BJ Villainess Chapter 8

Author: LyraDhani

It seemed if I just ate and let it be, the complaints that began to erupt would get out of control.


It was absurd that the Constellations were rioting even though I, the person involved, was okay with it, but this was inevitable.


It was annoying, but I had to do something.


I cut a thick piece of meat and said it in a passing tone.


“Father, I want to buy something so I need some pocket money.”


Raul wriggled his eyebrows.


He said with a hint that he didn’t want to be angry on a good day like today.


“Tell me later.”


It was a warning tone not to hurt his feelings anymore.


But Theresa was barely holding back what she wanted to say.


“Then when should I tell you? It would be better before the semester starts.”


Raul expressed his anger toward the daughter who showed no signs of maturing.


“Your sister has just returned. But now you say things like you want to buy something and ask for pocket money…!”


“Today is my birthday.”


I spoke as mellowly as I could, pointing to the empty soup plate and ordering the servant to fill it up further.


As if a birthday was nothing special.


‘…Damn it.’


The inside of my mouth was so dry that the meat didn’t get swallowed well.


Unfortunately, it was because I had triggered my own issue.


To be honest, I didn’t want to say that today was my birthday.


“Is your birthday important now? It’s a celebration for your sibling. If you just want to eat a cake, you have it right here, so please don’t give your mother a hard time.”


It was just a confirmation that it was not a very important day.


‘I think I’m going to have an upset stomach.’


I wasn’t even in the mood to turn over the soup.


I wiped my lips with a napkin and raised my head, feeling the calm atmosphere.


Raul’s anger eased,, but he opened his mouth with a slightly uncomfortable look.


“Even so, you should have come to me separately.”


Come to you separately? That won’t work.


<God’s Play> proceeded with a scenario that melted together many of my wishes and also my experiences.


It meant that Theresa’s misfortune contained my experiences.


Five years since Libby disappeared.


Three years since Giuseppe was born.


For many other reasons, Teresa’s birthday passed as if it meant nothing.


It meant that Theresa’s deep resentment and anger toward her new family didn’t come out of nowhere.


‘The eldest daughter who is not loved.’


It was a setting that I had to use because it was so much like my story.


Now I regretted doing that so much.


I would never have done such a thing if I had known that I would possess Theresa.


Damn it.


I managed to recover from the sinking feeling by biting the flesh in my mouth.


I wanted to say it as little as possible as if it were really nothing.


“You wouldn’t even know it’s my birthday anyway, but if you did, it would have been a hassle. I didn’t want to tell you either, but I had to bring it up because I needed something.”


Raul paused.


He looked complicated for a moment.


“…How old are you to blame your father for such a thing as your birthday?”


Looking at Raul’s reaction, I tried to speak as if nothing was wrong, but it seemed that I couldn’t speak properly because I was in a hurry.


From what I heard about Raul blaming me.




I closed my lips weakly.


I understand. His words, his feelings.


Raul was not a bad man.


He seemed stern, but he was a kind and caring father to Libby.


Theresa was being treated harshly because she was such a jerk.


In addition, she was a child born out of a sense of duty due to an arranged marriage, so I understood that she wasn’t a lovable child.


‘I can’t blame anyone. That’s just how my team set it up.’


So I don’t really resent it.


I’m just a little tired.


“I think I shouldn’t have said that. Oh, can I get up first? I’d like to replace my birthday present with this permission.”


If there was sarcasm in my tone, Raul would have noticed it quickly and yelled at it.


But he seemed to recognize that I was in a calm state like never before.


Raul was silent for a moment.


‘Are you angry?’


It was not easy to understand Raul’s mood with his heavy gaze alone.


It would be impossible to dismiss Theresa without a clear justification, but I thought it would be better to stop doing things that lowered the favorability even further.


‘Ha. Let’s just shut up and pretend we’re eating.’


If you don’t want to see me, just send me back.


The money to buy the key of dimension could be saved up by selling some of Theresa’s possessions.


The moment I lowered my eyes making that decision.


“I don’t want to give it to you as a gift.”


