BJ Villainess Chapter 80

Author: alyalia


[The Constellation ‘Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[I never thought I’d hear the word ‘wife’ from Clyde’s mouth…]


Delve looked at me with an expression that he had never heard of. “Wife…?”


Then the maid replied. “They were the couple that the lord allowed them to marry two days ago.”


“Ah, that document.” Delve let out a sigh as if he had just found the wedding ring on my left ring finger.


When Delve’s eyes were still red, like someone who wanted to immediately cut off the ring on my finger, Clyde strode forward. Then, as if he had become a jealous husband, he hugged my shoulder and said to Delve as if to warn him. “Isn’t it against the etiquette to be with someone else’s wife by this time?”


What’s wrong with him? Was it his head, not his abdomen, that was injured?



[The Constellation ‘No Matter What, Clyde Is the Male Protagonist’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[Highly excited.]


Come to think of it, it seemed that the number of Constellations supporting Clyde had increased dramatically.


Delve was smiling, but he felt very hurt. Nevertheless, he didn’t express his feelings. “I must have been so excited to see my friend after a long time. I should finish the painting soon. Theresa, you should get going too.”


Even though he couldn’t see through Clyde’s true identity, he must have instinctively sensed that Clyde was someone he couldn’t be hastily dealt with.


I left the dressing room without saying goodbye, still being hugged by Clyde. How long did we walk? Clyde twisted his expression and touched his abdomen.


“Ugh, damn it…”


Somehow, the injured person moved too well. He seemed to have been overdoing it.


I hurriedly helped him. “Why did you come all the way here when you’re not feeling well?”


Clyde glared at me with a look of amazement. “It’s 6 o’clock soon, and I have no choice but to go find you myself because I don’t think you’re coming back. But it seems like you have had a lot of fun without knowing what’s on my mind.”


His cold gaze clung to my outfit. “If we were really married, this is grounds for divorce.”


Oh man. You’re bringing me all sorts of reasons to nitpick.


“I was told to wear black because it looks good on me, so I can’t help it.”


Clyde snorted. “Look good on you? You look like a crow.”


We quarreled even when we came back to the room.


“Change the dress now. It annoys me just looking at it.”


I was going to change into pajamas because I couldn’t sleep in this outfit anyway, but I was speechless. Shaking my head, I muttered as I entered the partitioned area in the room while holding my pajamas. “What’s wrong with him?”



[The Constellation ‘ Clyde’s in-law’ has sponsored 10,000 coins.]

[What’s wrong with him? You’re wearing a dress given by another man, and on top of that, it seems like Delve has feelings for you. It’s only natural for him to feel jealous.]


It was absurd that the Constellations kept coming up with this ridiculous interpretation to their liking, even though they clearly confirmed Clyde’s likeability. Anyway, everything is woven into romance. Ah, since this is a romance broadcast, is this a natural reaction?


I took off my dress and changed into light, comfortable pajamas. In the meantime, Clyde had stopped his constant nagging and scolding. It was to the point where I wondered if he had fallen asleep.


As I changed my clothes, I exited the partition, and saw Clyde lying in bed. Huh. Isn’t this brat lying in the middle of the bed? Is he expressing a non-verbal message telling me not to approach him?


I approached the bed cautiously and glanced at him. Since I had received a new dream card, I had to share the bed with him, but considering the atmosphere just now, it seemed like I should go to the sofa and sleep alone. It’s okay to sleep alone for a day, right…?


As I turned sullenly, I heard Clyde’s blunt voice behind me. “Where are you going? Come here and lie down.”


What… Then I should lie down next to him without hesitation.


I quickly went to bed, placed a pillow between Clyde and me, and dug under the blanket. Fortunately, the bed was so big that I didn’t feel like I was sharing a bed with Clyde when I lay on the edge.


“Hoaam, I was so sleepy that I thought I would die of sleepiness.” Since I stayed up all night, I felt sleepy as soon as I lay down on the bed.


I said over the pillow. “Good night, Clyde.”


And fell asleep right away.


