BJ Villainess Chapter 88

Author: alyalia

It was the time when the sun fell all the way to the horizon. The airship arrived at the castle’s landing pad.


Ozworld asked the twins who were waiting at the landing pad. “Where is Miss Thersa?”


“She’s in the Master’s room.”


What nonsense is this?


David, who was standing by Ozworld’s side, made an expression of bewilderment. “Kike, what do you mean?”


“I did it as I was told to treat that miss well. Right, Benito?”


“I agree.”


“…According to common sense, who would invite a guest to the castle lord’s room?”


“We don’t know such a thing.”


Thin veins protruded from David’s forehead. If you guys who are older than me don’t know, who on earth will know? He wanted to yell at them like that, but he held back. It was because Ozworld passed it over casually, saying it was okay.


Sigh. David was restless as the youngest one.


“So what is Miss Therese doing now?”


Instead of answering Ozworld’s question, the twins looked at each other for a moment and opened their mouths at the same time. “Master will know when you see.”


* * *

Ozworld understood what the twins were saying the moment he entered the room.


Tuk! Dururuk— Theresa missed the bottle in her hand the moment he opened the door and entered as if to properly tell him what she was doing. She was a very versatile woman.


Ozworld chuckled and took off his coat. When he tried to hang his coat on the back of the chair, he found that some clothes were occupying the seat first. He lifted it up with his forefinger. It was a dress he had seen before.




Come to think of it, Theresa, who fell asleep leaning against the arch pillar, was wearing a hanbok. It seemed to be a gift from Jyang.


Ozworld took off the vest that covered his thick chest and slim abdomen, threw it roughly with his coat, and began to move, pulling his necktie loosely.


Step. Step. The sound of his footsteps echoed regularly with grace.  


Theresa had a drinking party against the arched pillar that separated the room from the terrace. Two, four, six, eight… She drank too much.


He sat down in front of Theresa. “You can’t stay still.”


At that time, Theresa, who felt a presence, woke up from her slumber and showed half her silver-gray eyes.




“Yes, it’s me.”


There was a strange, penetrating look on her soft, sleepy face.


Theresa frowned and kept her eyes on his shirt for a long time. “You’re wearing black today… Is it mourning…? Because I’m dead…”


Theresa lowered her eyelids melancholy as if she had no power to say more because she was upset. Then, she fiddled with the innocent bottle on the floor, realized that she drank it all, and sighed. Even though there weren’t tears flowing, Ozworld looked like he wanted to wipe her cheeks.


“If you’re going to be like this, why did you make such an unlikely choice? Thanks to that, a lot of annoying things happened.”


Ozworld recalled the moment Theresa swiped the bracelet and wore it. As soon as he witnessed the scene, he immediately searched all the broadcast cases of Pantheon to find out if anything similar had happened.


Occasionally, there were bug-like BJs who were willing to risk their lives for others, the ones he didn’t want to associate with the most. But there was no way Theresa could have been such an idiot.


“It will be difficult if you die already, Miss Theresa. There is still a lot of work left for you to do.”


Ozworld reached out and cupped Theresa’s chin, who was dozing off.


“If you do such stupid things again, it will be hard to forgive.”


“Eww… put it away…”


Theresa, unaware of the seriousness of the situation, powerlessly tapped Ozworld’s hand. The ring on her hand shimmered in the setting sun.


“You’re still playing with toys.”


Ozworld took out the wedding ring and threw it over the terrace. He was worried. What should he do with his own BJ, who has the duality of being clumsy and weak.


Ozworld’s best job was to make a person cling to their life, bring them to the brink of winning what they wanted, and then make them choose the worst choice. However, Theresa differed slightly from the BJs he had chosen so far. It was even a romance that he didn’t even pay to look at. Is that why the variable was created? However, it was a waste to come and dispose of her now.


Ozworld carried the sleeping Theresa to the bed. In the meantime, Theresa’s hanbok had been changed into fancy pajamas. He laid Theresa on the bed and tilted his head with a contemplative expression.


He felt like he had to go to the front and work for the first time in a long time. Ozworld kissed Theresa on the cheek before leaving the room.


“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


* * *

There was a cool breeze and clear sunlight. It was a condition to wake up most refreshingly, but I opened my eyes, holding my fragile head.




I woke up from the bed and stared blankly at the jewel-like water of the river for a while before realizing it.


“Ah, this is the Pantheon.”