It was an angry voice.


I didn’t know if it was an illusion, but it seemed that the anger wasn’t directed at me.


Raising my head, I made eye contact with Raul.


“If you’re tired, go up first. I’ll send Donovan a blank check, so pay with it.”


What the hell are you thinking, giving a blank check to Theresa?


It was an uncomfortably excessive gift.


“No, there’s no need for a  blank check-“


“You are Princess Squire. Do you think a blank check is too much for a birthday present?”


Of course, it’s too much. Checks issued by the Squire can buy mines right away.


But I didn’t show that it was too much.


“Thank you, Father.”


My purpose was also achieved, and I didn’t want to suffer discomfort and remain a foreign object in a harmonious family.


“Then I’ll get up first. Please have a comfortable time with the family.”


I looked at Libby before I left.


Today must have been a very meaningful day for Libby, but I was a little worried that the atmosphere was ruined by me.


“Congratulations, Libby.”


So I gave her the congratulation that I couldn’t finish earlier.


“Oh, yes…! Thank you, Sister.”


Then, after giving a light salute to Roseanne, who looked at me with a mysterious expression, I left the dining room feeling weak.


It was then that the window of support exploded.




[The Constellation ‘Cider Pass’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[It’s good… Give me more…]




[The Constellation ‘Dramania’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[Please raise your channel ratings ㅠㅠ Bronze can only shoot 100 coins at a time, so I’m dying of frustration.]




[The Constellation ‘Romance Pass’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[I’m a legend for watching this broadcast even though the male lead doesn’t appear.]




[The Constellation ‘Let’s Speedrun’ has sponsored 100 coins.]


[What’s with the mood? Sigh… I’m lying down here.]














There were a lot who only sent coins without comment.


The crazy ringing alarm felt like thunderous applause from the audience who watched a satisfying performance.


It was a festival without me.


I stood still and stared blankly at the new system window.


[10,000 coins in a short period of time!]


[New Constellation enters.]


[New Constellation enters.]


[New Constellation enters.]


[Channel Rating Bronze ▶ Silver]


It was natural for humans to be afraid of someone’s hate and feel sad about their indifference.


Even though it was natural, I was a person who was too afraid, sad, and terrified.


So I barely escaped.


I was finally getting used to being alone.


This world had driven me to the extreme. On a cliff with nowhere to run.


Try to be loved. To seek affection. Otherwise, I am not worth it


‘I feel nauseous…’


The color fled from my face.


When helplessness tied me down into a deep swamp.


A snake-like eerie voice came from behind.


“As expected of the BJ I am looking forward to. Miss Shin Jiwoo.”




I instinctively sensed a threat and tripped while avoiding him.


I wasn’t wobbly enough to fall over. Nevertheless, Ozworld gently straightened my waist with his firm arms.


It was a gesture so sweet as if I was someone special.


“You have to be careful not to get hurt.”


However, the emotion in his voice that fell on my ears was just the fear of breaking valuable pottery.


I quickly took a step back.


My startled heart contracted and beat again.


“Why are you here?”


I straightened my voice so he didn’t notice that I was trembling, but I felt nervous.


Ozworld smiled thinly and answered kindly.


“Popular broadcasts are bound to have advertisements.”


A broadcast that hasn’t even made it into the rankings is doing well? What a bunch of nonsense.


As I looked at him with trembling eyes, Ozworld looked at me with a pitiful face.


“You look pale. We’d better change seats for now. Shall we go to the bedroom? Or stand up?”


Then he extended his arm to me like a gentleman offering for an escort.


I stared at the red suit like looked like clear drops of blood.


It was amazing.


The attitude that regarded me ready to grasp his arm. That arrogance.


“The channel just rises a little to the top.”


I tried to move forward with a clear refusal.


“Sigh. What a real nuisance.”


At that time, Ozworld sighed briefly and swung his cane.




Against my will, my body leaned completely into Ozworld’s arms.


I felt his warmth under the cold palms.


I thought his blood must be cold, but he was warm like a human being.


So it was even more horrifying.

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