BJ Villainess Chapter 81

Author: alyalia

“I’m going to the waiters village to obtain the paint materials. They say the painting will be complete if I can make the blue paint. It’s probably a painting infused with Magi.”


Clyde narrowed his brows. “Are you out of your mind to go to such a dangerous place alone? You should have called me.”


“I can’t take a patient with me.”


“Even if I break my leg, I’m still better than you.”


This brat should have hurt his mean mouth, not his abdomen.


“So what do you have to obtain?”


“Lightning root cornflower. It’s a magic plant.”


Clyde sighed at the word magic plant. “Now even dungeons without magic are affected by interdimensional mix. It must mean that the human and demon worlds have become very close.”


“That’s true, but it’s because the rules of this dungeon are loose. In a world without magic, there are magical things like happiness bracelets, evil spirits, and toy soldiers, so the rules aren’t perfect, and the gaps create contradictions.”


Clyde made a strange expression. “I never thought you had the intelligence to guess such a thing.”


“Hey, I wasn’t going to say this, but I’m actually smart.”


“It would have been better not to say it.”


Walking alongside Clyde with a thump, I suddenly wondered. “Have you been to the waiters village? Why does it feel like you know the exact way?”


“I’ve been there. On the first day I entered the dungeon.”


No wonder he wasn’t there.


After walking for about an hour from the lord’s castle, I started to see the underdeveloped village. That was the waiters village. The lightning root cornflower was inside the waiters village, so we walked away from the crowds.


Clyde asked, looking around. “Where do those flowers bloom?”


“We have to walk a little further.”


I was trying to tell him where the flowers were blooming, but Clyde suddenly pulled me into his arms, making me unable to speak.




Swosh! Suddenly, an arrow brushed Clyde’s clothes and got stuck in a tree. Then, the waiters hiding in the grass came out.


“That woman, the green bracelet! Take it away!”


Clyde was dressed in a soldier’s uniform and carried a sword. He cut the waiters who came close to him and then took care of the rest instantly. In the meantime, a waiter with a bow fired an arrow at me, but Clyde, who was keenly aware of it, struck it off with his sword and cut the archer cleanly as well.


It was a ridiculous sight. I watched the whole scene with a slight tremor. This world was a game that I made. However, I felt sick when I witnessed this scene in person.


Clyde, seeing that my complexion had deteriorated, paused his approaching steps. It looked like he intuitively sensed that I was afraid of murder and blood. That’s why I felt even more sorry. It felt like I did something I shouldn’t do to the person who saved my life.


I approached him first, surprised with a more exaggerated gesture than usual. “Wow, that’s impressive! You’ll survive even without magic. As expected from a truly top student.”


As I pretended to be indifferent, Clyde approached me with his sword sheathed. “So, where are the flowers?”


* * *

Perhaps because of the corpses of the waiters, we had been attacked several times since then. I hurriedly gathered the flowers and tried to return to the lord’s castle, but the time was ambiguous. It was going to be dark soon, and it would be 6 o’clock.


“I think we should go back after spending a night nearby.”


“Let’s find an empty house.”


Of course, there was a good empty house for us in the waiters village. It was a hiding place if you couldn’t find the flowers in time.


As Clyde and I were wandering around looking for an empty house, an old man called us. “Come here, Soldier and Lady. If you’re looking for an empty house, I have one that could be used.”


Clyde seemed to recognize who he was. “You’re the one who told me the location of the square back then.”


“You remember. Follow me.”


We entered the house the old man told us about. It was a pretty neat and decent house.


“This is a house where the house’s owner was executed last week, and no new waiter has been filled yet. Use this place and leave as soon as the day breaks.”


His last word seemed to be concerned about the attack of other waiters.


“Thank you, Old Man.” I handed out the edible magic plant berries along with the flowers to the old man.


“I’m very grateful. It’s worth eating here.”


The old man smiled and left. His bracelet was very dark. At that moment, I unconsciously checked Clyde’s wrist, but I couldn’t see his bracelet, hidden behind his long sleeves.


Clyde began to check the house carefully. Then he narrowed his forehead. “Fortunately, there is a bed, but I don’t know if the two of us can sleep together.”


The bed was too small for Clyde to lie on. He leaned against the wall and stretched out his arms. “Lie down on my arm.”




