Chairman! A dungeon has appeared in the school!”


“What?! Where exactly?”


“It’s the library dedicated to professors on the second floor. There’s a sign left by Lord Clyde there…”


“Wait. What do you mean Clyde?”


“There is Lord Clyde’s sign before the dungeon. He must have been sucked into the dungeon.”


“I’ll be there right away. Call all the professors and all the guards. The midterm exam will be paused.”


“Yes, Sir.”


With a firm expression on his face, the chairman headed to the library dedicated to professors on the second floor. The dungeon that swallowed up the raiding party was emitting Magi, trying to corrupt its surroundings. Still, it couldn’t penetrate the powerful barrier that Clyde had set up.


The chairman got the information from the sign left by Clyde. “Clyde and Theresa both get sucked into the dungeon. The demon contractor who created the dungeon is Delve Oberion, a fourth-year student. Send someone to the Oberion family to find out why this happened.”


“I understand!”


As long as the raiding party entered once, there would be only one outcome, whether they cleared it or all died, which made the door open again. The chairman was convinced that since Clyde had entered the dungeon, there was no way he wouldn’t clear it. Because that child was a monster, not a human.


“Huh. What a coincidence.”


What Theresa lacked was the score for community service. However, since things had turned out like this, he would have to give her an A+ after clearing the dungeon. Dealing with monsters and clearing the demon dungeon were two different things, so there was a huge difference in community service scores.


“Isn’t she lucky?”


It may be just a coincidence, but it felt like heaven was helping Theresa.


The chairman thought for a moment that it would be better if Theresa died in the dungeon. Because it’s the cleanest way as I don’t need to do anything.


Anyway, since Theresa was swept away by the demon dungeon, it was obvious that Raul would invade this place. It was the time for him to be fully prepared to prevent that damned b*stard wouldn’t coming at him.


“Watch this place carefully. If there is any change, inform me immediately with the magic message.”


“Yes! I accept your order!”


* * *

It was the second day since we entered the dungeon.


“Welcome. I’ve been waiting.” The one-legged soldier found us arriving at the entrance of the lord’s castle and came over to greet us politely.


Clyde asked the main point as if he had greeted him. “Where is the lord?”


“The lord has been devoted to his new work since last night, so you can’t have an audience with him.”


No, what’s wrong with the lord? The one-legged soldier spoke as if to reassure me when I was taken aback. Of course, since it was only an inanimate object with no expression or put emotions in its voice, it could only explain.


“You don’t have to worry because the lord has given permission for your marriage. Also, as an apology, he decided to hold your wedding ceremony to bless both of you. The wedding will be held in the village cathedral in an hour.”


“Yes? Wedding ceremony?”


At that time, those who seemed to be maids working in the lord’s castle approached us with smiles.


“You two are so lucky! Now, come over here. The wedding outfits and venue for the wedding are all prepared.”


“Bride, please go this way. And Groom, please come this way. We will help you in preparations for your wedding.”


I waved my hand in embarrassment. “It’s okay to skip the ceremony. I’m concerned that we seem to be causing too much trouble to the lord.”


“It’s a marriage with someone you love, so does it make sense not to have a wedding ceremony? Don’t hesitate to enjoy it.”


The maids approached us with a look of great excitement.


Clyde said with a bothered but helpless look. “Just follow them for now. It’s also an opportunity to stay in the lord’s castle a little longer.”


“That’s true. Alright. See you later.”


We each followed a different group of maids.


“A wedding ceremony! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? My heart is pounding.”


“The groom is handsome, just like the angel in the lord’s painting! You must be really happy, Bride.”


“Yes, well…”



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspector’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[I can’t believe I can see Clyde in uniform and Clyde in a tuxedo. Delve is a good person TT_TT]


Everyone seemed to be happy about the wedding except for the party involved.


I entered the dressing room, which wasn’t a bad size, just like in Squire Duchy.


“Ah, how can she take a bath, put on makeup, get her hair done, and change her clothes in just one hour! Everyone needs to hurry!”


The maids looked at me with full energy and polished me. It wasn’t until a little past the scheduled time that the preparations were completed. They let out exclamations with ecstatic expressions at the sight of me holding a bouquet.


“Oh my gosh…! If the groom sees you, I’m sure he will fall in love with you again.”


It was a fake relationship from the beginning. Still, my current appearance was so surprisingly new and fresh that it even amazed me. I’ve worn fancy dresses a few times, but it was different from the feeling only a wedding dress could give. Is this why being pretty and handsome makes you feel new and thrilled every time?



[The Constellation ‘Face Inspection’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[I fell in love again…]


The appreciation had to end here. Or else I would be late for the wedding. 


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