BJ Villainess Chapter 90

Author: alyalia

* * *

“We must immediately siege the stadium and bring Ozworld out!”


Chehope visited ‘Epsilon, one of the seven chairmen of the Channel Management Bureau, and was furious.


“Theresa, who has been suspended from broadcasting, is having a fan meeting? Does this make sense?!”


Theresa’s fan meeting scene was broadcast from the largest electronic display board in Pantheon Square. Ozworld bought the right to broadcast and played it. This was something even the most successful channel manager could not readily do.


IN that caste, the BJ Villainess channel, which had been falling in channel rankings due to the suspension, would be rising again. In fact, the amount of buzz on BJ Villainess channel has been explosively increasing.


Epsilon stood by the window on the top floor of the building, waving his long stream hair, and looked down. This was the seat where the largest electronic display board could be seen in front. His large eyes carefully scanned the woman, observing the world with a slightly frightened and curious expression.


“Chairman Epsilon!”


Epsilon turned his attention to Chehope’s fuss. “This doesn’t violate our ruling. It’s being broadcast through the official channel ‘Ozworld Stream,’ not the BJ Villainess channel.”


“But this isn’t right, is it?”


He understood why Chehope was running wild.


“It’s not morally right.”


Morally. It was a very emotional and selfish remark.


“Chairman, how long are you going to let Ozworld run wild? Every time! Every moment! He’s disrupting order by interpreting Pantheon’s rules at will!”


“Yes, well, he’s a bit like that.”


Chehope’s blood pressure rose at Epsilon’s easygoing tone to the point that he was about to faint.


He appealed to Epsilon. “It’s a new trend that we’ve barely created. How much have you struggled to bring the romance, the weakness of Ozworld, to the mainstream of Pantheon?”


War, betrayal, destruction, revenge. The dark and hopeless broadcasts that Ozworld spread like a virus to Pantheon were too addictive. In fact, Pantheon’s crime rate soared exponentially. Somehow, they had to create a new flow that Ozworld couldn’t get in so he couldn’t mess around.


“But look at her, Chehope.”


Epsilon looked deeply at the figure of Theresa, who was focusing on the present without paying attention to Ozworld.


That wasn’t really an easy job. Even if they didn’t know the identity of Ozworld, since they were his prey, they would have no choice but to feel instinctive fear. Nevertheless, Theresa existed as herself in every moment. He could feel that she was struggling to do so. Her appearance being like that was quite lovely.


“Theresa, I think I know why she is so loved.”


None of Ozworld’s BJs survived intact. How far will he ruin his BJ again?


“Chairman Epsilon!”


“You can’t stop Ozworld from exposing her, Chehope.”


Chehope walked out of the chairman’s office with a hardened face, perhaps thinking they couldn’t communicate anymore.


[BJ Villainess never dies. That’s all.]


Epsilon muttered while looking at Ozworld, whose expression was always filled with perfect confidence.


“But will it be as you think again this time?”


He wondered how the arrogance of not discarding BJ, who had already chosen death once, would strangle Ozworld.


* * *

I lay down on the airship, feeling exhausted. My mind was hazy as if the shouts and shivers were still in me. Perhaps I looked pitiful, but the stylist, who had no blood or tears, approached me and raised me.


“We don’t have time for this. Let’s change into the next outfit!”




What do you mean by that?


“Come on, come here. Since after this is a fansign, it would be better to wear more calm and fresh clothes.”


I looked at Ozworld with eyes asking for clarification.


He smiled. “Shouldn’t we make up for the loss caused by Miss Theresa’s arbitrary death?”




I had nothing to say back, so I calmly followed the stylist. And I regretted it. If we were going to discuss the schedule, we should have discussed it before then.  


Three days have passed since the fansign. I was busy with schedules such as fansign, photo shoots, commercial shoots, and written interviews without even having time to sleep.


“Good! Turn your head to the left this time!”


“This cut is Valhalla school uniform!”


“Now, Miss Theresa? Please smile brightly. Wider!”


I was exhausted. It was understood at first glance why celebrities said they were going to die from the excessive schedules without sleeping a wink.


