BJ Villainess Chapter 84

Author: alyalia

* * *

Clyde regretted it. Even if Theresa let go of his hand, he had to hold it tightly. He shouldn’t have held her hand using his hand that wearing a bracelet. He should have rushed on to Delve at the risk of getting hurt. He should have shoved Theresa the moment she rolled up his sleeve. He regretted it again and again.


Clyde learned how cowardly Theresa was by living with her in this dungeon. And he hated the sight of her like that. Obviously, she trembled in the room when the evil spirits attacked. On that subject, being a coward and selfish fool, she dared to die by wearing the black bracelet instead of him. Then she told him to live well.


He hated to admit it, but Theresa smiled so prettily at some point. When he was in the library, he could hear people whispering about her smile occasionally. However, that bloody idiot was making a pretty smile even in a moment like this. He was going crazy.


Don’t smile. Don’t smile like that.


That smile was like someone who leaves everything behind. Like the person who found the answer!




Clyde caught Theresa.


Please come here.


However, Theresa pushed him away. Regardless of that, Clyde reached out again. If he could save her, he would have done something like putting his hand in the fire several times.


At that time, a bright light emanated from Theresa’s whole body, which was engulfed in the flames. The moment Clyde grabbed the light, his vision changed.


Thump. Thump. Thump. He slowly lifted his terrified face. Then, he could see the faces of people cheering and rejoicing.


“Lord Clyde is back!”


This was Valhalla.


“…Where is Theresa?” A muffled voice came out.


He looked around with shaky eyes, but she was nowhere to be seen. He definitely caught her, but why can’t he see her? 


Duke Raul Squire glared at him with a demon-like face. “Where is Theresa?”


Clyde closed his eyes tight at those words as he faced the reality he wanted to deny.


Theresa is dead.


* * *

From the day the dungeon was cleared, as if the world was mourning the death of Theresa, only gray dark clouds hung over the dreary weather.


It was in the library on the second floor. Raul stood there, waiting for his daughter to return. She didn’t die. Theresa is not dead. It couldn’t be. Never.


“Master, Lady Libby has finally come to consciousness.”


“…I see.”


Libby fainted as soon as the news broke that Theresa couldn’t get out of the dungeon. Giuseppe tried to break into Valhalla, shouting and swearing, saying, “That can’t be possible.” However, since Valhalla strictly blocked outsiders from entering, Giuseppe couldn’t even confirm where his sister had left. Roseanne also uttered words of regret with a stunned expression ‘Theresa died because of me’. This might not have happened if she hadn’t driven Theresa out of the house.


It was nonsense and pointless regret. Because Theresa is already dead. This was an undeniable fact as the dungeon had disappeared. And yet Raul didn’t accept it. No, he couldn’t accept it.


Donovan said with a mournful look, “Master, His Majesty is calling. If you refuse the call again, the family will have trouble.”


Raul wiped away the tears he had shed unconsciously. His eyes were red.


“… Let’s go.”


Valhalla, without students, was frighteningly silent. The sound of Raul’s shoes resonated so loudly.


“Duke Squire.”


Just as he left the lobby, the chairman called him from behind.


The chairman said with a sad expression, “I don’t think there are any words that can comfort you. We plan to carve and place stone statues in Valhalla to honor Theresa’s achievements.”


In addition, the chairman said he would provide scholarships only in the name of Theresa from the profits generated from the soon-to-be-opened restaurants and cafes.


Raul burst into a laugh. “Do as you please.”


It was all useless. Theresa’s death wasn’t an ordinary matter. It wasn’t just a princess who died; maybe the only person who could stop the erosion was gone. Therefore, the emperor expressed deep regret.


“Duke, I want to hold the funeral for Princess Theresa Squire.”


Raul didn’t even have the energy to get angry at the emperor’s words. He shed too many tears to deny his daughter’s death with all his heart.


“…Thank you, Your Majesty.”


The dreary sky began to rain.


* * *









A murmur, as if heard underwater, awakened my hazy consciousness.




