BJ Villainess Chapter 87

Author: alyalia

* * *

Like Ozworld’s suit, the classic red convertible was a two-seater vehicle. Still, there was no major inconvenience for three people to ride, perhaps because all the people on board were small and slim.


The feeling of driving in an open car wearing a hanbok was quite strange. What was even more strange was that no one was driving this car.


I asked after inspecting every nook and cranny of the car, which moved smoothly even though the steering wheel didn’t move. “What is the fuel for this car? It looks like a convertible from the 1960s. Ah, is it moving by magic?”


At my question, Benito pricked his ears with his fingers, and Kike looked at me with an expressionless face.


“You are the first human being to wonder about such a thing.”


“But aren’t you curious? Wouldn’t you be like me if you fell into another world?”


“I don’t.”


“How can you guarantee that? Have you experienced it? You weren’t a Pantheon citizen at first, right?”


Kike stared straight ahead with an expressionless face, looked at Benito, who was covering his ears, and made a sound of realization, “Ah.” Then he looked straight and plugged his ears with his fingers.


The twins strongly expressed their will not to deal with me, so I couldn’t hear the answer to my question. Tsk. So I had no choice but to turn my gaze and look at the scenery.


This place looked like a highly developed future city and also had a medieval landscape. But there was a house dug out of a large tree as if it had been copied from a fantasy movie. Even though everything was mixed, it looked very natural. This place called Pantheon was amazing.


I thought, unconsciously fiddling with my wedding ring. It’s also strange that its abyss reminds me of a dungeon.


My curiosity continued to grow.


What is the abyss of Ozworld?


Does he even have an abyss?


How did he become a channel manager?


Could he have been a BJ too?


Those thoughts made other thoughts one after another, and when I finally woke up from my thoughts, the scenery around me was a clear blue river. The car was crossing a bridge leading to a huge castle with history and dignity.


“You’re not saying that castle is the home of Ozworld, are you?”


The twins who had stopped covering their ears answered my murmur. “That’s right. It’s one of the master’s residences.”


It’s one of his residences.


Maybe it’s normal? He seems to be a very famous channel manager.


The car stopped at the entrance of the castle. The twins jumped out of the car, came up to me, and opened the door calmly.


“We’ve arrived, so get off, Miss.”


It was a mixture of common sense and unconventional behavior. Still, I laughed because I thought it was a little cute, perhaps because I felt their will to escort me persistently.


“Thank you, Benito.”


I could feel Benito staring at my gratitude.


“What’s wrong?”


Benito shook his head. “Nothing.”


The twins and I went into the castle. Although I didn’t know the construction details, the castle appears to be of classical architectural origin with Mediterranean origins, built of beige sandstone. Perhaps that’s why the atmosphere was especially matched with the wide river like the sea.


The vines that climbed the walls and took root also add to the antique atmosphere.


“It’s a good landscape to use as a background in a fantasy game.”


In <God’s Play>, this style of architecture was referenced a lot, so the space wasn’t completely unfamiliar.


I looked around and asked Kike. “Are we going to Ozworld now?”


“No. I’m going to show Miss to your room first.”


“Uh… what about Ozworld?”


“Master is away.”


So it was like that. It made me feel much lighter to hear that Ozworld wasn’t here.


Anyway, I’m currently in a temporary state of death. I never know when I will be sent to hell.


“This is the room for Miss.”


I blinked my eyelids in bewilderment. The room was too fancy and nice to give to a guest.


“…Is this my room?”


When I asked Kike with a doubtful expression, he nodded. “Yes. You can use whatever is inside. Master already allowed it.”


The twins turned around and left, leaving only irresponsible words.


I took off the still-wrapped skirt around my body, hung it on a chair, and looked around inside. The room itself is beautiful, but the most impressive thing was the view of the river and the castle from the open front. It is not blocked by glass, so you can feel the fresh air, but the temperature inside is just right, and there is no water smell. Looking at the quiet and peaceful scenery made my head blank.


“I feel like I’ve come to a nice resort.”


Come to think of it, it really was. I’m not even broadcasting right now, so no one was watching me. Even the scenery was like this, so I felt completely disconnected from the world.


It wasn’t bad. I liked this place because it felt like I was getting away from the world at the right time. The weather is nice, the scenery is amazing, and I’m in a state of temporary death.


“Is there alcohol here too?”


Hmm. No matter how I think about it, it was a perfect day for drinking.


* * *

Channel Management Committee. Or Channel Management Bureau. Though often considered a toothless organization, they raised the war drums today.


“The BJ Villainess channel must be abolished!”


It was none other than Chehope who led this. He still looked like he was copying Ozworld and insisted on the chairmen until his face turned red.


“Due to the BJ Villainess’s dungeon setting, the black bracelet owner is subject to execution and must be killed. Besides, the evil spirits threw BJ into the fire!”


“That’s right!”


“The fire is not an ordinary fire, but a magical fire. It’s the fire of the demon realm! Theresa Squire, a mere human, cannot handle it!”


“That’s right!”


“What do you mean withholding at a time when all the settings and probabilities ensure BJ’s death?! This is too much of a privilege for Channel Manager Ozworld!”


“That’s right!”


Regardless of what they said there, Ozworld remained indifferent with an unshakable expression.


One of the seven chairmen asked Ozworld. “Do you agree with them?”


Ozworld smiled. “I agree with some of it. However, considering the fact that the quest was completed before Theresa’s death and the contents of the quest reward, I think their claim is only based on some kind of selfishness.”


Chehope snorted. “Then why did you summon Theresa to the Pantheon? The story has already ended there!”


“As I’ve said several times, the system couldn’t make an accurate judgment, so it loaded temporary data. Had it been left as it was, the broadcast would have proceeded as if nothing had happened.”




When Chehope tried to retort, the chairman raised his hand to stop him. “There’s no loophole in Ozworld’s argument. Channel Manager Chehope, please listen quietly.”


Chehope closed his lips in great resentment. Ozworld then continued.


“Mr. Chairman, I summoned Theresa to Pantheon, even though I knew such actions would disadvantage me. I hope there will be no backtalk. So, in order to clarify the right and wrong, I will compile, compare, and analyze all similar cases that have occurred so far and submit the results.”


At his word, the chairman opened the system window in the air and looked over the data submitted by Ozworld.


Ozworld said one last word. “I will abide by the ruling of the chairmen.


Ozworld’s neat and courteous attitude attracted the likes of the chairmen as well as the audience. On the other hand, those who hated Ozworld, including Chehope, had a great antipathy.


“We will make a final decision after verifying the submitted data. Until then, Ozworld will stop broadcasting the BJ Villainess channel.”


Ozworld escaped leisurely amid numerous eyes toward him and headed for his personal airship.




A white-haired young man with nine tails of pure white fur appeared at his call.


“The twins contacted me, saying that Miss Theresa’s identity was secured and that she was already escorted to the castle.”


“I see. I must go there.”


David objected. “The location of the castle may be discovered by the antis. I think it would be better to go somewhere else.”


Ozworld shook his head. “It’s okay. I also need to check Miss Theresa.”


“…I understand.”


The airship then headed to the castle where Theresa had been taken. 


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