“Ugh… I feel like I’m going to die…”


Benito approached me, stretching out on the sofa, and said, “Miss, the next schedule is a campaign video shoot to eradicate malicious sponsorship.”


When I got up from the exhaustion, Kike brought me a dark drink, saying it was a juice to recover my energy.


“Drink this.”


I sniffed the juice and blocked my nose. Isn’t this poison? Is this a poisoning attempt to ensure my death?


First, I put the juice aside and asked Kike. “Come to think of it, I can’t see Ozworld all of a sudden.”


“Master is in a meeting with company executives on the airship.”


“He has a company?”


Kike pointed to a huge building outside the window. “That’s master’s office. It’s Ozworld Stream.”


“It’s a great building…”


I asked another question. “I heard that there was a problem with my broadcast, and even a trial took place. But is it okay to do something like this?”


Benito quietly shut his ears. Kike answered as if he was accustomed to my question. “Yes. Because the Constellations want it.”


Kike added an explanation as I was making an expression that I couldn’t understand it. “To put it simply, Miss is like a celebrity in Korea. Now that a popular BJ has suddenly appeared, everyone is wondering how Miss will live in Pantheon.”


A celebrity in Korea… After hearing the explanation like that, I understood what it felt like.


“Pantheon’s ranking battle is so fierce that even stopping the broadcast for an hour can be a big blow.”


But my broadcast had already stopped for three days.


“Did my ranking drop a lot?”


When asked just in case, Kike nodded his head. “It dropped to 85th place.”


Oh, the ranking didn’t drop as much as I thought?


Benito, who had pulled out of his ear before he knew it, said as I looked puzzled. “The ripple effect of the fan meeting video sent by master had a great impact. Miss can think of it as something unusual.”


“I see…”


The schedules I’m currently digesting are probably to keep my existence from being forgotten by the Constellations. Because being forgotten by the Constellations means real death. Things were complicated because I chose to die in the dungeon. I don’t regret that decision, but I’d better apologize.


“I’m sorry for everything because of me.”


Then the twins tilted their heads.


“I don’t know what Miss means.”


“I made you do something you shouldn’t have done. It felt right to apologize because I’ve caused trouble.”


“We don’t consider Miss as a nuisance.”


Benito added when my heart was moved by Kike’s words. “I agree. Except for the questions.”


I asked, leaping up. “Ah, you said my next schedule is a campaign shoot, right?”






Kike and Benito silently looked at me with their characteristic expressionless faces. The pressure is no joke because they look at me with the same expression.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”


Two people answered at the same time. “It’s nothing.”


Why do you keep looking at me like that when it’s nothing?


Their gazes were very burdensome, so I needed something to distract myself. Then, the black, poison-like juice came into my eyes. Ugh, is there no choice but to drink that?


Anyway, they prepared it for me, so it would be weird to ignore it. I pinched my nose and gulped down all the goddamn energy juice Kike brought me. The taste of the juice was more shocking than I had expected.




When I felt nauseated with a pale complexion, Kike rummaged through his pocket and handed me a candy wrapped in a shiny green shell.


“Thank you…”


It was a sweet and sour lime-flavored candy.


When the video shooting of the campaign to eradicate malicious sponsorship was over, it was around the time when the overwhelming size of the full moon, which seemed to cover the ground, came to view. Exhausted, I boarded the airship.


Sigh. Finally, today’s schedule is over.”


The twins went into the room to sleep as if they were tired too.


Soon, the airship floated into the sky. I was very tired, but my body rose on its own. No matter how tired I am, I cannot miss seeing the scenery outside the window. This was one of my few healing moments.


Pantheon was truly nightlife. The night view, filled with all kinds of light so that the moonlight was colorless, was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen in my life.


“Is it because it’s where the Constellations live?”


It seemed as if the constellations were tightly packed on the ground, not in the sky.


At that time, Ozworld, who was working in his study in the airship, came out. He was unexpectedly wearing a black top and blue slacks, not a red suit.


“…What is that outfit?”

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