Soon after, I remembered that I had drunk a lot of alcohol yesterday. Alcohol was necessary for the funeral after all. The price paid for conducting a self-funeral with alcohol was a headache and nausea.




My body, still full of alcohol, was heavy and dull as if it were not mine.


I moved my body and left the room. First of all, I needed honey water right away. Or just cold water.


At that time, I saw a slender man approaching from the other side with his whimsical tail wagging. Red eyes with ferociously torn tails and animal-like elongated pupils.


Nine-tailed fox?


As I blinked in surprise, a sullen-looking nine-tailed fox approached me, raised a hand to my chest, and greeted me politely.


“Good morning, Miss. My name is David, Ozworld’s assistant.”


“Ah, yes. Hello…”


“Please lower your voice…”


He nodded awkwardly and held out a tray in one hand. On the tray, there was cold honey water and ice water. I was delighted, holding the glass in both hands and gulping down.


David stared at me and added. “If you like, we can also prepare an ion drink.”


“Wow, that’s great! No, I mean, it’s fine.”


“Let’s go to the dining room. You’ll have to eat too.”


The moment I nodded and was about to follow, David narrowed his eyes. “Are you going barefoot? And you’re still in your pajamas.”


Only then did I realize that clothes changed from hanbok to fancy dress. Are you saying this fancy dress with a lot of decorations is pajamas?


Feeling lazy to change, I scratched my cheek and asked, “Is it going to be a problem walking around in this outfit? If it’s okay, I just want to go to the dining room like this because it’s annoying to change.”


“…I think it would be all right if it was Miss.”


I hesitated to accept. What do you mean it would be fine? His words somehow made me feel uncomfortable.


“However, you might injure your feet, so wearing slippers is better.”


David snapped his fingers, and a pair of fluffy slippers appeared in front of me. When I put on the slippers and arrived at the dining room, I saw Ozworld and the twins. Of course, this is Ozworld’s house, but I was a little taken aback because I hadn’t expected to run into him in the morning.


“Good morning, Miss Theresa. Did you sleep well last night?”


“…Yes, she slept well.”


Ozworld smiled and said as David answered in moderation while sitting down on the chair. “Then, I’m glad. It’s worth giving up my room.”


Cough! Cough, cough!


I drank an ion drink to get rid of a hangover and then spit it out. Then Kike, who was sitting across from me, lifted his expressionless face and looked at me. He seemed a little upset. However, that wasn’t the point.


“Was that your room?”


No wonder it was too nice to be in a guest room.


As I looked at the twins alternately with eyes asking for clarification, they gulped down the toast and opened their mouths.


“Master’s room is the best in this castle. Master told me to treat Miss well, so I just followed him. Right, Benito?”


“I agree.”


Ozworld shrugged his shoulders.


“The two of them often do crazy things.”


Come to think of it, I think I was leaning against a stone pillar yesterday, but when I opened my eyes, I was on the bed. Could it be that Ozworld moved me? I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t remember anything from the time I opened the sixth bottle of wine.


When I ate the porridge David gave me, I realized that the ring finger on my left hand on the table was empty.


I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t remember anything from the time I opened the sixth bottle of wine. Huh? The ring is gone. I was puzzled that the ring that hadn’t even disappeared even when I changed my attire to Hanbok yesterday was gone. It was also a bit sad because it was the first dungeon souvenir with memories in its own way.


Since I had no appetite and was chewing on porridge, Ozworld stood up.


“If you’re done eating, get up.”


I wondered about the ring that did not disappear even when I changed my clothes to Hanbok yesterday.




He took out his pocket watch, checked the time, and said casually. “It’s fan meeting time soon, right?”

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  1. Yeah it’s really kinda sad to loose that souvenir. A metal ring is better than a burned dress but he threw it away, damn you Ozworld! (Ah well, there will be other dungeons with other male leads at some point I guess, the next souvenir better not be an orc head or something xD)

  2. Maybe oswald threw away the ring cuz of jealousy? ( ⁼̴̤̆◡̶͂⁼̴̤̆ )

  3. Eu não shippo a theresa com o oz de jeito nenhum,ele é um cara q praticamente sequestrou ela,quero mais sobre o oz, aí eu posso pensar sobre isso

    1. Concordo plenamente, eu também não shippo, espero que o autor não meta o louco e faça essa fl sensata se apaixonar por esse cara…

    1. it’s funny to think he will be sad bc it when he is already busy thinking she is dead xD