BJ Villainess Chapter 79

Author: alyalia

“Why? Do you need anything?”


I quickly approached in case he felt something uncomfortable, but Clyde flicked my forehead with his finger.




When I screamed in surprise and covered my forehead, Clyde put on a puzzled expression. “If anyone sees it, they might think you’re depressed.”


I grumbled a little. “This is emotional pain.”


“Seeing you talk nonsense, you seem a bit better. It suits you to talk about crazy things.”


“What are you talking about…”


“You’ve been making an expression that didn’t suit you until just now.”


“…What expression?”


“A look of guilt.”


Did I? I thought I was putting on a calm, reassuring expression, but apparently, I wasn’t.


“It’s not like that… And it’s strange to have fun in front of a patient.”


Clyde shook his head and changed the subject. “I think I heard that it gives you a new dream. What was it?”




“What’s your dream this time?”


“Ah, that? It’s just…”


I pretended that I didn’t understand. Then Clyde held out his hand. It meant asking for my dream card.


When I wiggled my hand and refused to give him my card, he deliberately put on a stern expression. “Hurry.”


Sigh. I’m going crazy.


I handed the card in with tears in my eyes. After reading my dream card, Clyde raised an eyebrow.




Then, he made an ambiguous expression, unsure whether it was a laugh or a sigh. I was ashamed beyond embarrassment at that dream that I had nothing to say.



[The Constellation ‘Thoughtless Person’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Dreams come true.]


Please, I want to get out of this terrible dungeon. I was afraid of what would happen if I had a next dream.


Knock, knock. The sudden knock sounded like a nightmare from the previous day, and my body flinched. Clyde glanced at me and opened his mouth. “Come in.”


It was the maid who entered the room. She approached with a tray of meals and asked. “I brought the meal. Are you feeling better?”


The meal on the table was for one person.


“I’m fine, but why is it only for one person?”


The maid then answered. “I was going to tell you about it. When I told the lord what happened today, he stopped working for a while and invited Lady to have a meal.”


When we heard Delve invited me, Clyde tried to get up and groaned. “Urgh… why is the lord calling Theresa?”


“When the lord heard the name of Lady Theresa, he said that the lady seemed to be a friend he met at school when he was young. Is it true?”


Clyde raised his eyebrows curiously. It was because there were many errors in the maid’s words.


I said it first before Clyde brought it up. “It’s true.”


Then the maid immediately bowed. “If Lady went to the same school as the lord, you must be a precious child of a noble family. Please take care of me well.”


“I will.”


The maid raised her head with a look of deeper affinity for me. “I’m worried that I’ve been acting rudely because Lady is so sweet and kind.”


Clyde constantly talked informally to the maid because she was of lower rank. However, I didn’t do the same. Because in the game, Libby didn’t talk informally. And when I maintain such a polite attitude, the maid becomes more cooperative.


“The Lord will be waiting. Let’s get going.”


“I’ll show Lady to the dining room. I’ll be waiting in front, so please get ready and come out.”


When the maid left the room first, Clyde, who was quietly watching the situation, asked. “Wouldn’t it be dangerous to go see Delve alone?”


“It’s alright. This dungeon is a place where you have to do fun things, and Delve doesn’t like murder. Besides, my bracelet is green, right? From Delve’s POV, no other villager is as desirable as I’m.”


Clyde caught my fault in a strange place. “You know him well for someone who never said hello to him.”



[The Constellation ‘If Being Handsome Is a Sin, Clyde Deserves a Death Penalty’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Jealous again and again .]


Jealous? Could it be an increase in likeability? Well, after spending days together on the brink of life and death, it’s only natural for the likeability to grow.


[Likeability: 🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍]


Geez. I was excited for nothing, only to feel offended. Maybe that’s why I said it as if I was picking a fight without realizing it.  “Why do you ask that? Are you jealous?”


Clyde distorted his expression at once. “If you’re going to talk nonsense, get out.”


“Hmph. I was going to go out even if you didn’t say that.”


I strode out of the room and told the maid waiting in the distance. “Come on, let’s go and see the lord.”


The dining room was on the first floor. A toy soldier guarding the front opened the door as I approached. Then Delve, dressed in fancy clothes, greeted me with a bright smile.


“Welcome, Theresa! Wow, how long has it been?”



[The Constellation ‘Born From Theresa’s Heart’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Why is he pretending to be close to my child?]


That’s because Delve’s memories are all manipulated to suit his taste.


I smiled brightly and approached him. “You haven’t changed at all. No, should I say you become cooler?”


Delve blushed. “W-why are you saying that? You’re the same. You were the prettiest girl in the school and still the prettiest girl in my estate.”


We sat down, laughing and joking with each other as we admired each other’s faces. The meal was lavish, and Delve treated me like his close friend whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.


I recounted the memory to his fabricated memory. Delve was a character that my team gave a narrative to, so I easily continued the enjoyable conversation without touching his wrath.


As time went by, Delve became more absorbed in the conversation. In the middle, he wiped away tears with a tearful face. Delve said that he seemed to greatly like me, who always picked out the words he wanted to hear.


“I was like that when I was in school, but you’re the only one who understood me.”


He seemed to have added a new setting to his memory of me.


“What do you mean I’m the only one? Everyone liked your paintings, and I was just one of them.”


In Delve’s manipulated memory, he was a genius artist. Everyone was enthusiastic about his paintings and praised his vision.


Delve jumped out of his seat with a shy but happy expression. “It’s not like that. Theresa, there are many dresses that will suit you. Your current clothes don’t suit you, so you’d better change into something else.”


I didn’t decline. That meant that my clothes weren’t up to Delve’s taste.


In the dressing room, clothes and accessories were just emerging. Because it wasn’t planned, the dungeon reacted belatedly. However, Delve and I chose dresses as if we felt nothing strange about this phenomenon.


He pulled out a square-neck dress with a wide neckline. “I think you look good in a black dress. You can wear it as a dinner dress for today. How is it?”


No good answer was allowed here. Dinner in a world where evil spirits appear at 6 o’clock? Of course, it’s a trap. If you answer by saying that you would attend the dinner, the dead ending [Delve’s Muse] would appear.


I waved my hand quickly. “It’s too much for me to be treated to dinner. Just letting me stay in the castle is enough.”


“…Still, try on the dress. I’m sure it’ll suit you.”




With the maid’s help, I changed into that dress and came out. Wearing a black headband with jewels on my head and a black dress that exposed my shoulders and chest, I looked like a demon lord.


Delve looked at me with a dazed expression, then weakly opened his mouth. “It suits you better than I thought.”


“Thank you.”


“I’m not just saying it. You’re really beautiful. I want to paint you.”


Delve’s eyes began to glow red.


“I want you to stay here forever. Then I will be happy.”


This isn’t in the scenario. Was it because I was too good at flattery? Even though I refused the dinner, Delve seemed unwilling to let me go.


How do I get out of this? As I was looking for a suitable excuse to escape the crisis, the dressing room door suddenly opened. Bang!


Delve’s expression instantly distorted like a demon. “Who are you!”


It was none other than Clyde who opened the door. He stood crookedly, looked back and forth between me and Delve, then opened his mouth. “I came to pick up my wife.”


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