I felt the chill coming up from the floor, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I hardened with shock. It was because a huge airship was passing by in the sky.


There is no airship in <God’s Play>. This meant the place where I opened my eyes was a strange world I didn’t know.


I staggered and muttered blankly. “Where am I…?”


It was then.


[Still, it’s good that I put the setting that allows you to swap the bracelet.]




When I raised my head at the familiar voice, I saw myself filling up the huge display board.


[What are you doing?! Change it now!]

[Live well so that I don’t feel wronged.]



Clyde screamed desperately, reaching out to me. After that, it was black. On the pitch-black screen, letters that I could read even when I saw them for the first time came to mind.


[Sudden rise in popularity #1 BJ Villainess]


“Where the hell have I come…?”


15. Pantheon

I walked the streets like a refugee who had been swept away by the waves and reached an unfamiliar world, dressed in burnt clothes. Ah, fortunately, my body was fine. Not a single strand of hair was burned. I just felt dizzy. There were so many electric signboards that it made me sick to my stomach.


[No.1 BJ Hell House for 12 consecutive weeks]


[BJ Pandora, the best channel for the first half of the year selected by Pantheon]


[The appearance of a great newcomer! Another work by Ozworld?]


[A comprehensive Investigation – Why does Ozworld’s broadcast succeed every time?]


[Ozworld recording a new history of Pantheon]


[#1 Channel Manager Chehope’s broadcast solution – If you do this, you can also become a top channel manager!]




I guess it was the name of this dimension. Also, I guess this might be a place where the constellations gather. It wasn’t just because of the unusual appearance of the street that I made such a conclusion.


Tak! I bumped my shoulder into someone, looking at the electronic boards as I walked. When I turned my head in surprise, I saw a bipedal wolf with a red suit and dyed hair.


“Look ahead when you walk.”


The wolf flew past me in a fit of anger. The wolf wearing an outfit reminded me of Ozworld.


This place was full of such people. Dozens of Theresa and Ozworld were wandering around in front of my eyes. Perhaps they were copying their favorite celebrity. In the meantime, no one is copying Chehope.


My mind was filled with more questions.


“Why am I here?”


Wasn’t I dead? If I’m not dead, am I still on the broadcast?


“Broadcast settings Status window.”


However, no system window appeared.


“Constellations, can you hear me?”


The Constellations also remained silent. It seemed that the broadcast wasn’t on air right now.


I must be dead after all. The reason I came here might be like a gateway before falling into hell. Yet, despite that, broadcasts that revolved around me were being aired on billboards.


[“These days, the BJ Villainess channel is climbing the rankings at a terrifying pace.”]


As the MC raised his hand, a translucent window popped up.


[BJ Villainess #71]

[“Amazing! It’s the fastest time in Pantheon’s history to rank 71st in the shortest time. It became a platinum channel with 10 million coins in the shortest amount of time!]


“When did I get that high…?”


As I was in amazement, someone came up with a fuss.


“Oh my! Did you imitate Theresa, the dancing girl too?”


I blinked in bewilderment. Because it was a deer who talked to me. It even wore a black wig and a dancing girl outfit similar to mine. The deer snapped its paws.


“Even a burn? You’re a serious cosplayer! It’s even very well made!”


At that time, a mysterious-looking woman in a Valhalla school uniform approached.


“Theresa is, of course, Theresa in the Valhalla school uniform. You can’t admit anything else.”


Then, a rabbit in a wedding dress approached. The dress was almost the same as the dress I wore at Delve Dungeon.


“What are you talking about! Do you still think like that when you see Theresa in a wedding dress?”


“Ah, of course, it looked really good.”


The deer in the dancing girl’s clothes scrutinized me and asked. “You did a good job copying Theresa’s face too. Where did you do it? Copying faces is prohibited by law, so I can’t… Huh?”


As the deer spoke, it must have sensed something strange. Its eyes were wide open as it observed me again.


“It’s Theresaaaaaaa!”


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