* * *

Staying up all night was definitely hard. I was so tired that I fell asleep without dreaming until I heard the birds chirping. When I opened my eyes refreshingly, I saw an angelic face in front of me, illuminated by the transparent sunlight that crept through the curtains.


Wow… I admired his handsome appearance with blank eyes and came to my senses. W-what? Why am I sticking with him?


Surprised, I hurriedly raised my upper body and saw the pillow that had been put on like a wall rolling around in the back. In the sleep, I must have gone around and pushed the pillow away, causing it to roll all the way there.  Umm, it might happen if you sleep in the same bed.  I quickly understood the situation and calmed down.


There was something more important than falling asleep and sticking to Clyde. I didn’t touch Clyde’s wound in my sleep, did I?


Clyde’s complexion, soundly asleep, was still not good. I touched his forehead first. He has a slight fever. In addition, he seemed to be sweating a little. I thought it would be better to bring a wet towel and wipe it off.


What about his wound? The moment I pulled down the blanket to check if there was any problem. Tak! My hand was caught. Clyde, who I thought was sleeping, slowly lifting his eyelids, looked at me.


“…What are you doing?”


“I was going to check your wound.”


Then Clyde sighed quietly and pulled the blanket over him as if to hide himself. “Don’t touch me carelessly.”


He’s been awfully grumpy since morning.


Knock, knock.


While grumbling inside, Clyde grabbed my hand as I flinched in surprise at the sudden knock.


“Don’t be surprised by that much noise. Even if it’s an evil spirit, I’m here.”


Those words worked better than I thought.  I straightened my shoulders and nodded. That day too, the knocking stopped as soon as Clyde came, so there was no need to be afraid, just like he said.


“Come in.”


The person who came to the room was, of course, the maid of the lord’s castle.


“Excuse me, Lady Theresa. The lord has an urgent request for you, so he told me to tell Lady to come to his office when Lady has time.”


Then I felt a slight strength in Clyde’s hand that was holding mine.


I spoke to the maid. “Okay. Let’s have a meal first and then go.”


“Yes. Ah, I put some clothes for Lady in the next room, so Lady can choose and wear whatever you like. Then, I will bring you the meal.” The maid bowed politely and left the room.


Clyde had just woken up, so he said in a subdued voice. “That maid calls you a lady all the time.”


“What’s wrong with that?”


“You’re married, so you should be called madam, not a lady.”


“Ah, that’s true.”


Obviously, the wedding was over with the permission of the lord. That’s why my dream changed to something else.


I lifted up the green bracelet that was darker than yesterday. “Look at this. I’m faithfully following the rules of the dungeon. You and I are married.”


Then Clyde laughed. It was an unknown laugh.


“Why are you laughing?”


“I think this dungeon is a very happy place for you. I remember you proudly shouting at the school that you would never get married if it wasn’t with me.”




“What about that?”


The dilemma of the dungeon and the school was a situation that couldn’t be denied. I mumbled my words ambiguously. “…Yes, happy, I’m happy. Even the bracelet tells me that I’m happy.”


What a quack dungeon. It changed my dream into something strange and interpreted my mood as it pleased. If this had worked properly, I would have been dragged to the waiters village!


Clyde reached out with a curious look and swept my bracelet, which emitted a green light. His gaze felt strangely like a well-fed predator’s, making me feel strange.


Knock, knock. Then came the knock again.


“I brought you the meal.”


“Come in.”


I told the maid to come in and escaped from his grasp as if hiding my bracelet.


* * *

“Isn’t this good enough?”


After wearing a baggy top, pants that looked good for activity, and sturdy shoes, I also packed a leather bag. There was a reason I dressed like this. It was because of the new quest.


“To complete the painting he’s drawing now, he must have the blue paint made from special materials. However, no one is willing to go because it’s a plant that grows in the waiters village.”


[Dungeon Quest: Obtain lightning root cornflower.]

Reward: Invitation to the art exhibition

Failure: Death


This quest would pop out at the climax of the Delve Dungeon episode.


When I left the room, I saw Clyde, dressed in a soldier’s uniform, waiting at the door.


“Where are you going alone?”


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