“This way, the two of us will be able to lie down.”


That could be an option. Unless you had a problem sleeping with your arm being numb from being tightly pressed against each other while sleeping.


“Wouldn’t it be okay to sleep separately for a day? I don’t think it would be good for your wound if we slept together.”


Then Clyde raised his upper body, sat on the bed, and suddenly began unbuttoning his uniform.


“W-w-what are you doing?!” I covered my eyes with my hands in amazement.


“Put your hands away and look at this.”


When I gently lowered my hand at the words, I could see a solid upper body with tight muscles between the open tops. The wound on the abdomen was almost completely healed. Clyde turned his upper body and buttoned it so I could no longer appreciate it. Then he lay back in bed and said without looking at me. “Now, don’t talk much and lie down.”




Because of my dream, I had to sleep like this, so I had to seize my chance when Clyde came out cooperatively.


I didn’t hesitate to lie down on my arm. Hugging his thick upper body tightly like a doll was quite comfortable. Moreover, Clyde smelled clean and elegant. How could he smell like this when he didn’t even put on perfume?


“You smell good.” As I sniffed, I felt Clyde’s body become tense, and his muscles tighten.


“If you tease me more, I won’t let you go, so shut up.”


“Hmm… can I say one more thing?”


Clyde pulled my head into a hug and sternly refused. “No.”


* * *

The night was deep. Clyde checked the sleeping Theresa and quietly left the house. It was an act of blatantly ignoring the dungeon’s rules, but he didn’t care.


It was a light disregard for Dungeon’s rules, but he didn’t mind.




When he called someone, a demon the size of a forearm appeared in the empty air. The evil spirits that had been hovering around him trembled and fled.


“Young Master!” Kam looked at Clyde with emotion, shedding tears. “How long has it been? How have you been? You have grown a lot!”


Kam was a follower of the dream demon king.


“Why are you here?”


Clyde felt Kam approaching here and came out of the house. Otherwise, Kam would immediately appear in the room where Theresa was.


“The reason why this small man came here is, of course, to see Young Master.”


Kam asked with an expression of incomprehension. “But Young Master, why don’t you use your power? If you use Magi, you will be able to trample on the solemn things that have stirred up this place at once.”


“As a consequence, I have to live by consuming human lives for the rest of my life. Because I’m a half-breed demon.”


“But if Young Master doesn’t give up your human shell, you have to follow the rules of the dungeon as you do now. How insulting and unpleasant is that?”


At that moment, Kam’s beastly eyes narrowed as if looking at something on the other side of the wall. “Are you doing it because of that human woman? I’ll take care of—”


“Kam, don’t be presumptuous.”


Kam couldn’t say another world, overwhelmed by Clyde’s aura.  For a brief moment, a red aura flickered in Clyde’s eyes, then vanished. Just that alone excluded such pressure. Aah, indeed, the son of Master Lillith.


“I slipped my tongue. Please forgive my mistake and let go of your anger with this.” Kam apologized very politely, summoned a dagger, which exuded a holy power, into the air, and handed it over to Clyde.


“I dared to slip my tongue. Please release your anger with this.”


Clyde frowned. “It’s a holy relic. How do you have this?”


“This is a loot from Master Lillith. She wanted to give it to you as a present. She regretted not being able to give Young Master a birthday present this year.”


Clyde, who suddenly heard his mother’s name, clenched his teeth tightly.


“Master Lillith always wants to see you.”


Clyde pressed fiercely, scattering a ferocious aura at once. “Enough with the nonsense. She probably wants to wake up as a demon in the human world. So that the prey will increase.”


Kam, feeling very high hostility, shook his head in regret. “That’s not true. Young Master is a special person.”


“I don’t want to hear it, so go away.”


“…I can’t help it. I’ll see you again next time, Young Master.”


When Kam disappeared, Clyde checked his bracelet, which he had been hiding the whole time. His bracelet had turned dark like the waiters. 

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  1. Clyde might hate his mother very much but his human relatives don‘t seem that much better. Just all around unfeeling and hopeless I guess… his dream bracelet seems impossible at this point.

  2. Bro, I swr I got butterflies when he told her he wouldn’t let go of her if she kept teasing him

  3. His dream is so confusing, I’m so curious to see it explained